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Brothers Osborne

Brothers Osborne debut their music video for the breezy “21 Summer” with VEVO today, watch HERE. John and TJ Osborne partnered with up-and-coming director Justin Clough for the video that captures a unique perspective on young love and consequential heartbreak.

“‘21 Summer’ is one of those songs that a lot of people can relate to,” says TJ. “There are moments where so many things change in your life and I think one of the biggest is getting your heart broken for the first time.” “The concept of the video is just one of a million stories,” notes John. “Everyone’s ’21 Summer’ is going to be a little different but with this video we wanted to do something distinctive by taking a very particular story and applying it to the song’s lyrics.”

The compelling piece documents a young boy who falls in love with a girl against his best interests. Through the boy’s journey, the video focuses on the free-spirited and untamed feelings that come with new love as well as the consequent struggles. As the main character begins to discover more about the girl and her background, he ultimately finds himself in despair highlighting the reflective and nostalgic qualities of the song.

The singer/songwriter siblings co-wrote “21 Summer” which is featured on their debut album Pawn Shop and continues to climb the country airplay charts as well as gain praise from industry critics. Billboard notes the tune is “fuzzy, ethereal and mysterious, a sound so hauntingly unique” while Rolling Stone claims, “it sounds like something only the Maryland natives could cook up.” Wide Open Country adds, “the duo manages to keep the instrumentation fresh in a way that few modern country songs can.”

Brothers Osborne recently made their Grand Ole Opry Debut and are currently on the road as part of Miranda Lambert’s Keeper Of The Flame Tour. Upcoming stops include Los Angeles, CA and Irvine, CA.

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JOHN: “We wanted to take a very particular story that’s quite left of center and apply it to the lyrics of ’21 Summer.’ And the fact that a young boy ends up with a girl that’s far more experienced than him and leads a darker life than him and they have something that actually shows him how to grow up and be a man, you know, and what it’s like to deal with heartache and deal with frustration and something seemingly catastrophic then turns into a very important part of your life.” TJ: “We wanted a storyline that was equally, when you saw it, I think you can have your own relatable experience that would I think probably initially, but then it really was thinking of how do we make a storyline that when you watch it, it really does make you really feel that heartbreak, not only for you, but for that person in the video experiencing that same type of thing. So, [we’re] just really trying to evoke that emotion and get it out and make it feel real and honest.”

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