• NEWS AND NOTES: Chris, Kacey, Keith, Luke

    Chris Stapleton and Kacey Musgraves have been added to the lineup for this year’s Farm Aid. The 33rd annual event will also feature performances by the Farm AID board of directors Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young and Dave Matthews as well as Sturgill Simpson and Margo Price. Tickets for this year’s event, taking place September 22nd at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut, go on sale Friday (June 29th) at 10am ET.

    Keith Urban performs on NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night (June 26th). Shaquille O’Neal and Jenna Dewan will also appear on the show, which airs at 11:35a ET.

    Luke Bryan will reunite with his American Idol co-star on ABC’s Live With Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday (June 27th). Adam Sandler (The Wedding Singer, Grown Ups, The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore) and Winston Duke (Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War) are also scheduled guests on the show.


    Darius Rucker has released his new single, “Straight to Hell,” a remake of the 1989 Drivin’ ‘N Cryin’ hit, featuring his famous friends Luke Bryan, Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum and Jason Aldean. Darius recorded the favorite bar singalong once Charles talked him into it, and he enlisted even more star power once he decided to take it into the studio when working on his new album, When Was the Last Time.

    “It came out in ’89 when I was just playing clubs with Hootie [& the Blowfish]. It was a big song to us. It was a big song to everybody around us. It was a big Southern song, and I always thought it was a country song,” says Darius from the set of the video for “Straight to Hell.”

    “I wanted to cut it and Charles told me I should cut it one day, and I just started calling my friends. I called Charles. I called Jason. I called Luke, and I said, ‘Hey man, I’m doing this song.’ They all loved the song, and we got to do a video for it.”

    “It was funny. We were sitting around one night — ‘cause we hang out all the time, we play a lot of golf — we were drinking and listening to Drivin’ ‘N Cryin’ and ‘Straight to Hell’ came on and I was like, ‘Dude, you could do ‘Straight to Hell,’ recalls Charles. “I was like, man, it kind of reminded me a little bit kind of the phenomenon of ‘Wagon Wheel,’ how big that song is. We had the crazy idea of like, ‘Dude you should do this.’ And he goes, ‘If I’m gonna sing it, you’ve got to be on it.’ And so the next thing you know, we start talking and he goes, ‘We need some other people.’ Literally, I think he reached out to Luke, and the next thing you know – I can’t remember how it all happened – but I think Jason was like, ‘Why didn’t you call me and ask me?’ And so all of a sudden, we have this little foursome, The Troublemakers as Darius likes to call it.”

    Darius will kick off his co-headline Summer Plays On Tour with Lady Antebellum July 19th in Toronto, Ontario.

    Audio / On the set of the video for “Straight to Hell,” Darius Rucker explains how the collaboration all came together.


    Darius Rucker (STH) OC: …great day. :30
    “This is an old Drivin’ ‘N Cryin’ song. It came out in ’89 when I was just playing clubs with Hootie [& the Blowfish]. It was a big song to us. It was a big song to everybody around us. It was a big Southern song, and I always thought it was a country song. Drivin’ ‘N Cryin’ is a big rock band, and I always thought it was a country song. I wanted to cut it and Charles told me I should cut it one day, and I just started calling my friends. I called Charles. I called Jason. I called Luke, and I said, ‘Hey man, I’m doing this song.’ They all loved the song, and we got to do a video for it. This is really cool, man. It’s been a great day.”

    Audio / On the set of the video for “Straight to Hell,” Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum talks about how The Troublemakers got together for the song.


    Charles Kelley (STH idea) OC: …call it. :58
    “It was funny. We were sitting around one night — ‘cause we hang out all the time, we play a lot of golf — we were drinking and listening to Drivin’ ‘N Cryin’ and ‘Straight to Hell’ came on and I was like, ‘Dude, you could do ‘Straight to Hell.’ I said, ‘It’s one of those songs that was such a big regional hit, kind of in the Southeast, you know. I went to the University of Georgia, and it was a huge bar band, cover band type of song. But like people like my wife, who went to Arizona State, never had heard of the song. I was like, man, it kind of reminded me a little bit kind of the phenomenon of ‘Wagon Wheel,’ how big that song is. We had the crazy idea of like, ‘Dude you should do this.’ And he goes, ‘If I’m gonna sing it, you’ve got to be on it.’ And so the next thing you know, we start talking and he goes, ‘We need some other people.’ Literally, I think he reached out to Luke, and the next thing you know – I can’t remember how it all happened – but I think Jason was like, ‘Why didn’t you call me and ask me?’ And so all of a sudden, we have this little foursome, The Troublemakers as Darius likes to call it.”

    Audio / On the set of the video for “Straight to Hell,” Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum says it’s “fitting” that the four of them finally do a song together.


    Charles Kelley (STH idea) 2 OC: …together. :13
    “You know, we kinda started this whole thing. It’s really fun. I hope it leads to something else too. We’ve been laughing…we’ve been such close friends, the four of us, for so many years that I think it’s only fitting that we finally do a song together.”

    Audio / On the set of the video for “Straight to Hell,” Luke Bryan talks about taking part in the vocal collaboration with Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean and Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley.


    Luke Bryan (STH idea) OC: …and Charles. :16
    “Darius called me up and asked me to be a part of this song. When I was in college, I’m Going ‘Straight to Hell’ was one of the biggest college anthems that there was, and I was honored to be a part of this with Darius and Jason and Charles.”

    Audio / LINER Darius Rucker (Straight to Hell) 1 1


    Audio / LINER Darius Rucker (Straight to Hell) 2


    Audio / LINER Darius Rucker (Straight to Hell) 3


    Video / Straight to Hell video


    Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain. The holiday is commonly associated with fireworks displays, parades, barbecues and concerts. Some of your favorite country stars take time to remember their Fourth of July traditions, memories and what the holiday really means to them.

    Several artists will perform during Independence Day celebrations. Keith Urban will take part in the annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, along  with Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and Ricky Martin, which will be broadcast July 4th at 8pm ET on NBC.

    Carrie Underwood will headline the Fourth of July Hot Country Live event, launching Spotify’s new live concert series based on the streaming services Hot Country Playlist. It will take place at the Seaport’s Rooftop at Pier 17 concert venue.

    Lady Antebellum will headline the free July 4th concert in downtown Nashville. The “Let Freedom Sing” concert event will also feature performances by Chris Janson and Lucie Silvas. Following the show, there will be a 30-minute fireworks show, which is touted as one of the biggest in the country and will be synchronized to a live performance from the Nashville Symphony.

    Lauren Alaina will perform during A Capitol Fourth, an annual Independence Day special on PBS. Luke Combs will also perform. A Capitol Fourth, hosted by John Stamos, will air live from the West Lawn of the White House on July 4th at 8pm ET on PBS.

    Audio / Alan Jackson recalls one of the coolest Fourth of July memories he’s ever enjoyed.


    AJ (fave 4th of July memory) OC: …very cool. :58
    Well, this one is hard to beat. A couple of years ago, maybe longer than that now, I had an old boat in Florida. It’s like an old antique motor yacht, and it was kind of a cool old boat. I had taken that boat, I’ve always wanted to take it up north like to New York and up in that area, up in the northeast where it’s so pretty. So, we took the boat up there and Denise and the girls, we all went up. They like going to New York City, which I don’t really care about going to the city. So, I got to stay in my boat there at the harbor tied up, which was cool anyway. So they spent time in the city a few days and then that was Fourth of July, and we went out in the Hudson River that night and they shot the fireworks off and we were anchored out in front of the Statue of Liberty and New York City was behind us, and the Statue of Liberty and the fireworks were going off sitting on that boat. That was the coolest thing and my girls still talk about that. I mean, that was the coolest thing on Fourth of July I can ever remember. I can’t top that one probably. It was emotional sitting there watching the Statue of Liberty and thinking about all that. It was very cool.”


    Audio / Billy Currington talks about his favorite Fourth of July memories.


    Billy Currington (4th of July) OC: …of my life. :16
    “My best memories would be hanging out with my mom, brother and sister on the beach on Tybee Island right off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. We’d go there every year, and we’d light our own fireworks and watch the ones that they had for us. They were the best times, some of the best times of my life.”

    Audio / Brandon Lay talks about his memories of the Fourth of July growing up in Jackson, Tennessee.


    Brandon Lay (Fourth of July) OC: …good times. :47
    “I remember everybody hanging out at my grandmother’s and we would drive down the road to a fireworks stand off the side of Highway 45 out there in Jackson [Tennessee]. Just getting the bottle rockets and Black Cats and bringing ‘em back to the house, it felt like it was an eternity before it got dark. We just kept wanting to light ‘em and our parents would tell us it ain’t time, but just how exhilarating it was to see ‘em shoot up. We’re not talking big time fireworks here, but you would’ve thought that it was. It’s funny just how you remember things, but I just remember a screen door at my grandmother’s, running in and out, in and out, in and out and four wild little cousins running around. It was good times.”


    Audio / Clare Dunn and her family are usually in the midst of harvesting their crops during the Fourth of July holiday, but she says it's one of her favorite memories growing up since that was when they were all together as a family.


    Clare Dunn (Fourth of July) OC: …with your family. 1:12
    “Fourth of July is probably one of the biggest memories for me, because it’s always during harvest time. And harvest time, being a farmer, is your most important time of the year. It’s always nine-o. It’s always busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, but we always go into town, depending on what field we’re at. A lot of my memories are South Grenada, Colorado, we farm just south of that town, and we go into town and get Mexican food, a great Mexican food place called Shorty’s, and we get tostados and enchiladas and we take them back out to the field. And everybody stops for a second and we eat on the hoods or the tailgates of pickups, and we’re just all out there in the field taking a brief moment to eat dinner and then get back to cutting. And if you’re lucky you’ll see some fireworks from town. Those are some of my favorite memories growing up because you’re all out there working. You’re together, and it’s just the moment of pride, of getting the harvest in and getting to be with your family.”

    Audio / Darius Rucker enjoys setting off fireworks.


    Darius Rucker (fireworks) OC: …off once. :15
    “Oh, I love fireworks. We had the bottle rocket fights and all that good stuff. I was the typical little crazy kid, you know. In South Carolina, it was always legal, so we shot fireworks when it was legal. We did all that sort of stuff. I almost blew my hand off once.”

    Audio / Dierks Bentley says the people of this country are what define America.


    Dierks (people are America) OC: …all about. :17
    “The definition of America to me, you know, getting a chance to travel across the country on a tour bus, stepping upon stages whether it be county fairs, state fairs, arenas, rock bars, the Opry stage, anywhere across the country and looking out at that crowd and seeing people. The people, to me, are what America’s all about.”

    Audio / Eric Church recalls his family activities on the Fourth of July holiday.


    Eric Church (4th of July) OC: …freedoms. 1:17
    “The Fourth of July for me, growing up we would always go to the lake, we didn’t live on the lake but we would all go to the lake. Had a buddy who had a pontoon and we would always get on the pontoon and you go out and you’d tie all the pontoons together and just have a big time. This was before, I was younger then, the adults were having more fun than we were, you know it was just to go swim in the water and shoot off fireworks. Basically, water tailgating is what it was. And then as we got older, same thing…we would just, us younger kids had our own boat and we had as much fun as the adults.”

    Audio / Jordan Davis talks about some of his favorite childhood Fourth of July memories.


    Jordan Davis (Fourth of July) 2 OC: …really cool. :17
    “Probably baseball games, firework shows at baseball games. We’d go to Shreveport Captains games, so yeah, we’d do that or barbecues and fireworks. I can remember being on the lake for a couple of Fourth of Julys. We’d take the boat out and we’d watch the downtown fireworks show from the boat, which was really cool.”

    Audio / Josh Turner, who will perform in Demorest, Georgia on Independence Day, talks about the fireworks “wars” his family would have when he was growing up.


    Josh Turner (fireworks) OC: …of money. [laughs] :20
    “Yeah, we had fireworks around, especially my Daddy’s family. All the individual families had a lot of competition with each other and tried to outdo each other to try to see who had the biggest and baddest fireworks and all that. [laughs] My daddy, I think, was the smartest one. He just went out and bought maybe $25 worth of fireworks and let everybody else put on the big show, so he saved a lot of money.” [laughs]

    Audio / Keith Urban recalls coming over to America for the first time.


    Keith Urban (coming to America 1st time) OC: …as I could. :39
    “1989 was the first year I came to the States, and it had always been my goal, but I had no plan on how to get here. It was just a case of keep playing, keep getting better at what you do, and then hopefully, somehow, some way I’ll end up over here. The guy who was managing me at the time, we just planned a trip over here – it was actually for the New Music Seminar in New York. And we came over for that, and then we did a trip down to Nashville, and I was shopping my little demo around. I think I humored everybody more than anything else [laughs] with my tragic, ill-fitting demo for the time. So, I left there, but I was just so committed to coming back as quick as I could.”

    Audio / Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott talks about her favorite Fourth of July memories.


    Lady A (4th of July-Hillary) OC: …on my hand. :29
    “For many, many years in a row, we would be up at the lake for Fourth of July, and having those memories of being on the boat and going tubing and skiing and enjoying being out in the summertime, great weather on the water. But, then for me, Fourth of July was when [husband] Chris [Tyrell] proposed. So, I got proposed to on July 2nd up at the lake, the same lake I grew up going to, and so that’s probably the biggest highlight of Fourth of July to me – getting a rock on my hand.”

    Audio / Every year, Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood celebrates his birthday along with America’s big day.


    Lady A (Fourth of July-Dave) OC: …and America. :45
    “July fourth is always, for me, my birthday week. My birthday is July 5th so we grew up going on family trips to the beach. We would always go to Hilton Head, South Carolina and always take trips for my birthday, so that’s always a fun time of the year…watch fireworks. I think my best memory would be my birthday party when I was 9 or 10 years old. We went to the batting cages and I remember I was swinging so hard, it was 100 degrees outside, I was swinging in the batting cage and ended up passing out right there in the batting cage. You’re trying so hard to hit the ball, you’re a kid and you really don’t realize how much water you should be drinking and [CHARLES: “Dave was that kid.”] I was that kid who was on the ground in the batting cage, people fanning and pouring water all over my face. Happy Birthday to me and America.”

    Audio / Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild talks about the big sacrifices the military AND their families make to keep this country free.


    LBT (military) OC: (Karen) …whenever we can. (Kimberly: “Yeah.”) :22
    “It’s such a huge sacrifice what these men and women do for us, and not only the ones that are serving, but the families that are left here at home. I mean, it’s just a huge commitment that they make, and what an honor. We love to be able to sing for them and entertain them and to say thank you whenever we can.” (Kimberly: “Yeah.”)

    Audio / Luke Bryan recalls one of his favorite Fourth of July memories.


    Luke Bryan (4th of July memories) OC: …we used to. :21
    “Some of my favorite Fourth of July memories were spent on Lake Blackshear down in Georgia with my family. I was always kind of in charge of driving home from Tennessee and picking up all the fireworks and my nieces and nephews always got excited when I rolled in because they knew I had all the fireworks. But, it was always a great memory, and I miss not getting to do that as much as we used to.”

    Audio / Maddie & Tae talk about their Fourth of July traditions.


    Maddie & Tae (Fourth of July) OC: …it’s perfect. :29
    TAE: “One of my favorite Fourth of July traditions – I’d say it’s a tradition ‘cause it happens every year, but I’m not always able to make it – is that we go to my grandparents in Oklahoma, and we all line up lawn chairs right in front of their garage and we just light fireworks. We always do it far away and then we light it, and we always run back and watch the fireworks, but that’s probably one of my favorite memories.” MADDIE: “My birthday is July 7th, so I always get built-in fireworks for my birthday, and sometimes we actually celebrate it on the 4th, because there’s fireworks everywhere, so it’s perfect.”

    Audio / Sam Hunt talks about what he and his family did over the Fourth of July holiday when he was growing up in Georgia.


    Sam Hunt (Fourth of July) OC: …good time. :39
    “My granddad on the other side of my family, he would always take a lot of pride…fireworks were actually, I’m from Georgia, and most of them were illegal, I’m pretty sure, growing up. But over in Alabama, that’s where all the firework stands were, and we only had to drive 10, 15 minutes to get to the Alabama line, so we could go get a bundle of fireworks pretty easy. But he would always take a lot of pride in going and finding all the good stuff, and coming back with a  big pile. He’d have his torch out there at the end of the driveway and we’d all eat homemade ice cream and put down towels on the driveway and he’d shoot off fireworks for 30-45 minutes. Such a good time.”

    Audio / Travis Denning talks about the Fourth of July events his hometown of Warner Robins, Georgia would throw every year.


    Travis Denning (Fourth of July) OC: …will love. :51
    “Fourth of July in Warner Robins, Georgia is an event. It’s something else. In fact, forever they’ve thrown an Independence Day concert, and back in the day, it was huge. It was the biggest thing they did all year. They would actually have the concert in the MAC (McConnell-Talbert Stadium), which was the high school football stadium that Warner Robins and Northside and Houston County shared. I mean, one year they had Wynonna play and then they had Josh Turner one year, Darius Rucker. I mean it was like a big deal, and there’d be 15,000, 20,000 people there, and I think it’s so cool that there’s a little bit of a legacy of people coming together in that town and making something happen, you know? I’ll never forget going to those shows and thinking, I was more proud of what the city had done. I was like, ‘That’s just so cool that they could put together a show like this, an event that everybody will love.”



    Luke Bryan has released the lyric video for his latest song, “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset.” The clip is a personal look at his life and career, since it includes photos of his family, friends, band and crew.

    “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” is the follow-up to his multi-week No. 1 smash, “Most People are Good.” For audio and a liner about the song, go here.

    Luke takes his What Makes You Country Tour to West Palm Beach on Thursday (June 21st), Jacksonville, Florida on Friday (June 22nd) and then his XL Stadium Sized Tour to Tampa on Saturday (June 23rd).

    Video /

  • NEWS AND NOTES: Kacey, Shania, Carrie, Luke, Lauren

    Kacey Musgraves will perform on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers Wednesday (June 20th). Comedian/actor Mike Myers (Austin Powers, Saturday Night Live, Wayne’s World, Shrek) and Allison Brie (Mad Men, Lego Movie) will also appear on the show.

    It’s a tribute to Shania Twain on the television show, Lip Sync Battle on Thursday (June 21st). The episode pits Derek Hough against Nicole Scherzinger. Catch all the action – and an appearance by Shania – this Thursday beginning at 10:30a ET on the Paramount Network.

    Don’t forget Carrie Underwood will perform her anthemic “The Champion” with Ludacris at the Radio Disney Music Awards on Saturday (June 23rd).

    Luke Bryan is set to appear on Live With Kelly & Ryan on June 27th.

    Lauren Alaina will perform during this year’s A Capitol Fourth, which will be televised on PBS. Luke Combs, Jimmy Buffett, The Beach Boys, Pentatonix, CeCe Winans and The Temptations will also perform. The special will air July 4th at 8pm ET on PBS.



    Audio / LINER AJ (4th of July)


    “Hey! This is Alan Jackson, wishing you a happy and safe Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Billy Currington (4th of July)


    “Hey guys! I’m Billy Currington, wishing you a Happy Fourth of July.”


    Audio / LINER Brandon Lay (Fourth of July)


    “What’s up, everybody? This is Brandon Lay, wishing you a Happy Fourth of July.”


    Audio / LINER Bros Osborne (Fourth of July)


    “Hey y’all! I’m John, and I’m TJ, and we are Brothers Osborne, wishing you a very Happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Clare Dunn (Fourth of July)


    “Hey! This is Clare Dunn, wishing you a very Happy Fourth of July.”


    Audio / LINER Darius (4th of July)


    “Hey y’all, what’s up? This is Darius Rucker, wishing you a very, very happy Fourth of July!”

    Audio / LINER Darius (Happy Birthday, America)


    “Happy Birthday, America!”

    Audio / LINER Dierks Bentley (4th of July)


    Hey everybody! This is Dierks Bentley, wishing you a Happy and safe Fourth of July.

    Audio / LINER Eric Church (4th of July)


    “Hey this is Eric Church, wishing you a very happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Eric Paslay (4th of July)


    “Hey! This is Eric Paslay, wishing you a very happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Gary Allan (4th of July)


    “Hey! This is Gary Allan. Happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Jon Pardi (4th of July)


    “Hi, it’s Jon Pardi, wishing you a Happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Jordan Davis (Fourth of July)


    “Hey! I’m Jordan Davis, wishing you a Happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Lauren Alaina (4th of July)


    “Hey! It’s Lauren Alaina. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER LBT (4th of July)


    “Hey! We’re Little Big Town. Happy Fourth of July!”

    Audio / LINER Luke Bryan (4th of July)


    “Hey! This is Luke Bryan, wishing you a very happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Maddie & Tae (Fourth of July)


    “Hey everybody! I’m Maddie, and I’m Tae and we’re Maddie & Tae, wishing you a  safe and happy Fourth of July.”


    Audio / LINER Mickey Guyton (Fourth of July)


    “Hey! This is Mickey Guyton, wishing you a Happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Sam Hunt (Fourth of July)


    “Hey everybody! This is Sam Hunt, wishing you a safe and Happy Fourth of July.”

    Audio / LINER Travis Denning (Fourth of July)


    “Hey y’all! It’s Travis Denning, wishing you a safe and Happy Fourth of July.”



    Four-time ACM and CMA Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan played for 35,000 fans on Saturday night in Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark on his WHAT MAKES YOU COUNTRY TOUR XL STADIUM SIZED. Luke experienced another triple-crown achievement as the first artist in any genre to play headline shows in three Cincinnati venues- Riverbend Music Center (where he’s sold-out back-to-back nights), Paul Brown Stadium and now the home of the Cincinnati Reds.

    Singer/songwriter and platinum-selling artist Cole Swindell was a surprise guest on the show and performed with Luke on two of the #1 songs he co-wrote, “Roller Coaster” and “This Is How We Roll.” Openers on the stadium show included DJ Rock, Jon Pardi and Morgan Wallen and special guest Sam Hunt.

    Luke’s WHAT MAKES YOU COUNTRY TOUR XL STADIUM SIZED, named Billboard Music AwardsTop Country Tour, will continue through the end of October with 40+ concerts including 10 additional stadium shows.

    “What Makes You Country Tour:”
    DATE                    CITY                                                 VENUE
    6/21                        West Palm Beach, FL                         Coral Sky Amphitheatre
    6/22                        Jacksonville, FL                                   Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
    6/23                        Tampa, FL                                           Raymond James Stadium                XL STADIUM SIZED
    6/28                        Raleigh, NC                                          Coastal Credit Union Music Park
    6/29                        Charlotte, NC                                       PNC Music Pavilion
    6/30                        Pittsburgh, PA                                     Heinz Field                                          XL STADIUM SIZED
    7/6                          Boston, MA                                          Fenway Park                                       XL STADIUM SIZED
    7/8                          Cavendish, PE                                      Cavendish Beach Music Festival                    
    7/14                        Calgary, AB                                          The Calgary Stampede
    7/15                        Craven, SK                                           Country Thunder
    7/20                        Monticello, IA                                      Great Jones County Fair
    7/21                        Minneapolis, MN                                Target Field                                        XL STADIUM SIZED
    7/22                        Twin Lakes, WI                                   Country Thunder
    7/25                        Lake Tahoe, NV                                  Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harvey’s
    7/26                        Paso Robles, CA                                  California Mid-State Fair
    7/28                        Los Angeles, CA                                Dodger Stadium                                 XL STADIUM SIZED
    8/1                          Rogers, AR                                            Walmart AMP
    8/2                          Omaha, NE                                           Century Link Center
    8/4                          Denver, CO                                          Sports Authority Field at Mile High XL STADIUM SIZED  
    8/17                        Syracuse, NY                                        Lakeview Amphitheater
    8/18                        Bristow, VA                                          Jiffy Lube Live
    8/19                        Saratoga Springs, NY                          Saratoga PAC
    8/24                        Indianapolis, IN                                   Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center
    8/25                        St Louis, MO                                       Busch Stadium                                    XL STADIUM SIZED
    8/26                        Kansas City, MO                                 Sprint Center
    9/1                          Chicago, IL                                          Wrigley Field                                      XL STADIUM SIZED
    9/7                          Houston, TX                                         Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
    9/8                          Dallas, TX                                             Dos Equis Pavilion
    9/13                        Rapid City, SD                                     Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
    9/14                        Billings, MT                                          Rimrock Auto Arena
    9/19                        Missoula, MT                                       Big Sky Brewing
    9/20                        Boise, ID                                               Ford Idaho Center
    10/11                     Portland, OR                                         Moda Center
    10/12                     Seattle, WA                                           White River Amphitheater
    10/13                     Vancouver, BC                                   BC Place Stadium                              XL STADIUM SIZED
    10/25                     Rochester, NY                                      Blue Cross Arena
    10/26                     Detroit, MI                                           Ford Field                                            XL STADIUM SIZED
    Live Nation is the national tour promoter of the 2018 “What Makes You Country Tour.” Cabela’s, theWorld’s Foremost Outfitter of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear, is a sponsor.  Citi® / AAdvantage® is the official credit card for the Luke Bryan Tour, and as such, Citi / AAdvantage cardmembers have had access to purchase presale and preferred tickets. Citi / AAdvantage cardmembers also have access to special events in select markets, with packages available for purchase that offer great seats, dedicated hospitality lounges, and exclusive experiences. For complete details, please visit www.citiprivatepass.com. Verizon is also a tour sponsor with their Verizon Up customer loyalty rewards program. 
  • FATHER’S DAY 2018

    Father’s Day is Sunday (June 17th), and we have many of your favorite country stars talking about their own Father’s Day memories and wishes below!

    Audio / Clare Dunn recalls one her father’s favorite gifts he received for Father’s Day.


    Clare Dunn (Father’s Day gift) OC: …one year. :35
    “[My Dad] loves the weather, so we gave him a weather machine one year, and that was…well, he’s a farmer so he has to watch the weather all the time. And we gave him this weather gadget-gizmo that sits on top of the horse barn and gives him his own read-out of the weather. ‘What’s the temp? What’s the pressure? What’s the humidity?’ Well, there is no humidity in Colorado, or Southeast, but I think that was probably the biggest gift. My mom, I think, she gets all the credit for that, but I think we all collectively did that for Father’s Day one year.”

    Audio / Darius Rucker says his kids would say he was a fun dad, unless they did something wrong.


    Darius Rucker (Father’s Day) OC: …loving dad. :41
    “I think if you asked my kids what kind of Dad I was they would probably say…Dani would say that I was a fun Dad. My little daughter would say that I was a fun dad; she thinks I’m a lot of fun. I think if you caught them at the right moment they would say I was mean [laughs] because when I’m home I’m not afraid to discipline them. I’m all fun until it’s not fun anymore and then daddy’s not the fun guy. I think that they’d say that I was a fun Dad, I’m a loving Dad and I think they would say that. I’m gone so much that when I’m home, I just shower love upon my kids. I say ‘I love you’ probably fifty times a day. We hug, we kiss all the time. I’m always wanting them to know how much I love them. So I’d hope they’d say that I was a loving dad.”

    Audio / Darius Rucker says his mother made him a good father to his three children.


    Darius Rucker (mother’s qualities makes him a great father) OC: …my mom. :45
    “She had a lot great qualities, but she was always, family was first for her. She was always a rock and making sure she took care of us and making sure we had things we needed to have to survive – food and clothes and a home – and seeing that and seeing how hard she worked and all the things she did just really made me the father that I am today. I mean, I’m so crazy and hands-on with my kids. I think it all comes from watching my mom have to struggle so much to support us. And so now, I don’t want me or my wife to ever have to struggle, and I don’t want my kids to ever want or wonder where I am or where their mom is. I want them to always know where we are and always be taken care of, and that all comes from my mom.”

    Audio / Dierks Bentley enjoys being both dad – to daughters Evie and Jordan and son Knox – and country music performer.


    Dierks Bentley (dad & performer) OC: …to do both. :28
    “When I get home, it’s a totally different reality that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Just hanging with my girls and doing the things we do and seeing life through their eyes, it’s incredible. It takes a man to do it. It’s not a boys’ game. It takes a man to do it. I love the juxtaposition to be able to be that man and to also go on the road and act like I’m 13 years old and play video games all afternoon waiting for the fans to show up. So, it’s really a blessing to be able to do both.”

    Audio / Dierks Bentley, the father of three, is very grateful to his own dad for turning him on to country music as a kid.


    Dierks (Father’s Day) OC: …that’s for sure. :10
    “My dad was my biggest influence in country music because my dad loved country radio. So, we always drove around listening to country radio and George Strait, Hank Williams and Randy Travis and all these guys, so. Without him, I wouldn’t be doing this, that’s for sure.”

    Audio / Eric Church describes his father and the qualities he admires in him.


    Eric Church (Father’s Day) OC: …always admired. :29
    “My dad is a, I’m trying to find the right words to describe him. My dad is a great guy, honest guy, very call it like he sees it, which is where I get a lot of that. No BS. I’m gonna tell you how I feel whether you like it or not. I’m that guy, I’m me…My dad’s that way, so I get a lot of that from him. There’s also an honesty and an integrity that my dad carries himself with that I’ve always admired.”

    Audio / Eric Paslay says his father taught him how to work hard and to do a lot of things himself, such as electrical work and other handyman tasks.


    Eric Paslay (Father’s Day) OC: …ceiling fan. :23
    “He just taught me that working hard and sticking it out, even when you know things aren’t right, that if you stick it out, it’s worth it in the end. And he just taught me to work hard, and there’s a lot of things that you don’t have to pay someone else to do, and it feels more rewarding when you’re able to put in new light fixtures or paint your own walls or put in a new ceiling fan.”

    Audio / Jordan Davis talks about his favorite qualities of his dad.


    Jordan Davis (Father’s Day) OC: …my music. :45
    “The thing I love most about my Dad is just his overall love of life. He’s a guy that’s worked hard and is now at a point where he can enjoy it, and he’s living every day to the fullest. That’s something that I’m very thankful that I’ve seen my Dad do and something to learn from. So, that’s probably my favorite quality about the old man, and just the hard work too. My dad ran a furniture business in Shreveport for a long time with his Dad. It was great to grow up and see a guy work hard and helped his Dad build a business from the ground up to a very successful business, and that’s something that I even try to carry over into my music.”

    Audio / Keith Urban – father to daughters Sunday and Faith -- says there are a number of things that are at the top of the list of being a dad.


    Keith Urban (Father’s Day) OC: …experience that. :36
    “The first thing is probably just having someone call you dad. I’m like, ‘Omigosh! I’m her dad! That’s amazing.’ That’s probably the first thing to me. I don’t know, I mean, the different personalities that our two daughters have, that’s amazing. It’s such a long list I think. I always say…I think for the people that haven’t had kids – which I hadn’t for a long, long time. I didn’t have kids ‘til later on, and being around it is not the same as having them, you know? I realize that it’s not something that can be explained until you actually sort of have it, so I’m glad I got to experience that.”

    Audio / Kip Moore talks about his late father’s influence on his music career, and how he’d play classics on their fishing trips.


    Kip Moore (Father’s Day-dad’s influence) OC: …of us singin’ ‘em. :29
    “He would just play all those classic records – Little River Band, Jackson Brown, Springsteen, Seeger, Willie Nelson, the Red-Headed Stranger, Kristofferson, Sam Cook – like classic music. He’d be singing the songs and telling us why it was such good music. And I looked up to him so much, that’s the music I gravitated towards and that’s what I continue to listen to. Whenever I think about those old fishing trips, that’s what I think about is on the way down there, him singing those songs and all of us singin’ ‘em.”

    Audio / Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley says since becoming a father to Ward, it’s really put his life and outlook into perspective.


    Charles Kelley (being a father) OC: …wife Cassie. :38
    “Gosh! I mean, being a father, it really puts a lot of things into perspective about making sure you do shut off that side of your brain, that work side of your brain and focus on what matters most. I think n the past, I think I’ve always had it in the back of the mind – work, and once you have a kid, you see something that you love more than yourself. I don’t know. It just really is making me realize how fast time moves and to really and try to enjoy these little moments with my little son and my wife, Cassie.”

    Audio / Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood says his father was a big influence both personally and musically, and he wants to pass along those qualities to his own children.


    Lady A (Father’s Day-Dave) OC: …like that. :39
    “My dad was a really hard worker growing up and was always great, however hard he worked, he’d always make important time for family, important time to be home for dinner and be there for a lot of special moments for us growing up. For all the money he would make, he would always give a portion of it back to charity or to the church, and so that was always important for me to watch. We had a great relationship growing up. My dad plays guitar; he’s very musical. I learned how to play acoustic guitar with him playing ‘Day Tripper’ by the Beatles and all these old songs we’d play together when he’d show me how to play these James Taylor songs and things like that. So, definitely want to pass along music, of course, to my children, as well, like that.”

    Audio / Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott says her father is a great communicator.


    Lady A (Father’s Day-Hillary) OC: …my children. :33
    “I definitely got my Type-A personality from my dad. He’s the same way, but one thing I’m so appreciative of – especially from a father-daughter relationship – my dad always, always talked to me, even when I didn’t want to talk to him. He would force me to communicate and talk through things, and not always the easy stuff, which is such a rare quality in a man, truthfully. And so, I am very, very thankful for that. I think it helped me find the right husband for me, and I also know that it will help me be that much of a better communicator to my children.”

    Audio / Lauren Alaina’s father has been sober for nearly five years, and she says their relationship has gotten a lot stronger since he quit drinking.


    Lauren Alaina (Father’s Day) OC: …always has been. :50
    “Oh my gosh. My dad’s the best. I’m really proud of my daddy. “October 6th will be his five-year anniversary of being sober. So that’s a big one for us. And it’s been really amazing the last few years with his recovery. Our relationship was a little rocky before he went into rehab and now we talk every single day. And he is my daddy and I’m so proud of him. He’s the hardest worker I know, and that’s why I work so hard because I grew up watching him do it. I’m proud of him and he moved to Alabama for work and he loves it, and he’s like 30 minutes from the beach. So, I’m trying to hit that beach up every minute I can. But I’m really proud of him, and he’s a great dad and he always has been.”

    Audio / Luke Bryan talks about last year’s Father’s Day and what he WON’T be doing this year.


    Luke Bryan (Father’s Day 2018) OC: …air conditioning.
    “Last year, my Father’s Day was Caroline was perfect in asking me what I wanted for Father’s Day, and I said I want to go camping with the boys on a little trout stream thing. So, I went and borrowed, I knew a buddy who had like a pull-behind trailer, you know, camper; get the camper hooked up, get to the campsite, it’s 98 degrees. I had loaded a lawn mower in the back of my truck. By the time I got done mowing an acre of four-foot tall grass for the campsite, mosquitos, couldn’t get the camper – you know, the camper never works like you want it to. It may just be a day around the pool at the Bryan house. I hadn’t really put my mind together for what I want for Father’s Day, but I won’t be mowing an acre of grass for the RV moment. But I will tell you I made a last-minute call and got my tour bus driver. I said, ‘Please just bring the tour bus so we can sleep in some air conditioning.’”

    Audio / Maddie Marlow talks about her father’s favorite gift she’s ever given him for Father’s Day.


    Maddie & Tae (Father’s Day) OC: …for Father’s Day. :26
    “So, for Father’s Day, I made my Dad – I think it was right before I moved to Nashville – I made my Dad this little photo book where it had like his quotes that have stuck with me my whole life and then some pictures, and it was really funky. It looks horrible. It’s not put together, but that’s one of his favorite gifts that he’s ever gotten, and I cherish that ugly photo book thing that I made for him for Father’s Day.”

    Audio / Sam Hunt says his father taught him a lot about being a man and knowing how to do the right thing.


    Sam Hunt (Father’s Day) OC: …he’s great. :27
    “I’m obviously biased about my parents, but I’ve been around a lot of great men of integrity, but he is by far the best man that I know. He’s just taught me so much about being a man, doing the right thing, knowing the difference between right and wrong. And even though I don’t always follow his lead, I definitely know better because of him, and that means a whole lot to me. I was just really fortunate to have him as a dad, and he’s great.”

    Audio / Travis Denning says his father is his best friend.


    Travis Denning (Father’s Day) OC: …for sure. :43
    “My dad – I call him ‘Diamond Dave’ and a lot of other people do too. Honestly, I don’t know if I drink more with anybody else more than my Dad. I think a super cool thing now is getting older and knowing that I’m starting to get more and more sustained as a human that it’s like my parents get to be friends now with me and my sister, which is such a cool thing. And so, yeah, me and my Dad – we love music and we love heavy metal and we love all that. We get to go to concerts and football games and drink beer and just enjoy that cool part of a father and a son and a mother and a son where now we get to be friends and it’s really cool. My Dad is my best friend, for sure.”


    Darius Rucker enlisted some famous friends to join him on the remake of “Straight to Hell,” which was released in 1989. Pals Luke Bryan, Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum and Jason Aldean joined Darius on the song and the video, which was just released. The four of them seemed to have a rowdy good time on the set of the clip, which features them in a speakeasy during Prohibition back in the 1920s.

    “When you’re friends with people in the business, you see ‘em when you can. If you tour with ‘em, you get to hang out sometime, but there’s never really day where the four of us have gotten to sit together all day. We did just about every scene together and it was all of us together, and we just had, man, there was some funny stuff said that day. I was losing my mind laughing. That was a fun day.”

    Hopefully, Darius and Lady A will perform the song during their tour together. They’re set to kick off their Summer Plays On Tour, which kicks off July 19th in Toronto.

    Audio / Darius Rucker talks about the video for "Straight to Hell," which also features Luke Bryan, Charles Kelley and Jason Aldean.


    Darius Rucker (Straight to Hell video) OC: …to see it. :57
    “I went to Capitol and said, ‘I’ve never asked for anything, but if you guys would just do me a favor. Whether ‘Straight to Hell’ is a single or not, I really want to make a video, and I want it to be a Western video.’ I was thinking horses and stuff. I’m really glad they weren’t thinking that [laughs], ‘cause I don’t want to be riding nobody’s horse out there. I’d kill myself. It was so much fun. The four of us, I mean when you’re friends with people in the business, you see ‘em when you can. If you tour with ‘em, you get to hang out sometime, but there’s never really day where the four of us have gotten to sit together all day. We did just about every scene together and it was all of us together, and we just had, man, there was some funny stuff said that day. I was losing my mind laughing. That was a fun day, and the video turned out, and it was by far my favorite video I’ve ever made in country music. I mean, ‘Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It’ might be a little above it [because it’s the first], but it’s so much fun and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

    Video / Darius Rucker's 'For the First Time' video


    Country music superstar Luke Bryan spent a full day celebrating his fans and Music Row during CMA Fest on Friday (June 8th).

    His day began hosting a fan club party for his Nuthouse fans where he celebrated their 10th year and performed a private acoustic concert.

    At midday, Luke was the CMA Artist of the Day at Xfinity Fan Fair X on the CMA Close Up Stage. Luke talked about his award-winning “What Makes You Country Tour” with Live Nation’s Brian O’Connell as well as the first season of American Idol with iHeartRadio personality and Idol mentor Bobby Bones. American Idol winner Maddie Poppe also joined the panel and surprised the crowd with a performance.

    Luke ended his day with a triple #1 party co-hosted by BMI, ASCAP and Global Music Rights. Luke celebrated his three recent #1 singles with his co-writers on “Move” (Luke Bryan, Michael Carter and Jay Clementi), “Fast” (Luke Bryan, Rodney Clawson and Luke Laird) and “Light It Up” (Luke Bryan and Brad Tursi).

    “Hard to believe you can have this much fun chasing a dream,” said Luke during the #1 party. “I’m so lucky to wake up every day and be surrounded by this community of Nashville. This is the stuff memories are made of!”

    After a show in Myrtle Beach on Saturday, Luke was back in Music City on Sunday (June 10th) to cap-off the final nightly CMA Fest concerts with his performance at Nissan Stadium.

    The Georgia native is moving up the country charts with his latest song, “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset.”