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Dierks Bentley celebrated the recent No. 1 success of his hit, “Am I The Only One,” with a party Tuesday night (September 27th) at Nashville’s popular hotspot, Losers, along with co-writers Jim Beavers and Jon Randall. The song is proving to be a highlight of his live shows, where members of the audience actually crowd-surf during the song. A side note, Dierks and his co-writers wrote several verses of the song, even though only two made the cut on the record. However, if you see him live in concert, you might be lucky enough to hear a few of those unrecorded verses. Also attending the standing room only crowd were the honoree’s wife, Cassidy, and two young daughters, Evie and Jordan.

  • Speaking of his live shows, Dierks will be hitting the road on his Country & Cold Cans tour, which is set to kick off on October 6 in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. He’ll be taking Jerrod Niemann and the Eli Young Band with him on the 22-city trek.
  • Dierks is just starting to hit the airwaves with his new single, “Home.”

AUDIO: Dierks Bentley talks about his No. 1 hit, “Am I The Only One,” at his No. 1 party in Nashville on Tuesday night.

Dierks Bentley (No. 1 party) OC: …pretty fun. :49

“It’s huge. Yeah, it’s a huge song. I mean, just going back to the last show I played up in Minnesota the other night. Put a picture up on Twitter of a girl actually upside down. Like, her boots are up in the air. She was crowd surfing. She had her boots, (Laughs) and the rest of her body is buried somewhere. That was on “Am I the Only One.’ We’ve been starting the show off with “Feel That Fire.” So, it’s like a big — I always try to come out swinging punches. It’s a big show, and then that song comes in third. You really can’t do that song too late because it’s called “Am I the Only One that Wants to Have Fun Tonight.” You can’t really close the show with that song because it’s meant to be up front in the show. But the energy that comes up even higher when that song comes in is palatable. It’s been great for the live show. It’s a lot of fun. It really is. I actually wrote several verses to the song with Jim and J.R., but two only made the album. So, in the live show I’ve been introducing some of the other verses that didn’t make it. So, it’s been pretty fun.”

AUDIO: Dierks Bentley talks about writing “Am I the Only One.”

Dierks Bentley (Am I the Only One) OC: …a good time. :22

“Man, I wrote this song with some friends about some friends of mine that I couldn’t get to go out on the town on Friday night. They were giving me some pretty weak excuses, so I had to make fun of ‘em in the lyrics of this song. No one was actually watching American Idol, If one of my friends turned me down for American Idol on a Friday night, we would definitely have to exchange some words. Nothing wrong with American Idol, but you can Tivo that show and watch it any time you want. When it’s Friday night, it’s time to go out and have a good time.”