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  • Billy Currington Drinking Town with a Football Problem
  • David Nail Night's On Fire
  • Canaan Smith Hole in a Bottle
  • Little Big Town Pain Killer
  • Charles Kelley The Driver
  • Jon Pardi Head Over Boots
  • Easton Corbin Yup
  • Scotty McCreery Southern Belle
  • Sam Hunt Break Up in a Small Town
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Lauren Alaina and her longtime boyfriend, Alex, conducted a couple’s challenge for her latest SWAK video. Will Lauren be looking for her “Next Boyfriend” or will she SWAK the heck out Alex? Check out the winner below.

Video / Lauren Alaina SWAK video couples challenge

This week on #SWAK Alex and I duke it out in a couples challenge. It was definitely challenging for one of us... lol. Find out which one. #canyougethalfpointsMy Country Nation

Posted by Lauren Alaina on Tuesday, November 24, 2015


GRAMMY award-winning, singer-songwriter, Kacey Musgraves sold out the entire overseas leg of her headlining tour, The Kacey Musgraves Country & Western Rhinestone Revue, ending Sunday night after an eight-city trek across four countries.

The tour, which completed its domestic run earlier this fall, hit six dates in the U.K. beginning on Nov. 9 in Gateshead, and included a performance at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall. Musgraves also played to sold-out crowds in Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands, where she wrapped the tour Sunday night in Amsterdam.

The country star will return to the U.K. and Europe in March 2016 as one of the performers at the C2C Country to Country festival, which includes stops in London, Dublin, and Glasgow.


As you’ve probably heard, David Nail and his lovely wife, Catherine, are expecting twins any day now. He found out he was going to become a father several months ago when he came in from being on the road.

“I can remember getting off the road one weekend and coming home on a Sunday morning, and my wife had a pair of baby shoes – I’m a big shoe fanatic – and she had a pair of baby shoes laying out. And I opened ‘em up, and I asked what these were for, and there was a pregnancy test in there that said that we were in fact pregnant,” says David. “It was definitely one of those moments were it was very surreal, and I was nervous and praying that there wasn’t a mistake, but like my wife often does, she had planned it out and she taken several tests before, so she knew that there was a really good chance [she was pregnant].”

David is currently making his way up the country charts with “Night’s On Fire,” the first single from his forthcoming album.

Audio / David Nail explains how he found out he was going to become a father.


David Nail (how he found out he was going to be a dad) OC: …good chance. :52
“Obviously, we had some issues with infertility and so it was one of those things where we knew it was a really good chance that we would have twins if everything worked out well. I can remember getting off the road one weekend and coming home on a Sunday morning, and my wife had a pair of baby shoes – I’m a big shoe fanatic – and she had a pair of baby shoes laying out. And I opened ‘em up, and I asked what these were for, and there was a pregnancy test in there that said that we were in fact pregnant. It was definitely one of those moments were it was very surreal, and I was nervous and praying that there wasn’t a mistake, but like my wife often does, she had planned it out and she taken several tests before, so she knew that there was a really good chance [she was pregnant].”

NEWS AND NOTES: Sam, Jon, Mickey and More

Sam Hunt is scheduled to perform during the 2015 NASCAR Spring Cup Series Awards next month. The show, hosted by actor and comedian Drew Carey, will air live from the Wynn in Las Vegas Friday, December 4th on NBCSN beginning at 9pm ET. Sam is currently sitting inside the Top 20 with his latest single, “Break Up in a Small Town.”

Jon Pardi took his young puppy, Gus, on his first bus trip over the weekend. Check out the cutest little face below. Jon is sitting around Top 30 with his latest single, “Head Over Boots.”


Mickey Guyton was named one of the 13 Country Artists to Watch in a recent issue of Billboard. “Few singers in or out of country can keep pace with Guyton vocally,” they were quoted as saying in the feature. Brothers Osborne, Clare Dunn and Cam were among the artists listed as ones to watch!

Chris Stapleton has been added to the all-star lineup of artists already confirmed for a SKYVILLE LIVE homage to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Gregg Allman. The new installment of the  online music series will deliver live performances and collaborations by Allman with Stapleton, CMA Vocal Group of the Year Little Big Town and  Taj Mahal, streaming live December 11, 2015 on SkyvilleLive.com at 8pET/7pCT.

THANKSGIVING 2015: AJ, Bros. O, Clare, Darius, David, Dierks, Easton, Eric, Josh, Kip, Lady A, LBT, Mickey, Sam, Scotty (UPDATED)

The Thanksgiving holiday tradition traces its origins to a 1621 celebration at Plymouth, in the state that’s now known as Massachusetts. The 1621 Plymouth feast and thanksgiving was prompted by a good harvest. While initially, the Plymouth colony did not have enough food to feed half of the 102 colonists, the Wampanoag Native Americans helped the Pilgrims by providing seeds and teaching them to fish. The practice of holding an annual harvest festival like this did not become a regular affair in New England until the late 1660s. People now celebrate the holiday by giving thanks for their blessings over the past year, as well as feasting on turkey and other festive goodies.

Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, November 26th, and most people will be enjoying time with their friends and families, including some of your favorite country stars, such as Alan Jackson, Brothers Osborne, Canaan Smith, Clare Dunn, Darius Rucker, David Nail, Dierks Bentley, Easton Corbin, Eric Church, Eric Paslay, Josh Turner, Kip Moore, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Mickey Guyton, Sam Hunt, Scotty McCreery and more. They share their thoughts, memories and favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Audio / Alan Jackson talks about his favorite Thanksgiving dish.


AJ (Thanksgiving) OC: …enjoy it. :19
“My favorite Thanksgiving dish would be the homemade dressin’ that we, cornbread-based kind of dressin’ that we always have with turkey. That recipe is a kind of a combination of my mama, and Denise has taken it and perfected it over the years, so that me and my children really enjoy it.”

Audio / Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne talks about their annual Misfits Thanksgiving dinner.


Brothers Osborne (misfits Thanksgiving) OC: …going home. :45
“What we’ve done the past several years is because it’s so hard to go home, we would have what we call the Misfit Thanksgiving dinner, and all the people in Nashville who aren’t able to go home to their families, we would just invite them over to our house and have a big potluck style Thanksgiving dinner. We’ll take like a couple of tables and throw them together and throw some sheets on it just to make it look nice. It’s a very redneck display of like tableware, because all the plates don’t match and the forks and knives don’t match, but we don’t care. People will bring wine, and at the end of the day, we’ll probably have 12-15 people all sitting at dinner together that weren’t able to go home with their families, and just enjoy it with friends. It’s been really fun. Definitely a lot less stress than going home.”

Audio / Clare Dunn reveals her favorite Thanksgiving side dish.


Clare Dunn (Thanksgiving dish) OC: …like hers. :21
“I think my favorite Thanksgiving dish [is] my mom makes the best mashed potatoes in the world. I mean, they’re crazy. They’re like garlic and butter and all the good stuff, so that’s probably my favorite Thanksgiving dish. Oh, and she makes great stuffing too, and I’m not a stuffing person, but I like hers.”

Audio / Darius Rucker talks about his favorite part of Thanksgiving.


Darius Rucker (favorite part of Thanksgiving) OC: …my family. :17
“My favorite part of Thanksgiving is easy – it’s food. It’s eating. It’s hanging out with family and getting some great food, ‘cause that’s really what Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all of the great things you’ve got, and I always give thanks for the greatest thing I’ve got and that’s my family.”


Audio / Dierks Bentley, who is thankful for his wife, two daughters and son, talks about his Thanksgiving must-have! It’s an oldie, but a goodie!


Dierks Bentley (Thanksgiving must-have) OC: …for Thanksgiving. :34
“You gotta have a big turkey. Thanksgiving is not possible without a turkey. We cook it traditionally, but when we’re in, a couple of Thanksgivings ago, we were here in Nashville, we did the whole fry the turkey up, and it was great. It just tasted so good; all those juices get locked in there, and I love that too. You really can’t, to me, cook a turkey wrong. I’m gonna eat it any way, and I have over the years. Trust me, I’ve played a lot of county and state fairs, where I’ve seen gigantic turkey legs, you know, I’ve had the flat meat. I’ve done turkey every way you could do it. I’m pretty good any way you want to cook it up, but you’ve got to have a turkey for Thanksgiving.”

Audio / Easton Corbin explains what he’s thankful for this year.


Easton Corbin (Thankful) OC: …what I do. :08
“Well, this year I think, as I think every year, I’m so thankful for my family and friends out there and being able to make a living at what I do.”

Audio / Eric Church says he’s thankful for his family as well as for his fans.


Eric Church (Thanksgiving) a OC: …want to do it. :23
“A couple of things. I’m thankful for my family and great health. And I’m thankful for from a career standpoint, I’m very thankful for the success we’ve had lately. I’m thankful for what the fans have done. I mean there’s a lot of stuff to be thankful for in that regard. And I’m thankful that I was given the opportunity to do it my own way. I’m thankful that I’m going to get to keep doing this and do it the way that I want to do it.”

Audio / Eric Paslay loves him some turkey for Thanksgiving.


Eric Paslay (Turkey) OC: …really does. :09
“My favorite Thanksgiving food, I think, is the tryptophan turkey, ‘cause it really puts me to sleep. No [yawn], it really does.”

Audio / Josh Turner shares his favorite Thanksgiving side dish.


Josh Turner (fave side dish) OC: …’em myself. [laughs] :24
“Uh, deviled eggs! [laughs] Where I’m from in South Carolina, I don’t think I’ve tasted a bad deviled egg. It’s like everybody has their own twist on it, but they’re all good, but I always loved it when my mama made ‘em. I’m learning as I get older, making deviled eggs is no easy task. It’s more complicated than it looks, and so that’s probably why I never made ‘em myself.” [laughs]

Audio / Kip Moore talks about his annual Thanksgiving plans to go home to visit with his family.


Kip Moore (Thanksgiving) OC: …with them. :11
“I [usually] go home for Thanksgiving. I love going home to see all them. I have five brothers and sisters and it’s a blast to go home and just catch up on their lives. I get so wrapped up in all this that I lose touch sometimes, and it’s cool to hear everything going on with them.

Audio / Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley talks about the annual eating contest he and his two brothers – Josh and John -- have over the Thanksgiving holiday.


Lady A (Charles-Thanksgiving eating contest) OC: …five pounds! :25
“One of my most memorable Thanksgiving memories was probably the first year that me and my two brothers decided to start our annual eating contest where we ate throughout the whole day. We started that morning and weighed ourselves and at the very end of the night, we weighed ourselves out and all three of us equally gained five pounds. I wish we had a more accurate scale to decide the winner, but we all tied. Five pounds!”

Audio / Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott describes her favorite Thanksgiving dish.


Lady A (Hillary-Thanksgiving food) OC: …ever tasted. :12
“So, my favorite Thanksgiving food would have to be my grandmother’s sweet potato casserole. There’s just something she puts in it — probably all the love – that makes it better than anything I’ve ever tasted.”

Audio / The members of Little Big Town love Thanksgiving since they get time off to be with their families.


LBT (Thanksgiving) 2 OC: (Kimberly) …and eat. :31
KIMBERLY: “Thanksgiving—we love Thanksgiving, ‘cause we get to be with our families and we don’t often get to spend time with our families, our extended families, until the holidays. I love being around the table with my family and talking and laughing and cooking and eating…” JIMI: “And eating and eating and eating and eating…” PHILLIP: “The laughter around the eating, the good cheer, the celebration, the music…” JIMI: “The eating, going taking a nap, then coming back and eating.” KIMBERLY: “Go to bed with a full belly, take a nap, and then get up and eat.”

Audio / Mickey Guyton reveals her favorite Thanksgiving dish.


Mickey Guyton (favorite Thanksgiving dish) OC: …both so much! :39
“My favorite Thanksgiving dish that has to, has to, has to be at Thanksgiving dinner is dessert. Dessert is my favorite Thanksgiving dish. I mean, it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s sweet. My mom actually makes an Italian cream cake that’s absolutely awesome. It’s homemade, and the entire family, that’s the first thing to go at Thanksgiving dinner. And my Grandma D, she makes a pecan pie that is awesome. She taught me how to make them when I was little, and I just love them, and that’s the other thing that I look forward to at Thanksgiving dinner, and I love them both so much!”

Audio / Sam Hunt talks about his favorite Thanksgiving meal.


Sam Hunt (Thanksgiving eats) OC: …glass of milk. :34
“When I pile my plate up, it’s mostly turkey and then I’ll put a little dressing on the side, and I’ll usually go ahead and grab my dessert on the first run [laughs] and have it ready before it all disappears. Those are the really the three things. It’s strange, but since I was very young, I’ve always loved drinking milk, my brothers too, we drank lots of milk. My cousins, who grew up down the road, they always looked at us funny when we wanted to drink milk with our Thanksgiving meal. They would have coke or whatever else. So, I still get turkey, dressing, a piece of pecan pie and a big ole glass of milk.”

Audio / Scotty McCreery talks about what he’s most thankful for this year.


Scotty McCreery (most thankful) OC: …thankful for her. :28
“[I’m] most thankful for, I’d probably say my girl back home could be. I don’t talk about her too much, because she strives to stay out of the limelight, but with a guy like me who travels as much as I do and I’m away from home, she puts up with a lot. She’s stuck by me and has been my rock, so she’s something to be thankful for every day and Thanksgiving’s just a reminder of that. Somebody like that really keeps me going in life when things get rough and tough and I get tired on the road, she just keeps me going. I’m really thankful for her.”

Audio / David Nail says he's most thankful this year for the impending birth of twins.


David Nail (Thanksgiving 2015) OC: …without a doubt. :19
“Without a doubt, the thing I’m most thankful for is the fact that we’re on the verge of, my wife and I, having not only our first child, but our first two children. We are expecting twins; should be here any minute now. So, that is definitely thing that I’m most thankful for, without a doubt.”

Audio / David Nail usually goes back home to Missouri for Thanksgiving, but this year, since his wife Catherine is due to give birth to twins any day now, they’ll stay home in Tennessee.


David Nail (Thanksgiving 2015) 2 OC: …next year. :25
“Due to the fact that we’re expecting twins, we will not be able to go back home to Missouri and visit and have Thanksgiving with my grandfather. Last Thanksgiving was the first without my grandmother, and so it was a very emotional time. But I know he understands the situation, and we will definitely be there with bells on next year.”

Audio / Canaan Smith says his favorite Thanksgiving dish is pumpkin pie.


Canaan Smith (pumpkin pie) OC: …Thanksgiving. :14
“Pumpkin pie is where it’s at. My mom makes the best. She got it from her mom, my Nanny. It’s so good. It’s made from scratch. Everything about it, it’s just mouthwatering. I love it. I can’t get enough. If I could get fat, it’d be from pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.”


Little Big Town‘s Kimberly Schlapman caught a red eye flight out of Los Angeles following Sunday night’s American Music Awards to New York City to make the media rounds at NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s The View. She chatted about her new Oh Gussie home collection at Cracker Barrel, along with her dish addiction and the band’s recent hit, “Girl Crush.”

Little Big Town is currently making their way up the country chart with “Pain Killer.”

Video / LBT Kimberly Schlapman on The View


Alan Jackson is partnering with Ply Gem Industries as the ambassador for their “Home for Good Project” to build more than 300 homes across the U.S. with Habitat for Humanity. As ambassador, Alan will help raise awareness through his fan base, social media following and support in a local Builders Blitz event in Nashville, scheduled to coincide with the 2016 CMA Music Festival in June 2016. The “Home for Good Project” is grounded in Alan’s song “You Can Always Come Home” from his recently released album Angels & Alcohol. The song is the anthem that will be played throughout the program to remind individuals the importance of having a place to call home.

The first phase of the program, kicking off today, is Alan Jackson’s ‘You Can Always Come Home’ for the Holidays Contest with Ply Gem, where two grand prize winners will receive paid airfare for two to be with family for the holidays. The two-week contest will award additional prizes throughout the duration of the program. Visit http://bit.ly/AJHomeForTheHolidays to enter for a chance to win and for the full contest rules and regulations.

“I’m honored to partner with Ply Gem and Habitat for Humanity on their goal to build 300 homes,” shared Jackson. “Everyone deserves a place they can call home.”

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to put Ply Gem’s products, including performance siding, windows, stone and trim, to support families and communities across the country. Projects of this magnitude, demonstrating unity and passion toward an incredible cause, will no doubt be successful and change lives,” says Gary E. Robinette, Chairman and CEO, Ply Gem. “We are motivated by Habitat for Humanity’s mission of bringing people together to build in partnership and are proud of our alignment with country music icon Alan Jackson. His personal motivation to communicate what home means through his music is now the foundation for the “Home for Good Project.”

The “Home for Good Project” is a multi-year initiative that includes a donation of over $1 Million worth of exterior building products and funds for Habitat for Humanity to use to help families build more than 300 homes throughout the year. In addition, Ply Gem will be the presenting sponsor of Habitat’s Home Builders Blitz, which brings together Habitat for Humanity affiliates and professional builders to build and renovate homes across the United States. The company will support the project with advertising and social media initiatives to encourage its associates, the building industry—including distributors, builders and remodelers—as well as consumers across the country to volunteer in their communities.


Eric Church performed “Kill a Word” during A&E’s  live Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America Friday night, and he didn’t do it alone. Joining him on the song from his new album, Mr. Misunderstood, were the legendary Smokey Robinson, Aloe Blacc and Rhiannon Giddens.

The song where Church dreams of having the ability to rob words of any negative impact was perfect for the concert special, which was set up to help bring awareness to the progress on race in America, as well as raise money to grant funding to individuals and organizations fostering understanding, and eliminating bias. Zac Brown Band, Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Pink and many others also performed.

Video / Eric Church performs "Kill a Word" during the Shining a Light concert.



Little Big Town‘s latest single is giving you a reason to feel like you’re on a beach drinking tropical fruity cocktails with your significant other. “Pain Killer” was written by LBT’s Karen Fairchild and Jimi Westbrook with Blair Daly and Hillary Lindsey.

“It’s not what you think it would sound like when you hear the word ‘pain killer.’ You think, ‘Oh, this is going to be like a ballad or a heart wrenching country song,’ but it’s so not that. It’s amazingly fun,” says LBT’s Phillip Sweet. “Every time I hear it, it just puts me in the right mood. It puts me in the – it’s basically a love song. It’s about how much you love that other person in your life and they are your pain killer.”

The reigning CMA Vocal Group of the Year filmed the video for “Pain Killer” at the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands, where the Painkiller drink was invented.

Audio / Little Big Town's Phillip Sweet talks about the title track of their new album, Pain Killer.


LBT (Pain Killer song) OC: …pain killer. :24

PHILLIP: “It’s not what you think it would sound like when you hear the word ‘pain killer.’ You think, ‘Oh, this is going to be like a ballad or a heart wrenching country song,’ but it’s so not that. It’s amazingly fun. Every time I hear it, it just puts me in the right mood. It puts me in the – it’s basically a love song. It’s about how much you love that other person in your life and they are your pain killer.”

THANKSGIVING LINERS: AJ, Billy, Bros. O, Canaan, Clare, Darius, David, Dierks, Easton, Church, Paslay, Gary, George, Jon, Kacey, Keith, Kelleigh, Kip, Lady A, Lauren, LBT, Luke, Mickey, Sam, Scotty (UPDATED)

Audio / LINER AJ (Thanksgiving)


“Hi! This is Alan Jackson. I hope y’all have a very happy Thanksgiving out there.”

Audio / LINER Billy Currington (Thanksgiving)


“Hey Guys, I’m Billy Currington. Have a great Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Brothers Osborne (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! This is TJ, and this is John, and we’re wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER Canaan Smith (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! What’s up, guys? I’m Canaan Smith, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Hey! This is Clare Dunn, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER Darius Rucker (Thanksgiving)


“Hey y’all! What’s up? This is Darius Rucker, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER Dierks Bentley (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! It’s Dierks Bentley! Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER Easton Corbin (Thanksgiving)


“It’s Easton Corbin here, and I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER Eric Church (Thanksgiving)


“Hey folks! It’s Eric Church, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Eric Paslay (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! This is Eric Paslay, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Gary Allan (Thanksgiving)


“Hey guys! Gary Allan here. I just want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving, and have a Happy Holidays and make sure you’re safe out there. Drive safe. Party your butts off, but do it safe.”

Audio / LINER George Strait (Thanksgiving)


“Hi! This is George Strait, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Jon Pardi (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! It’s Jon Pardi, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Kacey Musgraves (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! It’s Kacey Musgraves, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER Keith Urban (Thanksgiving)


“Happy Thanksgiving everybody. It’s Keith Urban here. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all of you listening for your incredible love and support that I’ve received over the last year, and to wish you and all of your family all the very best for this holiday.”

Audio / LINER Kelleigh Bannen (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! It’s Kelleigh Bannen, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Kip Moore (Thanksgiving)


“Hey what’s up guys, this is Kip Moore wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Lady Antebellum (Thanksgiving)


“Hey everybody! We are Lady Antebellum, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Lauren Alaina (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! This is Lauren Alaina, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER LBT (Happy Thanksgiving)


“Hey, we’re Little Big Town. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER Luke Bryan (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! It’s Luke Bryan, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER Mickey Guyton (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! It’s Mickey Guyton here, and I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Sam Hunt (Thanksgiving)


“Hey everybody! This is Sam Hunt, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.”

Audio / LINER Scotty McCreery (Thanksgiving)


“Hey! This is Scotty McCreery. Happy Thanksgiving!”

Audio / LINER David Nail (Thanksgiving)


Hey! This is David Nail, wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.”



  • Alan Jackson with WUSN/Chicago’s Jeff Kapugi and Marci Braun, as well as UMG Nashville’s Mike Dungan and Steve Hodges.