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CHRISTMAS 2021: Priscilla Block

CHRISTMAS 2021: Priscilla Block
Priscilla Block

Priscilla Block is one of five children, and she says her favorite Christmas gift was one Santa Claus brought to all of the kids.

“My favorite Christmas gift as a kid was the day we got a trampoline. Omigosh. It was so exciting,” says Priscilla. “Santa had it set up outside, and I don’t think we finished unwrapping our presents. We were so excited to get out on that trampoline. We slept on the trampoline that night. We had so many sleepovers growing up on our trampoline, and that was the best Christmas present ever.”

The North Carolina native says her family just hangs out all day on Christmas Day after opening gifts and eating breakfast. “During Christmas, my mom gets all the cereal that we love. We do breakfast bagels. Every single Christmas, we’ll have breakfast bagels. And usually we’ll just have leftovers all day. We eat all day long for Christmas, and it’s great. We stay in our jammies. We don’t do a whole fancy dinner. We just eat whatever’s in the house and watch movies all day. It’s fun.”

Priscilla is currently climbing the country charts with her single, “Just About Over You.”



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