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CHRISTMAS 2012: Alan Jackson (audio)

CHRISTMAS 2012: Alan Jackson (audio)

AUDIO: Alan Jackson talks about the meaning of Christmas and getting together with family over the holidays.

AJ (meaning of Christmas) OC: …lovely Christmas. :21
“Always try to remember Jesus’ birthday, and just the whole thing and have a wonderful big meal, almost like Thanksgiving four weeks later. We have the same, pretty much, turkey, dressing, all the same kind of things. Sometimes we have family members in Tennessee and sometimes just us or friends. We always go home to Georgia prior to that, so pretty standard, lovely Christmas.

AUDIO: Even though his three daughters are growing up, Alan Jackson and his wife, Denise, stick to their Christmas traditions to this day.

AJ (Christmas traditions) OC: …and everything. :30
“Christmas is pretty traditional. We don’t let anybody open any presents until Christmas morning, after Santa Claus comes. We don’t let them get up on their own and take off, you know, everybody has to wait and kind of get situated, and maybe have a cup of coffee, and then we start all of the regular Christmas morning activities, opening presents, taking pictures and video. We have music going, you know, I try to keep Christmas music going in the background. I like to turn that on before I let them come down to the tree and everything.”