In October 2019 this album title came to me. I liked it because I felt like life was flying by so fast. But music (for me) has always been the place where it slows down and doesn’t even exist.  I would never have imagined that, in 2020, this album title would take on a whole new meaning.


                                                           Keith Urban


    Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 10th, and some of your favorite country artists are celebrating the mothers in their lives this weekend. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating Mother’s Day, held on the second Sunday in May, as a national holiday to honor mothers.



    Brandon Lay (Mother’s Day) OC: …comes from her. :2
    “She works harder than anybody I’ve ever seen. She can outwork most 20-year-olds in the yard still. She grew up on a farm, and I think a lot of that just bulldog it and get it done attitude, I probably get from her. She’ll go from sunup to sundown, and she doesn’t complain, and that’s just so rare. I feel like the work ethic, as far as grind it out and get it done, that toughness comes from her.”

    Audio / Carrie Underwood talks about being a mother to two boys.


    Carrie Underwood (having 2 boys) OC: …little brother. :49
    “It’s kind of crazy to think, sometimes I’ll literally look at my husband and be like, ‘We have two sons. We have two kids. We’ve been married for almost nine years. We have two children. We live on a farm.’ Like it’s just weird to think how life turns out sometimes. Life is very different with two. We kind of got out of that baby stage with Isaiah. He’s much more self-efficient, and he can brush his own teeth and put his own clothes on, and he’s making decisions for himself, and then we start all over with the little squishy one again. It’s just kind of crazy. You forget how hard it is, to be honest, but you just figure your way through it. I am so blessed to have Isaiah who is super helpful and super sweet, and he loves his little brother.”

    Audio / Carrie Underwood says she doesn’t really have any Mother’s Day traditions.


    Carrie Underwood (Mother’s Day traditions) OC: …even more so. :40
    “We don’t really have like any Mother’s Day traditions. I feel like I remember me and Dad making breakfast for Mom like once as a kid. I’m pretty sure we just made a giant mess in the kitchen and we never did that again, so. Being on the other side of things, I obviously don’t expect anything from my three-year-old, but my husband’s really good at getting presents from quote unquote Isaiah. It’s really sweet, because he likes to bring me things. He’s such a sweet little guy, and anytime he’s outside, he’ll pick me flowers and things. So, I’m like, ‘You’re learning. You’ve already got me wrapped around your finger, and then you do stuff like that, and it’s even more so.’”

    Audio / Caylee Hammack describes the qualities she most admires in her mother.


    Caylee Hammack (Mother’s Day) 1 OC: …love fully. :53
    “I love that my Mom is a no-nonsense woman. I love that she always speaks her mind and she’s super stubborn, because she handed it down to me and it’s come in handy, to be honest. She’s a great cook. I wish I was half the cook that she is. She’s obsessive about Tupperware and plates, which I used to hate, but now as an adult whenever I break a dish or something, I just call her, and I know that I have one on standby. I love that she loves random things so that I can squirrel them away and take them to Nashville sometimes. And I love that she loves big. She either gives all of her heart or nothing at all; she always gives all of her heart. She loves, you know, she has a bleeding heart, and I think that’s just one of the most beautiful traits in the world is to love fully.”

    Audio / Darius Rucker talks about not disappointing his beloved mother, who passed away a few years ago.


    Darius Rucker (Mother’s Day) OC: …killed me. :17
    “I think that’s the main reason I am how I am…an innate fear of disappointing my mom.  My mom’s not even alive, and I have a fear of her looking down from heaven and going, ‘Man I’m just disappointed in my son.’ She could have said anything in the world to me, but if she would have said, ‘Son, you just disappointed me,’ That would have killed me. It would have killed me.”

    Audio / Darius Rucker recalls one of his favorite memories of his mother.


    Darius Rucker (favorite memory of his mother) OC: …my Mom’s song. :34
    “Oh goodness! A lot of great memories of her, but probably one of my favorite memories, I was a young kid, probably eight or nine, and she was in the kitchen cooking and listening to the gospel station and Shirley Caesar’s ‘No Charge’ came on and she was singing ‘No Charge.’ I just remember I ran into our living room which was adjoined to our kitchen and I just sat there and I just listened to her sing that song, and I remember thinking, ‘Wow! What an amazing voice.’ That’s just always a memory I’ve always had, and that song still to this day when I hear it just moves me because that was my mom’s song.”

    Audio / Eric Church says he’s learned quite a bit from his mom.


    Eric Church (Mother’s Day) OC: …as a man. :57
    “My mom, even though my dad won’t like this, my mom is by far the toughest person that I’ve met. She’s tough. One of those people that’s been through a lot in her life, adversity wise and never complains, always really resilient with anything that’s happened to her. And it’s just that attitude, the positive attitude, regardless of what has happened that I think is the one thing that I got from her. With career, she’s always been a person that’s been really positive through times that I couldn’t find a positive streak, [laughs] and she was always really positive, and very much believes in tough it out, keep working hard, and that’s her motto with stuff like that. I’ve always been impressed with that stuff. Then musically, she’s where I get my talent from, musically. She sings great, always has, her mom sang great. I owe my musical chops to her. And she still sings some. So, career-wise, I owe her everything. And just in life-wise she’s given me a lot of the qualities that it has taken for me to get me where I am. Not only as a musician, but as a man.”

    Audio / Jon Pardi says his mother, Shelly, is an angel.


    Jon Pardi (Mother’s Day) OC: …worrying about me. :29
    “My mom’s always been there for me. First of all, she’s a great mom. She’s an angel. She takes care of people that aren’t even in the family. She’s always been like that, and she’s a great mother. She’s always proud, and she’s always there supporting and being a great mom. She’s just a good human being. There’s not one mean bone in her body. And she cries about every time I talk to her. She always worries about me. I have to tell her, ‘Stop worrying about me.’”



    Jordan Davis (Mother’s Day) OC: …Mother’s Day. :30 [laughs]
    “I’m a Mama’s Boy. I love my Mom, and it’s the way she finds the good in everything. With my Mom, as opposed to finding anything negative, she’s gonna find something positive first. That’s something I really hope I can be more like her on; one of the many things I wish I could be more like my mom on. My mom, she loves flowers, so we’ll get her flowers or take her to, we’re slowly getting her into sushi, so we love to take Mom out to sushi spots on Mother’s Day.” [laughs]

    Audio / Kacey Musgraves comes from a very creative family, and here she talks about the women in her immediate family and their talents.


    Kacey Musgraves (creative women) OC: …taking pictures. :16
    “My mom’s an artist – all different kinds of mediums, paint, but she’s always working on something different. My Meemaw, she’s a soap maker. She makes soap and they’re beautiful and they smell really good and they’re all natural. My sister has an etsy store, and she’s constantly creating something, sewing pillows and taking pictures.”

    Audio / Keith Urban explains why his wife Nicole Kidman is an extraordinary mother to their two children, Sunday and Faith.


    Keith Urban (Nicole is extraordinary mother) OC: …to see. :45
    “She’s an extraordinary mum, she really, really is. Those girls are very, very lucky, and I feel very lucky that the children I should have in this world happen to be with Nic. I don’t know anything about raising kids and Nic does, and that comes in extremely, um, it’s really made for an experience I wouldn’t have had without that. Her patience, her recognizing them as people and not just little kids is really extraordinary. Her attention to honoring their feelings and listening to them right from day one – really being attentive to that is not how I was raised at all, so it’s really beautiful to see.”

    Audio / Lauren Alaina says she can count on her mom for just about everything.


    Lauren Alaina (Mom) OC: …same for her. :19
    “I honestly would not be able to do it without my mom. I get overwhelmed sometimes, and if she wasn’t there to comfort me or tell me, ‘Look just realize what you’ve got going for you,’ I’d be up the creek [without a paddle]. She’s got my back. My mom would walk through a fire pit for me, and I’d do the same for her.”

    Audio / Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman says she always dreamed of being a mother…and her dream came true nearly 13 years ago when she gave birth to daughter, Daisy (July 27, 2007). In 2017, she and her family welcomed daughter Dolly Grace.


    LBT (Mother’s Day) OC: …for my mother. :34
    “Being a mother is a life-long dream for me. When I was a kid, that’s what I wanted to be is a mama. It took a long time. I wasn’t ever sure that I would be, but I am now, and it’s the greatest gift of my life. And as I’m a mother now, I see what my mother gave up and her sacrifices and her love and how she made us the most important thing in her life, and that’s what I strive to do for my little girl. It’s the most important job I have, and it’s the most responsibility that I have, and I try to live up to a great example that I had for my mother.”



    Maddie & Tae (Mother’s Day-Tae) OC: …was so fun. :25
    TAE: “To this day one of the best surprises I’ve ever pulled off was on Mother’s Day three years ago. ‘Cause my mom’s birthday always tends to fall on Mother’s Day Weekend – it’s coming up – and my mom and dad were coming into Nashville and I was like, ‘Okay-this has got to be a big weekend. It’s Mother’s Day, her birthday and the weather was going to be beautiful, so I planned this awesome surprise where we would drive first – she wouldn’t know where we were going, and then we ended up going canoeing down the Harpeth River [located south of Nashville], and it was so fun.”

    Audio / Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Marlow says her mother is great at balancing life and that a hug from her mother can fix almost anything.


    Maddie & Tae (Mother’s Day-Maddie) OC: (Maddie) …everything’s okay. :51
    MADDIE: “She is so good at balancing is what I’m trying to say. My Mom is such a great balancer, but as I’m coming into our adulthood, and all that kind of stuff, she’s very conscious about when I’m trying to be perfect and have everything in order with everything. And she’s like, you can’t. You can’t do that. Life, you have to figure out how you’re going to deal with the curveballs that are thrown out you. Are you going to catch them and whine out about it or are you going to catch them and move on? Like you have to just go with what’s thrown at you. And my Dad’s been a really, really good supporter on just not letting life’s trials bring you down and letting them just be learning tools and all of that. But, most of the time, a Mama hug can really fix anything.” TAE: “Ahh…it’s the best.” MADDIE: “If my Mom hugs me while I’m crying, everything’s okay. There’s just something about it. I’m grown, but, my Mom, if she hugs me, everything’s okay.”

    Audio / Shania Twain says it’s such a joy to be a parent.


    Shania Twain (joy to be a parent) OC: …means everything. :14
    “It’s such a joy to be a parent. So, I relate to all the mums out there who are getting all their love and appreciation from their kids, and I hope, when you’re a kid, a child of somebody, show your mum you love her, because it means everything.”



    Travis Denning (Mother’s Day) OC: …like crazy. :29
    “You know, my favorite thing about my mom, especially as I get older, is realizing how much me and her have in common. I just love that she’s passionate about music. She loves it. I mean, she’s turned me on to a lot of artists, but at the core like she’s still Mom. She reminds me to do things and does these things which that I couldn’t live without. I love that we get to be friends, we get to be best friends, but at the same time, she’s still Mom and she still loves me and my sister like crazy.”





    Keith Urban‘s Ripcord is celebrating its fourth anniversary on May 6th. The collection, which houses four No. 1 country songs, debuted atop the Billboard country album chart and has been certified platinum.


    Keith is currently charting course near the top with his latest song, “God Whispered Your Name.”



    Keith Urban (Ripcord album) OC: …this record. :37
    “There’s songs on the record that probably feel, having not skydived myself, but my wife has done it many, many, many times. There’s definitely songs that sound like that free falling at an incredibly rapid speed. The adrenaline rush of that. The pulling of the cord and suddenly just sort of cruising and coasting and floating and the combination of all those speeds, energies, exhilarations, euphoria, the view, how that changes, all of it, I think, hopefully will be captured in the diversity of songs on this record.”



    Audio / LINER Adam Hambrick (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey everybody, I’m Adam Hambrick, wishing all the mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day. Love you, Mom.”

    Audio / LINER Brandon Lay (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey everybody, this is Brandon Lay, wishing all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks, Mom.”

    Audio / LINER Brothers Osborne (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey! What’s up guys! We’re Brothers Osborne, wishing all you mothers out there a very, very Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Carrie Underwood (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey everyone. I’m Carrie Underwood, wishing all you mothers out there a very, very Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Caylee Hammack (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey y’all, this is Caylee Hammack, sending this out to my mom and all the other mothers out there – I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Chrissy Metz (Mother’s Day)


    “Hi! It’s Chrissy Metz, wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Darius (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey y’all, what’s up? This is Darius Rucker, hoping you have a Happy Mother’s Day.

    Audio / LINER Dierks (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey, y’all! This is Dierks Bentley, wishing all you mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Eric Church (Mother’s Day) 1


    “Hey everybody! This is Eric Church, wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

    Audio / LINER George Strait (Mother’s Day)


    “Hi! This is George Strait, wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Jon Langston (Mother’s Day)


    Hi, I’m Jon Langston, wishing all the mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day. Love ya, Mom.

    Audio / LINER Jon Pardi (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey y’all, it’s Jon Pardi. I want to wish all the mamas out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Jordan Davis (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey! I’m Jordan Davis, wishing all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. Love ya, Mom.”

    Audio / LINER Josh Turner (Mother’s Day)


    “Hi! This is Josh Turner, wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Kacey Musgraves (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey! It’s Kacey Musgraves. To all you mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!”


    Audio / LINER Keith Urban (Mother’s Day)


    “Hi everyone, it’s Keith Urban. Hoping all the mothers out there have a very, very Happy Mother’s Day. Love ya, Mom!”

    Audio / LINER Kylie Morgan (Mother’s Day)


    Hey y’all, this is Kylie Morgan, wishing all of you mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER LBT (Mother’s Day)


    “(ALL) Hi! This is Little Big Town. (KIMBERLY) We want to wish all you mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day. I love ya, Mama!”

    Audio / LINER Luke Bryan (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey! It’s Luke Bryan, hoping all you mothers out there have a Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Maddie & Tae (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey everybody. I’m Maddie & I’m Tae and we’re Maddie & Tae, wishing all you mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. I love ya, Mom.”

    Audio / LINER Parker McCollum (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey everybody, I’m Parker McCollum, wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Sam Hunt (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey! This is Sam Hunt, wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

    Audio / LINER Shania Twain (Mother’s Day)


    “Hi! This is Shania Twain. Happy Mother’s Day.”

    Audio / LINER Travis Denning (Mother’s Day)


    “Hey y’all, it’s Travis Denning, wishing all the mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day. Love you, Mom.”


    Keith Urban  and Jordan Davis joined an all-star musical cast for a new video, helmed by Julia Michaels and JP Saxe, to draw attention to and benefit Doctors Without Borders. The clip, titled “If the World Was Ending,” also features Kelsea Ballerini, Sam Smith, Niall Horan, Jason DeRulo, Florida Georgia Line, Kesha, Noah Cyrus and many others.


    Julia and JP wrote, “We are so grateful for the incredible work being done by the those on the frontlines during this global pandemic. We asked some of our friends to sing this song with us to help benefit an organization very close to our hearts, Doctors Without Borders, where all proceeds received by Sony Music and the artists from the video will be donated. At a time when it can sometimes feel like ‘the world is ending,’ we thank all of the healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers who are helping so many people in need. Please stay home, stay safe (and don’t actually go over!).” – JP Saxe & Julia Michaels


    Go behind-the-scenes of the making of Keith Urban‘s video for “Polaroid.”



    Keith is currently racing up the country charts with his latest single, “God Whispered Your Name.”



    The Academy of Country Music announced this morning (April 27th) that the 55th ACM Awards will broadcast live from three separate locations in Nashville, September 16th at 8pm ET on CBS. Hosted by Keith Urban, the show will feature performances from the Grand Ole Opry House, the Ryman Auditorium and the Bluebird Cafe.

    “While we were disappointed to postpone our April show in Las Vegas, we couldn’t be more thrilled to host the rescheduled 55th ACM Awards in the home of Country Music for the first time in the Academy’s history,” said Damon Whiteside, CEO of the Academy of Country Music. “First and foremost, we want to ensure the safety of our artists and industry, and to ease the burdens of traveling large teams; therefore, we decided to bring the ACM Awards to them this September in Nashville. Now, more than ever, is the time to bring our community together to honor the best in our genre, and there is no more special place to do that than three of the most revered venues in Country Music – The Grand Ole Opry House, The Ryman Auditorium and The Bluebird Cafe. A huge thank you to these historic venues and to the state of Tennessee and city of Nashville for all of the support in making this a reality!”

    “Tennessee is honored to be a part of this historic event,” said Tennessee Governor Bill Lee. “Showcasing the talent and musical heritage of our state is always a source of pride, and it couldn’t be more valuable than this year. On behalf of all Tennesseans, I want to thank the Academy of Country Music for bringing this event home.”

    “Country music has been our voice and our companion through so many difficult times and now it is our comfort as we confront and defeat the coronavirus,” said Nashville Mayor John Cooper. “I’m excited to join country music fans worldwide to celebrate with the Academy of Country Music and artists that uplift and inspire us all in these extraordinary times. And I look forward to the day when we can safely welcome visitors back to enjoy all that Music City has to offer, including over 160 live entertainment venues with the best country music shows in the world.”

    The Awards Show was postponed from April 5th in Las Vegas as the COVID-19 virus spread nearly uncontrollably across the world. No word on whether the show will include an audience.




    On Saturday night (April 18th), numerous networks and social and digital platforms aired the Lady Gaga-curated Global Citizen’s “One World: Together at Home” event to say thank you to all of the frontline workers, healthcare professionals and everyone else out there trying to stop the death, illness and destruction caused by COVID-19. Businesses and corporations and others donated nearly &128 Million dollars to the organization for world health.

    Not one, but three Keith Urbans (by the magic of technology), performed Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love.” At the end of the performance, he was joined by hiw wife, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman, to express their gratitude to all involved in stopping this disease.




    Kacey Musgraves performed her ethereal and hopeful song, “Rainbow” (from her Golden Hour album — and a huge fan favorite), during the show.


    After thanking everyone on the frontlines, Kacey said she chose to sing “Rainbow,” because she was inspired by everyone posting their homemade rainbows sowing support for people with the Coronavirus.  “I’ve also been really loving seeing everyone’s rainbows in their windows. It’s inspired me to sing this song for you.”


    Taylor Swift also performed her heart-wrenching “Soon You’ll Get Better,” which appears on her latest album, “Lover.”



    The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, John Legend, Sam Smith, Maren Morris, Lizzo, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson and many others also performed during the event.

    Video /

  • NEWS AND NOTES: Lauren, Maddie & Tae, Sam, Keith, Kacey and more

    Lauren Alaina appears on Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network TV sow, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, on Saturday (April 11th). The pair of powerful vocalists prepared fast-food inspired treats, including cherry-lime slushies, French bread pizza, mini roast beef and cheese sandwiches and loaded taco waffle fries. Check out all the mouth-watering treats beginning at Noon ET/11am CT.



    Maddie & Tae will perform during the Grand Ole Opry’s pre-show telecast on Saturday beginning at 7:30pm ET. The long-running show is hosting a special Easter celebration featuring performances by Trace Adkins, T. Graham Brown and Christian singer Jason Crabb.

    Sam Hunt is scheduled to perform on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Monday (April 13th) on CBS.

    Keith Urban and Kacey Musgraves will join an all-star line-up of musicians, comedians, athletes & entertainers for a historic live event put on by Global Citizen and the ​World Health Organization (WHO) ​called “One World Together at Home.” The event, curated by Lady Gaga, will be co-hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. and Stephen Colbert. Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Burna Boy, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, Elton John, J Balvin, John Legend, Kerry Washington are also scheduled to appear. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be directed toward the World Health Organization’s efforts to equip frontline healthcare workers with protective equipment and to various charities providing food and shelter to those in need. This special one-night event will air across NBC, ABC, CBS and other global networks and platforms on Saturday, April 18th beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

  • UMG NASHVILLE COVID-19 QUARANTINE AUDIO AND LINERS: Carrie, Sam, Keith, Jordan, Kip, Maddie and Tae, Travis, Adam, Brothers Osborne, Lauren, Shania and more

    We will continue to update this story as we try to navigate our way through uncharted territory during this global pandemic.  Keep checking back.

    Country Music Stars and the entire country music industry and country music fans seem to be some of the first to show up to lend a helping hand, a voice and a song to get all of us through tough times…as is in the case of the deadly tornado that ripped through Middle Tennessee in early March to this deadly disease spreading over the entire globe.

    Some of your favorite country stars are live streaming performances, answering your questions, revealing what they are doing to pass the time while social distancing and giving a message of hope to the rest of us.

    Find audio below as well as some recent social posts.









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    Corona gotta go. #coronafindanewhoma

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    Audio / Carrie Underwood reveals what she and her family of four have been doing during this time of social distancing.


    Carrie Underwood (what she’s been doing) OC: …everybody else. :38
    “Hi, this is Carrie Underwood. I am dealing with the social distancing much like everybody else. We are just at home, and we are trying to get out and explore when the weather’s nice enough to do so. We are so lucky that we have some land around us that we get to get outside and get some of our energy out, especially with a five-year-old, for Isaiah, trying to come up with crafts. I’ve been cooking a lot. My house is spotless. [laughs] But just trying to do what I can work-wise as much as I can at home and trying not to worry and praying much like everybody else.”

    Audio / Carrie Underwood reveals her favorite TV shows.


    Carrie Underwood (A Million Little Things) OC: …shows, as well. :24
    “My favorite show? It depends on what time of year it is, to be honest. We do guilty watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette. I love The Walking Dead when that’s on. I do like A Million Little Things when that’s on. It seems like maybe when one of my favorite shows ends, it’s like another one starts back up again. But we watch a lot of murder-mystery type shows, as well.”

    Audio / LINER Carrie Underwood (Coronavirus liner)


    Audio / LINER Carrie Underwood (Coronavirus liner) 2




    Kip Moore (what he’s been doing) OC: …skateboard game. :47
    “I’m doing a lot of the same things I’ve always done to stay healthy. I’m trying to eat right, take care of my body. But I have followed the guidelines of quarantining myself. I’m trying to do everything asked of me. I’m currently in the mountains and I’m rock climbing. I’m completely solo. I’m off the grid. I’ve stocked up on a lot of frozen meats. I’ve got a little lodge up here in Kentucky, so I’m hanging out here, so that’s where I’m spending my time. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. I’ve always been able to dabble in it, but I want to get better at it. So, the first thing I did was I downloaded the dual lingo app, and it’s very elementary. Every single morning, I try to spend 45 minutes to an hour with that app, and the other thing that I’ve been trying to do is I have been outside trying to work on my skateboard game.”





    Jordan Davis (message during quarantine) OC: …you guys. :28
    “Hey everybody, it’s Jordan Davis. I hope everybody is staying healthy and safe during the social distancing. I know we’re catching up on some movies and some TV shows and also just spending a lot of time with my daughter and my wife, trying to get back into catching up on some books and just kind of re-centering and slowing down a little bit. I hope everybody’s kind of doing that. I hope everybody, like I said, stays healthy and safe, and I look forward to being back out and playing music for you guys.”

    Audio / Sam Hunt reveals what he has been doing during this time of social distancing.


    Sam Hunt (what he’s been doing) OC: …than later. :37
    “We’re doing well. We’re stocked up on groceries and supplies and we live south of town. We just moved into a little cabin out in the woods about five months ago, so we’re getting some time in the new place, getting to know it a little bit. There’s some woods behind the house we can go and walk in, and we’re doing that now after we binged out on Netflix and Youtube, and got some dogs. I’ve got a little bird dog puppy, I’ll get out in the yard, trying to train, so I’ll mess with him a little bit. But getting to spend some time around the house, taking it easy, but I’m hoping this thing passes sooner than later.”

    Audio / Sam Hunt binged the Netflix show, Tiger King.


    Sam Hunt (Tiger King) OC: …playing out there. :24
    “I have watched Tiger King, yup. I saw it about a week ago when it came out and thought this is about to blow up. The whole thing was wild, you know. I feel like that guy was just down the road from where I grew up. I feel like I knew that guy and a lot of those characters in that show, but maybe that’s why I liked it because it was so familiar to me. But there’s a lot of drama playing out there.”

    Audio / LINER Sam Hunt (general COVID-19 LINER) 2


    Audio / LINER Keith Urban (COVID-19 LINER)


    Audio / Travis Denning explains what he's been doing during this time of social distancing.


    Travis Denning (what he’s been doing) OC: …spring break. :19
    Hey y’all this is Travis Denning. Honestly, I’ve been just trying to kind of keep the spirits up, you know. Been hunkered down, trying to eat really well, work out when I can, watch a lot of movies, and I am enjoying some alcoholic beverages because at least it makes it feel a little bit like a really long spring break.”

    Audio / Travis Denning reveals the most recent TV show he binged, as well as a movie he enjoyed during our social distancing.


    Travis Denning (TV show and movie) OC: …amazing. :21
    “My favorite show right now that I just watched was ‘The Outsider’ on HBO. It is TERRIFYING, it is so good, great story line and Steven King is a genius. A movie I just watched I really liked too is ‘Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.’ Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite directors and he’s amazing.”

    Audio / LINER Travis Denning (COVID-19 LINER)


    “Hey y’all! This is Travis Denning, and I just wanna let y’all know that we’re all in this together, and we’re all gonna get through it together. Be safe, be kind, and I hope to see ya soon.”

    Audio / Lauren Alaina talks about social distancing.


    Lauren Alaina (social distancing) OC: …to our lives. :58
    “Hi this is Lauren Alaina. I am not the best at social distancing, it’s a little bit hard for me. Obviously as a 25-year-old girl who lives alone, that can be kind of crazy to be at home alone, but I know the importance of it and I think right now it’s not about me or about you, it’s about all of us. We’re all in this together and we have to take the necessary precautions to stop this horrible, horrible virus, and as hard as it is for me, I am doing everything I can to be safe and clean and do my part and I think we all have to do that right now. And I’m writing on Zoom, which is an app that I can connect with, it’s a video app that I can connect with the other songwriters and hopefully I can finish this album in this time and have that ready to go when we all get back to our lives.”

    Audio / Lauren Alaina sends a heartfelt message to her fans.


    Lauren Alaina (message to fans) OC: …see you soon. :38
    “To my fans, I know this is a scary time I’m scared with you. But I think we need to try to focus on the positive and the positive is that we are getting time with our family and our friends even if it’s on FaceTime, we are getting time to spend with people. Even if it’s not face-to-face we have endless time to connect with people. And I think we’ve all done a really good job through Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and all of our social medias to stay in touch with one another, and I think this is an opportunity to remember how much people mean to you and to tell them. Be safe, be kind, and I hope to see you soon.”

    Audio / Lauren Alaina talks about some of her hobbies during this time of social isolation.


    Lauren Alaina (favorite hobbies) OC: …what to do. :28
    “My favorite hobbies are cleaning, writing songs, singing, reading. I like to send memes back and forth with my family. My dad and I literally send memes all day long and now we’re doing it obsessively because we’re both sitting around trying to figure out what to do.”


    Audio / Maddie & Tae talk about what they've been doing during this time of social distancing.


    Maddie & Tae (what they’ve been doing) OC: …guilty. :41
    “Hi this is Maddie & Tae and this is such a really crazy time with the Coronavirus and all this social distancing, so Tae and I are just trying to keep ourselves busy and encouraged. (Maddie) – “I’ve been working out, using the Fit52 app from our friend Carrie Underwood and reading her book called ‘Stay the Path.’ I’ve been gardening, reading books.” (Tae)- “Yeah, it’s really important to I think just fill your soul with as much good as you can because it’s really easy and I have fallen into this just being really anxious and kind of wondering what’s ahead but, just whatever you got to do to fill your soul do that and don’t feel guilty.”

    Audio / Maddie & Tae talk about some of the TV shows and movies they're catching up on.


    Maddie & Tae (what they’ve been doing) 2 OC: …you soon. 1:22
    (Maddie)- “Tae, what are some of your favorite hobbies right now with this social distancing?”  (Tae)- “My favorite hobbies have always been Netflix, still Netflix. Watching movies, just spending time with my family trying to, to quiet, just hangout. Cook – learning how to be a better cook, I’m an awful cook.” (Maddie)- “Yes I’ve enjoyed cookie from home, knowing what’s going in my body. Also DIY — get on Pinterest and find some cute home décor that you can make. I’m going to be doing some projects today for my garden and some spring décor. Even if it turns out ugly it’s still going to be good for your soul.” Tae- “What’s your favorite show right now? I’m watching Westworld and it’s crazy it’s on HBO I think.”Maddie- “Yea I’m watching Walking Dead from the beginning, but I don’t recommend that for anxious people. There’s one show called Good Girls that I really really love. I think the first two seasons are on Netflix now and that is a great watch. My favorite movie is The Holiday. That makes me happy every single time I watch it. What’s your favorite movie? Wait I know your favorite movie.” Tae- “Favorite movie, well I have lots, but I love anything. I just watched, um, it’s called Ready or Not and I watched The Invisible Man two scary movies. Ready or Not’s a good comedy scary it’s so good.” (Maddie) – “Tae loves scary movies. Me not so much I’m more of your rom-com girl.”


    Tae- “Yea. Alright y’all be safe, be kind, and we hope to see you soon.”

    Audio / LINER M&T (COVID-19)


    Audio / Brothers Osborne's John Osborne sends a message during this time of social distancing.


    Brothers Osborne (COVID-19) OC: …been four days. :40
    “What’s up, y’all? It’s Brothers Osborne. We just want to let you guys know these are really odd times that we’re all going through, you know, it’s a really extraordinary moment. We are all very isolated, but strangely we’re all going through this together. And I think it’s very, very important just to give each other a call – call a loved one, call your Mom, call your dad, call anyone, call someone that you haven’t talked to in years. I think it’s very important to stay very connected. Even though we’re physically isolated we don’t have to be spiritually or emotionally isolated from people, so just give people a call and while you’re at it, take a damn shower already. It’s been four days!”

    Audio / LINER Brothers Osborne (COVID-19)


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