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HOLIDAY MOVIES: Kelleigh Bannen, Lady A, Luke Bryan, Mallory Hope and more. (AUDIO)

HOLIDAY MOVIES: Kelleigh Bannen, Lady A, Luke Bryan, Mallory Hope and more. (AUDIO)

Thanksgiving is over, Black Friday Door Busters have been bought and the Christmas trees are being decorated, and that means your favorite Christmas movies are hitting the small screen. Some of your favorite country stars reveal which Christmas movies will be playing on their television during the holiday season.

AUDIO: Kelleigh Bannen talks about her favorite Christmas movies.

Kelleigh Bannen (Christmas movies) OC: …hilarious. :19
“I love White Christmas! That is an incredible movie. The music alone is incredible, so that one. And then, Home Alone [laughs]. We watched that movie, I don’t even know how many times, so those two. We’ll do something classic and then we’ll do something hilarious.”

AUDIO: The members of Lady Antebellum reveal their favorite Christmas movies.

Lady A (favorite Christmas movies) OC: (Hillary) …Christmas Vacation. :14
CHARLES: “Favorite Christmas movie would have to be A Christmas Story. I never get tired of it. ‘Shoot your eye out’ – it’s my favorite line.” DAVE: “National Lampoon’s!’ HILLARY: “Yes! My favorite Christmas movie is, it’s close between It’s a Wonderful Life and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

AUDIO: The members of Little Big Town talk about some of their favorite Christmas movies and holiday specials.

LBT (Holiday movies) OC: (Phillip) …whatever I touch. [LAUGHS] :38
KAREN: “One of our favorite Christmas traditions is gathering around the television to watch holiday movies. And I know [for] Kimberly, it starts with [KIMBERLY: “It’s a Wonderful Life.”] It’s a Wonderful Life. Ours is holiday movies and records, like certain records have to be played in order for Jimi.” JIMI: “You have to start out the season right with Elvis, a little Elvis Presley.” KAREN: “I like the Charlie Brown Christmas movie.” KIMBERLY: “It’s sweet.” KAREN: “Yeah, it is sweet.” JIMI: “I like all those classic ones like the Rudolph and what is the one with the Abominable Snowman?” KIMBERLY: “Frosty, the Snowman?” PHILLIP: [sings] “I’m Mister Heat Miser/whatever I touch…” [LAUGHS] (The song is from the Claymation special ‘A Year Without a Santa Claus.’)

AUDIO: Luke Bryan reveals his favorite Christmas movie.

Luke Bryan (Christmas movie) OC: …Vacation. :06
“Hey, it’s Luke Bryan! My favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

AUDIO: Mallory Hope talks about her favorite Christmas movies.

Mallory Hope (Christmas movies) OC: …this year. :43
“Christmas time is my favorite time of the year and I love the music, movies and the TV shows. I think some of my favorite movies are Holiday Inn and White Christmas and every year, we always watch The Grinch with my nieces and now nephew, but they absolutely love The Grinch. Always every year, we have to watch the Santa Clause movies (starring Tim Allen). I actually really enjoy them, and they’re really funny. It makes you want to believe in Santa and go back to being a kid and how exciting it was. And we also like to watch Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation. Every year, I probably watch it 20 times, but it’s hilarious, and it makes me think of my family. We watch it on Christmas Day, and we watch the parade, and I can’t wait to sit around and watch the holiday movies again this year.”