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Dierks Bentley

Multi-Platinum Country music star Dierks Bentley today releases “Gold,” a single about gratitude, presence and the treasures to be found in the moment that you are in. The bright and banging record sets the stage for Bentley’s tenth LP, arriving early next year after an especially careful production process, one helmed by the artist himself for the first time. To listen, click here.

“2020 was a chance for me to give my guitar and the road a little rest. It gave me the chance to spend a lot more time adventuring outdoors with family and friends, but also alone. It also gave me time to reset and rekindle my love of Country music and a lot of the types of songs and sounds that I fell in love with when I first got to Nashville,” explains Bentley. “I think you’ll hear that in this first track, but it carries across the whole album.”


While he’s long been a Music Row standout for devotion to his roots in classic Country and bluegrass, Bentley has never been so free to infuse his passions into music destined for the competitive commercial Country arena. Working with trusted collaborators Ross Copperman, Reid Shippen and Jon Randall Stewart, he led an effort that mashes up several Nashville golden ages as well as homage to the Grand Ole Opry’s century of influence.

To see Bentley perform “Gold” backstage during his BEERS ON ME TOUR click here.

That 10th album landmark speaks to how time has flown in Bentley’s unique, 21st-century career. He landed his first publishing deal in 2001 and released his debut album in 2003, producing an instant No. One single. The years since have revealed a rare consistency that’s fueled longevity – eight more albums that reached the top of the Country sales charts, resulting in 21 No. One songs, 6.4 billion streams, three CMA Awards, 14 GRAMMY® nominations and membership into the Grand Ole Opry. Trendy sounds have ebbed and flowed around him over these two decades, but fans have relied on Bentley for something more nourishing and individual. The new single “Gold” promises a landmark album that will build on that enviable legacy. Fans can currently find Bentley out on his BEERS ON ME TOUR leading into his SEVEN PEAKS MUSIC FESTIVAL over Labor Day Weekend (Sept 2-4) in Villa Grove, CO. He also has created professional endeavors outside of the music with his Flag & Anthem lifestyle collection Desert Son, along with his “Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row” franchise hosting four locations. For more information, visit


Audio / Dierks Bentley says his new single “Gold” is all about gratitude and being present in the moment.


Dierks Bentley (Gold) OC: …for granted. :30
“This song to me is all about gratitude and just being present in the moment that you’re in and recognizing that the moment that you’re in is pretty awesome. The song starts off talking aout how you finally get that greener grass and find out you’re still in the weeds. That reminds me a lot of working your way up in the country music business, reminds me a lot of being a parent. You’ve got to be present where you’re are and when you are present, you recognize it’s a good moment to be in sometimes, and sometimes you forget and take it for granted.”

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