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Chrissy Metz

Award-winning actress Chrissy Metz releases brand-new song “Talking To God” today. Written by Nicolette Hayford, Connie Harrington, Jake Mitchell, Ashley McBryde and Aaron Raitiere, the introspective song is the first from Metz’s upcoming debut album on EMI Records Nashville.

Listen to “Talking To God” HERE and a behind-the scenes look at the album photo shoot HERE.

“‘Talking To God’ is a song about those moments when we ask the questions we desperately want the answers to,” shares Metz. “Whether it’s a lost love or why our own lives look much different than the way we had hoped they would. It’s about those personal prayers and conversations we have while listening and learning to surrender and trust in the bigger picture.”

Metz signed a record deal with Universal Music Group Nashville following her starring role in 20th Century Fox’s Breakthrough movie and soundtrack featuring her performance of the Oscar-nominated, Diane Warren penned track, “I’m Standing With You.” Metz, who has also showcased her vocal abilities as “Kate Pearson” on NBC’s award-winning series This Is Us, calls music her “first love” and is currently hosting a daily Facebook livestream, The Dreamers where she shares her musical journey.

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Audio / Chrissy Metz talks about the song "Talking to God."


Chrissy Metz (Talking to God) OC: …so, yeah. 1:05 (note music bed)
“’Talking to God’ is a really special song for me. I know that all music is interpreted by everyone’s own perception., but for me when I heard the song It resonated in a way – when the line says, ‘I was talking to God and your name came up, for me that was thinking about and praying for people that might not be in your life anymore, but they impacted your life or they have a special place in your heart; and they may not be good for you any longer, but you still care about them and you still wish them well, whether it’s a previous relationship, friendship. Gosh, when I heard it, I was immediately just taken aback and also, I felt so compelled to tell this story, because even though I had no part in writing it, I just knew that I had to tell the story because I’ve lived it and I think we all have. Unfortunately, we have regrets or decisions we would’ve made differently, so, yeah.”

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