Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War. However, by the turn of the 20th century, Memorial Day celebrated Americans who have sacrificed their lives in all wars. 

    Some of your favorite country artists talk about what it means to be free because of the brave men and women willing to fight and sacrifice for our freedom.


    Audio / Brandon Lay says he’s incredibly humbled by anyone who has or is serving in the military and thanks them for their dedication and service.


    Brandon Lay (Memorial Day) OC: …without you. :37
    “My dad was in the National Guard for six years, and his dad was in the Army and in North Africa during World War II. One of my good buddies, Dan Berry, is a captain at Fort Campbell. I’m incredibly humbled every time I’m around those guys, because it really just puts it in perspective. Memorial Day is a special time to remember and gain perspective that everything we enjoy comes with a price, and these guys have paid the ultimate price and so have their families. So, to anybody that’s served in the military, we salute you, and we couldn’t have the life we have without you.”

    Audio / Dierks Bentley, whose own father was a World War II veteran, talks about the sacrifices made by U.S. servicemen and women.


    Dierks (Memorial Day) OC: …upon them. :37
    “On the most basic level, I think, for me on the road, I just think about being gone two, three days at a time, maybe a couple of weeks at a time, you know. That seems like a long time when you have kids and family, but these soldiers, they’re gone for months and years at a time – they’re doing 12 to 15 to 18 months — and they have family back home. That, in itself, is such a huge sacrifice, and that’s just the beginning of it. That’s just scratching the surface of what these guys [and gals] are doing every day – preparing for battle, actually being in battle, being wounded in battle, sometimes dying in battle. So, this country obviously, we would not exist without those courageous men and women, and our future depends upon them.”

    Audio / Eric Church, whose grandfathers served in World War II, says the sacrifices the men and women in the military make are really touching.


    Eric Church (grandfathers in WW2) OC: …touching to me. :21
    “Both of my grandfathers were World War II veterans. I mean, that’s something that’s very rare. I’m not unique, you know. There’s a lot of people out there like that that their grandfathers served. The way that I was raised was very much red, white and blue and very patriotic, and I think that it’s the fact that what they give up is the real thing that’s very touching to me.”

    Audio / Jordan Davis thanks the service men and women who have sacrificed to protect and defend America.


    Jordan Davis (Memorial Day) OC: …gave it all. :29
    “You know, both my grandparents were in the service; my cousin was also a Marine, so the military hits close to home. I mean I can’t say enough about ‘em. We live in the best country in the world, and it’s because of those guys and because of the people that came before ‘em. So, I can’t thank ‘em enough. I wish we had Memorial Day every day, but it is great to have one day to thank the men and the women that gave it all.”

    Audio / Keith Urban wrote and recorded “For You” a few years ago for the film, Act of Valor, which was inspired by real life events and starred a group of active-duty Navy SEALs. After hanging out with the SEALS, he was very impressed with their commitment of service.


    Keith Urban (SEALS mantra) OC: …conviction. :30
    “They have a mantra, and they say ‘the only easy day was yesterday’ and they had this spirit of brotherhood and that’s a particular thing that’s the way in which, I think, it exists is very specific to the Seals. I mean, military in general have this very strong brotherhood code; it’s a particular kind of thing in the Seals. As was the testament, to Lt. Roark who is the lead guy in the film; when he was interviewed talked about funerals he had been to, and he says ‘there isn’t really any one of us who isn’t just a little bit jealous of the guy who’s died,’ and ok, I heard that, that’s a particular way of being that I cannot relate to. That is an unbelievable depth of commitment and conviction.”

    Audio / Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild says they’re overwhelmed by the huge sacrifices that both the military and their families make in order to be free.


    LBT (Memorial Day) OC: …whenever we can. :44
    KAREN: “It’s such a huge sacrifice what these men and women do for us, not only the ones that are serving, but the families that are left here at home. Kimberly and I met a young girl…she [was] 21 years old, and she has a third baby, and her husband has served multiple times overseas. She’s raising these children at home and doing a great job and the best that she can, and he’s serving our country. He’s making a monstrous sacrifice, but so is she, and so are those children. And we just can’t take it for granted. I mean, it’s just a huge commitment that they make, and what an honor. We love to be able to sing for them and entertain them and to say thank you whenever we can.”

    Audio / Sam Hunt talks about his grandfather who served during World War II.


    Sam Hunt (Memorial Day) OC: …those freedoms. :40
    “My granddad was in World World II. He was on the USS Texas battleship, and he was over at Normandy and over near Japan and he spent a lot of time right in the thick of World War II. He really took pride in what that meant, and it was something I got to see it first hand, as somebody who got to experience that; somebody who had that galvanized American trait. It’s hard to describe it. It was just somebody who’s been through that, seen that and really appreciates what that means. I try to channel that into my life, because I haven’t fought in any war, but I have a ton of respect for folks who have, folks who’ve sacrificed, families who’ve lost lives and just sacrificed years of their own lives and time and effort to maintain those freedoms.”




  • MEMORIAL DAY LINERS 2018: Billy, Brandon, Brothers O, Dierks, Jordan, Josh, Keith, LBT, Maddie & Tae, Travis

    Audio / LINER Billy Currington (Memorial Day)


    “Hey guys, I’m Billy Currington. I just wanted to say thank you to all our servicemen and women and their daily service to our country.”

    Audio / LINER Brandon Lay (Memorial Day)


    “Hey everybody! This is Brandon Lay taking time to remember all of our fallen heroes on this Memorial Day weekend.”

    Audio / LINER Bros Osborne (Memorial Day) 2


    “Hey! What’s up guys? We’re Brothers Osborne. We just wanted to send our thanks to all you service men and women and the ones who’ve gone before you for sacrificing time with your families, sacrificing your own needs and even sacrificing your lives so we can be free to do what we want to do. It means more than you’ll ever know.”

    Audio / LINER Dierks Bentley (Memorial Day)


    “Hey everybody, this is Dierks Bentley. I just want to say thank you to the men and  women in uniform on this day and every day.”

    Audio / LINER Jordan Davis (Memorial Day)


    “Hey-I’m Jordan Davis taking time to remember all of our fallen heroes on this Memorial Day weekend.”

    Audio / LINER Josh Turner (thanks to military)


    “Hey! This is Josh Turner. I just wanted to say thank you to all of our servicemen and women for what you do around the world.”

    Audio / LINER Keith Urban (Memorial Day)


    “Hi everyone, this is Keith Urban. Now please take time to remember all those who sacrificed their lives during this Memorial Day Weekend.”

    Audio / LINER LBT (Memorial Day)


    “Hi! This is Little Big Town, take time to remember our fallen heroes during this Memorial Day Weekend.”

    Audio / LINER Maddie & Tae (Memorial Day Weekend)


    “Hey everybody—I’m Maddie, and I’m Tae, and we’re Maddie and Tae. Take time to remember our fallen heroes during this Memorial Day weekend.”

    Audio / LINER Travis Denning (Memorial Day)


    “Hey y’all—it’s Travis Denning. Take time to remember our fallen heroes during this Memorial Day weekend.”



  • MOTHER’S DAY 2018

    Mother’s Day is on Sunday (May 13th), and some of your favorite country artists are celebrating the mothers in their lives this weekend. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother’s Day, held on the second Sunday in May, as a national holiday to honor mothers.

    Here are some of your favorite country stars honoring all of the Moms out there with stories of their own.

    Audio / Brandon Lay says he probably gets his work-ethic from his Mom.


    Brandon Lay (Mother’s Day) OC: …comes from her. :2
    “She works harder than anybody I’ve ever seen. She can outwork most 20-year-olds in the yard still. She grew up on a farm, and I think a lot of that just bulldog it and get it done attitude, I probably get from her. She’ll go from sunup to sundown, and she doesn’t complain, and that’s just so rare. I feel like the work ethic, as far as grind it out and get it done, that toughness comes from her.”

    Audio / Carrie Underwood says she doesn't really have any Mother's Day traditions, but she sure enjoys being a Mom to Isaiah.


    Carrie Underwood (Mother’s Day traditions) OC: …even more so. :40
    “We don’t really have like any Mother’s Day traditions. I feel like I remember me and Dad making breakfast for Mom like once as a kid. I’m pretty sure we just made a giant mess in the kitchen and we never did that again, so. Being on the other side of things, I obviously don’t expect anything from my three-year-old, but my husband’s really good at getting presents from quote unquote Isaiah. It’s really sweet, because he likes to bring me things. He’s such a sweet little guy, and anytime he’s outside, he’ll pick me flowers and things. So, I’m like, ‘You’re learning. You’ve already got me wrapped around your finger, and then you do stuff like that, and it’s even more so.’”

    Audio / Clare Dunn talks about the support and undying devotion her mom has for her and her sister.


    Clare Dunn (Mother’s Day) OC: …in the world. :41
    “She is unrelenting in her love and her support, and even when we’re crazy kids and we screw up, it doesn’t matter. Her love knows no bounds. And her undying devotion to her kids – to my sister and I – always believing in us a million percent, always backing us up a million percent and helping us navigate life and navigate our dreams and helping us go towards that goal – those are some of the qualities that I hope to have some day as a mother, you know? And I’m so grateful I have THE best mom in the WORLD!”

    Audio / Darius Rucker talks about not disappointing his beloved mother, who passed away in 1992.


    Darius Rucker (Mother’s Day) OC: …killed me. :17
    “I think that’s the main reason I am how I am…an innate fear of disappointing my mom.  My mom’s not even alive, and I have a fear of her looking down from heaven and going, ‘Man I’m just disappointed in my son.’ She could have said anything in the world to me, but if she would have said, ‘Son, you just disappointed me,’ That would have killed me. It would have killed me.”

    Audio / Darius Rucker’s mother, who passed away in 1992, was always the singer’s biggest supporter.


    Darius Rucker (Mother) OC: …in my corner. :44
    “My mom was just always great. She worked a lot. She was a nurse and she worked a lot. She took a lot of overtime and stuff to make sure we could live basically, but she always just so supportive, ever since I was a kid. I was always a music kid. Growing up in an African-American neighborhood, I was never that guy who was gonna be pigeonholed to let people say I could only listen to this and I could only do this, because I was African-American. She always supported whatever I wanted to do, whatever I wanted to listen to, wherever I wanted to go, she always had my back. Going to college and everything, she was my biggest supporter and never let my brothers and sisters knock me down or try to tell me I can’t do this or that. All of my success comes because my mother was always in my corner.”

    Audio / Dierks Bentley recognizes and appreciates how much work goes into being a mother.


    Dierks Bentley (Mother’s Day – Cassidy) OC: …to have her. :31
    “It’s the toughest job out there being a mom, and I know from my life with my wife Cassidy. We work as a team together when I’m home, and it takes everyone to get the job done, me and her, working together. So, when I go on the road, I just have so much respect for her because it’s hard to do it right, if you want to do it great, and she does a great job with it. It’s really rewarding, but it’s also very challenging. I’m so thankful that she takes it on the way she does, and our kids are very lucky to have her.”

    Audio / Eric Church says he’s learned quite a bit from his mom.


    Eric Church (Mother’s Day) OC: …as a man. :57
    “My mom, even though my dad won’t like this, my mom is by far the toughest person that I’ve met. She’s tough. One of those people that’s been through a lot in her life, adversity wise and never complains, always really resilient with anything that’s happened to her. And it’s just that attitude, the positive attitude, regardless of what has happened that I think is the one thing that I got from her. With career, she’s always been a person that’s been really positive through times that I couldn’t find a positive streak, [laughs] and she was always really positive, and very much believes in tough it out, keep working hard, and that’s her motto with stuff like that. I’ve always been impressed with that stuff. Then musically, she’s where I get my talent from, musically. She sings great, always has, her mom sang great. I owe my musical chops to her. And she still sings some. So, career-wise, I owe her everything. And just in life-wise she’s given me a lot of the qualities that it has taken for me to get me where I am. Not only as a musician, but as a man.”

    Audio / Eric Paslay talks about his mother, Donna.


    Eric Paslay (Mother’s Day) OC: …it’s good. :21
    “I wanna thank my mom for giving me faith, laughter and pride in the family I came from. She’d be the fun Mom, just goofing off in the sprinklers outside or we’d go out and play in the rain and all that stuff growing up. She’s always good to be around; always happy, and it’s good.”

    Audio / Jon Pardi says his mother, Shelly, is an angel.


    Jon Pardi (Mother’s Day) OC: …worrying about me. :29
    “My mom’s always been there for me. First of all, she’s a great mom. She’s an angel. She takes care of people that aren’t even in the family. She’s always been like that, and she’s a great mother. She’s always proud, and she’s always there supporting and being a great mom. She’s just a good human being. There’s not one mean bone in her body. And she cries about every time I talk to her. She always worries about me. I have to tell her, ‘Stop worrying about me.’”

    Audio / Jordan Davis says he’s a “Mama’s Boy” and hopes he has her kindness and positive outlook.


    Jordan Davis (Mother’s Day) OC: …Mother’s Day. :30 [laughs]
    “I’m a Mama’s Boy. I love my Mom, and it’s the way she finds the good in everything. With my Mom, as opposed to finding anything negative, she’s gonna find something positive first. That’s something I really hope I can be more like her on; one of the many things I wish I could be more like my mom on. My mom, she loves flowers, so we’ll get her flowers or take her to, we’re slowly getting her into sushi, so we love to take Mom out to sushi spots on Mother’s Day.” [laughs]

    Audio / Keith Urban explains why his wife Nicole Kidman is an extraordinary mother to their two children, Sunday and Faith.


    Keith Urban (Nicole is extraordinary mother) OC: …to see. :45
    “She’s an extraordinary mum, she really, really is. Those girls are very, very lucky, and I feel very lucky that the children I should have in this world happen to be with Nic. I don’t know anything about raising kids and Nic does, and that comes in extremely, um, it’s really made for an experience I wouldn’t have had without that. Her patience, her recognizing them as people and not just little kids is really extraordinary. Her attention to honoring their feelings and listening to them right from day one – really being attentive to that is not how I was raised at all, so it’s really beautiful to see.”

    Audio / With Mother’s Day on Sunday, Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley explains he and his brothers – Josh and John -- owe their mother a lot for all of their childhood antics.


    Charles Kelley {Mother) OC: …playing music. :23
    “We were honestly, at times, pretty hard to handle, both of us. We used to play our music loud up above on the second floor [of the house], bang on the drums and the guitar. And my mom’s just one of those people, she’ll do anything for her family and she sacrificed a lot for us boys. Anytime we needed something, she made it happen. And so, we owe her a lot. She’s definitely the reason we’re playing music.”

    Audio / Lauren Alaina says she can count on her mom for just about everything.


    Lauren Alaina (Mom) OC: …same for her. :19
    “I honestly would not be able to do it without my mom. I get overwhelmed sometimes, and if she wasn’t there to comfort me or tell me, ‘Look just realize what you’ve got going for you,’ I’d be up the creek [without a paddle]. She’s got my back. My mom would walk through a fire pit for me, and I’d do the same for her.”

    Audio / Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild says being a mother to Elijah Dylan Westbrook is the best feeling in the world.


    LBT (Mother’s Day-Karen) OC: …every day. :23
    “There isn’t anything that means more to me than sitting on the bench and eating a grilled cheese sandwich with this little guy who calls me Mama. There isn’t anything better than that. He’s just a little miracle. I went from dreaming about him to eating grilled cheese sandwiches and ketchup with him, and I could never have dreamed this up – how good it could be, and it just gets better every day.”

    Audio / Maddie & Tae’s Tae Dye said she pulled off a great Mother’s Day surprise a few years ago.


    Maddie & Tae (Mother’s Day-Tae) OC: …was so fun. :25
    “To this day one of the best surprises I’ve ever pulled off was on Mother’s Day three years ago. ‘Cause my mom’s birthday always tends to fall on Mother’s Day Weekend – it’s coming up – and my mom and dad were coming into Nashville and I was like, ‘Okay-this has got to be a big weekend. It’s Mother’s Day, her birthday and the weather was going to be beautiful, so I planned this awesome surprise where we would drive first – she wouldn’t know where we were going, and then we ended up going canoeing down the Harpeth River [located south of Nashville] and it was so fun.”

    Audio / Shania Twain says it’s such a joy to be a parent.


    Shania Twain (joy to be a parent) OC: …means everything. :14
    “It’s such a joy to be a parent. So, I relate to all the mums out there who are getting all their love and appreciation from their kids, and I hope, when you’re a kid, a child of somebody, show your mum you love her, because it means everything.”

    Audio / Travis Denning talks about what he and his Mom have in common.


    Travis Denning (Mother’s Day) OC: …like crazy. :29
    “You know, my favorite thing about my mom, especially as I get older, is realizing how much me and her have in common. I just love that she’s passionate about music. She loves it. I mean, she’s turned me on to a lot of artists, but at the core like she’s still Mom. She reminds me to do things and does these things which that I couldn’t live without. I love that we get to be friends, we get to be best friends, but at the same time, she’s still Mom and she still loves me and my sister like crazy.”


    Carrie Underwood leads the list of nominees for this year’s CMT Music Awards nominations with four. Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line also have four nods as well. Carrie is nominated for Female Video, Collaborative Video and overall Video of the Year for “The Champion,” as well as for the CMT Performance of the Year Award for her performance with Keith Urban on “The Fighter” at last year’s CMT Music Awards.


    Little Big Town, who have been announced as hosts for the show, have three nominations, including Group Video of the Year for “When Someone Stops Loving You,” as well as two entries in the CMT Performance of the Year category for “Stand Up for Something” at the 2017 CMT Artists of the Year show, which also featured Andra Day, Common, Lee Ann Womack and Danielle Bradbery; as well as for “I Won’t Back Down” with Keith Urban, Chris Stapleton and Jason Aldean at the 2017 CMT Artists of the Year show.
    The 2018 CMT Music Awards, hosted by Little Big Town, will air live from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena June 6th at 8pm ET. You can vote now at CMT.com until June 4th.



    Male Video of the Year

    Blake Shelton — “I’ll Name the Dogs”
    Dustin Lynch — “Small Town Boy”
    Jason Aldean — “You Make It Easy”
    Jon Pardi — “Heartache on the Dance Floor”
    Luke Bryan — “Light It Up”
    Thomas Rhett — “Marry Me”

    Female Video of the Year

    Carly Pearce — “Every Little Thing”
    Carrie Underwood — “The Champion”
    Kelsea Ballerini — “Legends”
    Lauren Alaina — “Doin’ Fine”
    Maren Morris — “I Could Use a Love Song”
    Miranda Lambert — “Tin Man” (from 2017 ACM Awards)

    Duo Video of the Year

    Big & Rich — “Califorinia”
    Brothers Osborne — “It Ain’t My Fault”
    Dan + Shay — “Tequila”
    Florida Georgia Line — “Smooth”
    High Valley — “She’s with Me”
    Tim McGraw & Faith Hill — “Speak to a Girl”

    Group Video of the Year

    Lady Antebellum — “You Look Good”
    LANCO — “Greatest Love Story”
    Little Big Town — “When Someone Stops Loving You”
    Midland — “Make a Little”
    Old Dominion — “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart”
    Rascal Flatts — “Yours If You Want It”
    Zac Brown Band — “My Old Man”


    Breakthrough Video of the Year
    Carly Pearce — “Every Little Thing”
    Danielle Bradbery — “Sway”
    Devin Dawson — “All on Me”
    LANCO — “Greatest Love Story”
    Russell Dickerson — “Yours”
    Walker Hayes — “You Broke Up with Me”

    Collaborative Video of the Year

    Bebe Rex featuring Florida Georgia Line — “Meant to Be”
    Carrie Underwood featuring Ludacris– “The Champion”
    Cole Swindell featuring Dierks Bentley — “Flatliner”
    Justin Timberlake featuring Chris Stapleton — “Say Something”
    Kane Brown featuring Lauren Alaina — “What Ifs”
    Thomas Rhett featuring Maren Morris — “Craving You”

    CMT Performance of the Year

    Andra Day, Common, Little Big Town, Lee Ann Womack and Danielle Bradbery — “Stand Up for Something” (2017 CMT Artists of the Year)
    Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line — “Everybody” (CMT Crossroads)
    Charles Kelley, Jason Aldean, Darius Rucker and Derek Trucks — “Midnight Rider” (2017 CMT Music Awards)
    Earth Wind & Fire and Lady Antebellum — “September” (CMT Crossroads)
    Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Chris Stapleton and Little Big Town — “I Won’t Back Down” (2017 CMT Artists of the Year)
    Keith Urban featuring Carrie Underwood — “The Fighter” (2017 CMT Music Awards)

    Video of the Year 

    Bebe Rexa featuring Florida Georgia Line — “Meant to Be”
    Blake Shelton — “I’ll Name the Dogs”
    Brett Young — “Mercy”
    Brothers Osborne — “It Ain’t My Fault”
    Carrie Underwood featuring Ludacris– “The Champion”
    Dan + Shay — “Tequila”
    Jason Aldean — “You Make It Easy”
    Justin Timberlake featuring Chris Stapleton — “Say Something”
    Kane Brown featuring Lauren Alaina — “What Ifs”
    Kelsea Ballerini — “Legends”
    Luke Combs — “When It Rains It Pours”
    Thomas Rhett — “Marry Me”



    Audio / LINER Brandon Lay (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Brothers Osborne


    Audio / LINER Carrie Underwood (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Clare Dunn (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Darius Rucker (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Darius Rucker (Mother's Day) 2


    Audio / LINER Dierks (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Eric Church (Mother's Day) 1


    Audio / LINER Eric Paslay (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER George Strait (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Jon Pardi (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Jordan Davis (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Josh Turner (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Kacey Musgraves (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Keith Urban (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER LBT (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Luke Bryan (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Maddie & Tae (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Sam Hunt (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Shania Twain (Mother's Day)


    Audio / LINER Travis Denning





    Little Big Town will be honored at the Recording Academy’s Grammys on the Hill Awards Wednesday (April 18th) in Washington, DC for their support of music education.

    Dierks Bentley is set to perform on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (April 18th).

    Alan Jackson’s Precious Memories Collection will be released on vinyl May 11th.


    Little Big Town recorded an amazing version of “Rocket Man,” written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The song is featured on Restoration: Reimagining the Songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin, which will be available this Friday (April 6th). The song first appeared on Elton’s 1972 album Honky Château.

    We’ve included both a full five-minute vignette and a :90 second vignette of Little Big Town’s “Rocket Man” for your use.

    Audio / 5:00 Rocket Man vignette


    Audio / :90 Rocket Man vignette


    Alan Jackson, Little Big Town and Jon Pardi have been added to the list of performers for this year’s ACM Awards. They’re joined by Kelly Clarkson and Kane Brown, as well as previously announced performers Lauren Alaina, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Kelsea Ballerini, Kenny Chesney, Florida Georgia Line, Midland, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Bebe Rexha, Thomas Rhett, Blake Shelton and Brett Young.

    Cam, Dustin Lynch, Kiefer Sutherland, Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, David Boreanaz, AJ Buckley and Max Thieriot and The Talk‘s Eve have been added as presenters

    The 53rd ACM Awards will broadcast LIVE from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas April 15th at 8pm ET/PT on CBS.


    Little Big Town will be honored at the 2018 GRAMMYS on the Hill Awards on April 18th in Washington, D.C. The GRAMMY-winning group, who are scheduled to perform, join past honorees Keith Urban, Alicia Keys and John Mayer. The group have made several contributions to the music industry including advocating for music education and supporting MusiCares, which provides a safety net of support for the music community.

    GRAMMYs on the Hill also recognizes legislators who have improved the environment for music by advocating for music creators’ rights. The 2018 congressional honorees include Rep. Judy Chu (D-Calif.), founder and co-chair of the Congressional Creative Rights Caucus, and Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), author of the Music Modernization Act and vice chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet.

    “Little Big Town’s advocacy efforts, coupled with the legislative momentum on Capitol Hill to protect creators, further the Academy’s vision of a brighter future for music — something the Recording Academy has been championing since its inception, and made an even greater commitment to when it established its D.C. offices in 1998,” said Recording Academy President/CEO Neil Portnow

    “We’re honored to stand alongside the Academy and Reps. Chu and Collins in speaking out and protecting an industry that has done so much for us,” said LBT’s Phillip Sweet.

    “Music is healing and powerful, and music education gives our children an outlet for expression that is absolutely necessary for their overall growth and well-being,” continued the band’s Karen Fairchild. “We will continue to do our part to protect music education, songwriters, recordings, and the artists who bring them to life.”

    The group, who is currently on The Breakers Tour with their next stop April 5th in Minneapolis, sing “Rocket Man” on the new tribute album, Restoration, featuring the songs by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. The collection, which also features performances by Chris Stapleton, Dierks Bentley, Kacey Musgraves, Willie Nelson, Maren Morris and many others, will be released April 6th.

  • NEWS AND NOTES: Jordan, Kacey, LBT

    Jordan Davis will perform his Top 5 “Singles You Up” on NBC’s Today Show on Tuesday (March 27th).

    Kacey Musgraves is set to perform on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert Thursday (March 29th) on CBS.

    Little Big Town recently received the CMA’s International Artist Achievement Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement by a U.S.-based artist who has demonstrated the most significant growth, development and promotion of the Country Music industry outside of the U.S.