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FATHER’S DAY 2016, PART TWO: Josh, David, Charles

FATHER’S DAY 2016, PART TWO: Josh, David, Charles
Charles Kelley
David Nail
Josh Turner

Audio / Proud dad of four (Hampton, Colby, Marion, Hawke), Josh Turner talks about how his three oldest sons are learning the family trade.


Josh Turner (Father’s Day) OC: …one of ‘em.  1:05
“As far as talent and potential, my oldest three, especially, they could do anything they wanted to do if they put their mind to it and their heart was there. My oldest [Hampton] is incredible at playing mandolin. Colby, we kind of noticed him turn the corner lately with the fiddle, and Marion is actually playing a ukulele that’s tuned like the top four strings on a guitar, so in essence, he’s learning how to play guitar. They’ve just kind of started incorporating some singing into some playing, so they’re starting the whole singing and playing at the same time kind of thing, and not only that, they’re even learning to play songs together on their individual instruments. So, it’s amazing to see how much they can learn in such a short amount of time. It makes me realize how much I missed out on when I was that age, ‘cause I did take some music lessons growing up and everything, but I think they feed off of each other honestly. I think that’s why they’re getting so good is because they’re all doing it, not just one of ‘em.”

Audio / David Nail will be celebrating his first Father’s Day to his two children, six month old twins Lillian and Lawson, at home in Nashville with both his parents and his wife Catherine’s parents.


David Nail (1st Father’s Day) OC: …loved you. :58
“It’s going to be special from a standpoint of like my parents are going to be here, Catherine’s parents live here, so it’ll be three generations together, and so that was important for me. You know, I almost enjoy watching my parents hold my children more than I enjoy holding my children, because obviously they know everything we’ve been through and how difficult it was for them to be here. It’s only their second and third grandchildren, and so it’s still really new to them. It’s a first time in a long time that they’ve been through the whole newborn thing again and that process. It’s just really important for me to have family around, and somebody told me, my best friend in the world – Chris Sledge – told me, he said, ‘Man, when you see your kids, you will immediately know on a whole ‘nother level how much your parents loved you.”

Audio / Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum will be performing at a show on his first Father’s Day, but he’s set to meet up with his wife and four month old son at the beach on Monday (June 20th).


Charles Kelley (1st Father’s Day) OC: …a lot of fun. :22
“I’ll actually be on Father’s Day on the road, unfortunately, but I’m flying out the next day to meet my wife and my little boy, Ward. They’re gonna be down at the beach. My wife said she’s gonna cook me a nice meal for me and enjoy the day, but it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

Audio / Charles Kelley says he is learning to focus on what matters most since he became a father.


Charles Kelley (being a father) OC: …wife Cassie. :38
“Gosh! I mean, being a father, it really puts a lot of things into perspective about making sure you do shut off that side of your brain, that work side of your brain and focus on what matters most. I think n the past, I think I’ve always had it in the back of the mind – work, and once you have a kid, you see something that you love more than yourself. I don’t know. It just really is making me realize how fast time moves and to really and try to enjoy these little moments with my little son and my wife, Cassie.”

Audio / Charles Kelley hopes he’ll be a great father, just like his own dad.


Charles Kelley (qualities as a father) OC: …tolerance. :25
“I hope I’m a great father. My dad, I’ve always looked up to. He’s such a hardworker and an amazing man. He’s always showed me and the rest of my siblings a ton of love. And, so I hpe to instill a strong work ethic into Ward, but also a lot of love and a lot of tolerance.”

Audio / Charles Kelley says his favorite thing right now about his son, Ward, is how much he changes in such a quick amount of time.


Charles Kelley (favorite thing about Ward right now) OC: …four months old. :29
“I think the most fun thing right now about Ward is, he’s four-months-old, is just to see how much he changes. Every time I come back from a weekend of shows, he’s doing something else. I think every parent feels like their kid is advanced, but I really do think this kid is advanced. There’s just something, he’s so intelligent and so physically like, I don’t know, with it right now. It’s just really fun to see him do all these things that I didn’t expect him to do at four-months-old.”