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Brad Paisley

Global country music superstar Brad Paisley is releasing the first four songs off his upcoming album Son Of The Mountains together today for the first time with Son Of The Mountains: The First Four Tracks. Brad wants listeners to experience these four songs in this specific sequencing to help paint the journey involved in writing the music for this record. An album whom Brad says, “doesn’t shy away from reflecting real life and real situations going on in America and in our world today. This is what I think country music is about, which is truth.”


Son Of The Mountains: The First Four Tracks is available now and includes the previously released tracks “Same Here” featuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and “So Many Summers” plus the newly released title track “Son Of The Mountains” and “The Medicine Will.” The full studio album is anticipated for release in early 2024.

Brad spoke with Variety about the new music in a compelling new interview.

Brad premiered the two new music videos in a live stream event on Friday (September 29th) in partnership with YouTube and journalist Chris Willman of Variety.

Each of the new songs released, “Son Of The Mountains” and “The Medicine Will,” are representations of the Appalachian region including Brad’s home state of West Virginia, reflections of the beautiful and the painful. Brad has created poignant videos, directed by Jim Shea and edited by Brad himself, to encapsulate the sentiment of each song. “Son Of The Mountains” recording and video both feature Dan Tyminski and Jerry Douglas and include beautiful and colorful scenery of the state. “The Medicine Will” focuses on the opioid epidemic and was shot in black and white and in the depths of a coal mine featuring real life-stories of addicts, survivors and first responders.


As a proud West Virginian who was able to make a life for himself outside of the issues facing the people of his home state, Brad is continually returning to use his platform to bring awareness not only to the opioid crisis, but also to the hope that these people have.

Brad recently returned to West Virginia to participate in the grand re-opening and dedication of Herbert Hoover High School in Elkview after the historic flood of 2016 that destroyed the school. Brad toured the school, participated in the dedication ribbon cutting ceremony, attended the football scrimmage (against his alma mater John Marshall High School) and performed after the game in the stadium’s end zone. Nightline exclusively covered his visit, watch the story here.

Brad Paisley has earned his place in country music history as one of the genre’s most talented and decorated male solo artists. For more than 20 years, his songwriting and unmatched showmanship have won him numerous awards, including three GRAMMYs, two American Music Awards, 15 Academy of Country Music Awards, and 14 Country Music Association Awards including a highly coveted Entertainer of the Year honor and recognition as the most successful CMA Award co-host in history, alongside Carrie Underwood, for 11 consecutive years. A member of the Grand Ole Opry since 2001, Paisley has written 21 of his 25 No. 1 hits, and in 2008 became the first artist to achieve 10 consecutive Billboard Country Airplay No. 1 singles. The superstar’s past works have amassed nearly 5 billion career streams.



Audio / Brad Paisley talks about reaching people through music, especially with his new song, "The Medicine Will."


Brad Paisley (message through music) OC: …this time. :57
“Senator Manchin actually went to that (coal mine) with me and he was showing me his Grandpa, they were three-foot ceilings when they did it, and they had to crawl in and use a hammer to go through. So, yeah, when they were like, ‘Hey, we’ll tell ‘em it’s not addictive. These folks will eat it up like candy.’ That also came into focus on this record, it’s like okay, and that’s kind of what sent me down the path of let’s say something. If music can do that, because I do think it’s one thing to see a news story, but it’s another thing to put a melody to it, and then maybe that’s how you reach all that. Even the fun things on here have some darkness to them. I made a joke the other day, I used to write songs, you think about Jason Alexander and the ‘Celebrity’ video, or he directed the ‘Online’ video, you know. The funny side of me was more sitcoms on the other albums. This album, it’s Fargo. (laughs) It’s dark humor this time.”