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Alan Jackson heads to Mineral, Virginia this weekend to put on a show in the Louisa County High School parking lot. Last year, Mineral won an online contest to be the site of a free Jackson concert — Mineral received more than 31,000 votes in the competition sponsored by Kansas City was in second place and Minot, N.D., was third. The town rallied to win the concert — taking place Sunday (May 20th) — following an August earthquake that did millions of dollars in damage to home and buildings in Louisa County.

Funds raised for the Louisa Education Foundation (LEF) will be used to assist the county public schools in their rebuilding efforts as a result of an August 2011 earthquake. The fund will help in the rebuilding of the Louisa County High School and be earmarked for replacement of the school’s extensively-used auditorium. The Louisa County High School is currently condemned after earthquake damage.

For more information on how you can help, go to

Alan is currently making his way up the country charts with his latest smash, “So You Don’t Have to Love Me Anymore,” which is from his forthcoming album, Thirty Miles West, due in stores (and online) June 5th. 

AJ (Mineral) OC: …little story. :45

“That thing just kind of grew into this crazy show that it’s become, because we had this contest going, I guess, at radio where every town could vote and whoever got the most votes, I’d come and do a free show for or something, I guess is how it started. And then when this town had the earthquake and damaged the school as well as other buildings in town and didn’t get much attention for it. Somebody in that town, I believe a fan, got on that internet and rallied all this together and got everybody around the country to vote for this little town to win this contest to do the show; that’s how it all started. And so, it’s kind of interesting that that much passion went into that and came together. I don’t think they said there’s about 400 people that live there, so it’ll be a small show…we’re gonna try to raise a little money to help ‘em, and I think it’s a pretty cool little story.” 

AJ (Mineral) 2 OC: …show like that. :16

“You know, I’ve played so many shows now from everything you could imagine, and when you walk out on stage at arenas and all, and it gets to be kind of routine. This’ll be a little different. It’ll be more, I don’t know, it’ll just be more charming, I think, is what I’m trying to say, and every now and then, it’s good to do a show like that.”

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