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From Charlottesville, VA NBC affiliate, WVIR:

Sunday night,  Alan Jackson made good on his promise to perform a benefit concert to help Louisa County recover from August’s earthquake.

Alan came to Mineral Sunday with a check that will help rebuild Louisa County High School. He also teamed up with companies that are helping to restock the area food bank.

Jackson stepped on to a makeshift concert stage to sing in front 6,000 fans packed into the parking lot between Louisa County’s high school and middle school. The crowds lined up to sing along with the performer whose show helped raise more than $150,000 for the Louisa Education Foundation.

Louisa County High School student Olivia Sword said, “We’re really excited that he’s here because a lot of things don’t happen in this town, because were such a small town.”

It is a small town that’s suffered and struggled to get back to normal after August’s earthquake damaged homes and closed two schools.

Sword said, “Seniors have started their year three times already from different schools. From the high school, then the middle school, and then the pods – so it’s been tough.”

Smithfield and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union will deliver 30,000 pounds of protein to the Feedmore Food Bank – to replenish the food distributed in the aftermath of the quake.

Dennis Pittman of Smithfield said, “To just see his commitment to coming here – it just made us want to be a part of it.”

It was a star-studded night to help a community rebuild. Jackson told the crowd, “Just sort of shows you what type of people are in America – take care of things like this when they need to. So we’re glad that we got to come here to Mineral, Virginia.”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has awarded $19 million to rebuild the Louisa County High School. Sunday’s concert will provide even more funds as Mineral continues to press forward after this national disaster.