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Jon Pardi

Jon Pardi releases critically-acclaimed album Heartache Medication today (9/27). Lauded as an artist that has “…cut a path through modern country’s embrace of pop, hip-hop and EDM…” (New York Times) and with a collection of songs that place him in the same lineage of “…country-music heroes like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard…both as a preservationist and rule-breaker” (Rolling Stone), Pardi’s new album is being called “ emboldened work…one that draws both vitality and assurance from his anything-but-sterile relationship to his tradition’s modern era…” (NPR). Heartache Medication was first announced by the Associated Press, and was named in the New York Times fall preview and in the list of Billboard’s Most Anticipated Albums of fall 2019. The Los Angeles Times said, “Pardi’s evolved approach to country’s heritage sets him apart at a moment when Nashville seems to want to divide itself into the trailblazers and the preservationists.”Heartache Medication is the followup to Pardi’s breakthrough, Platinum-selling album California Sunrise, and is available today, here:

Pardi co-wrote seven of the 14 tracks and co-produced the album alongside longtime collaborators Bart Butler and Ryan Gore. “I’m really proud of this record,” says Pardi. “I’m really proud of all the session players, and the songwriters that delivered great songs. I wrote half the record and Nashville stepped in and wrote the other half, and I’m very proud of that.”

Pardi kicked off release week with several performances including Pandora’s Live Concert Series, where he was recognized as a Pandora Billionaire, achieving over 1 billion lifetime spins on Pandora. In addition to that, he gave an exclusive performance from YouTube’s New York headquarters, and celebrated the release of his album with a special iHeartCountry Album Release Party hosted by Bobby Bones. Following stops at People Magazine and AOL Build, Pardi will take the stage tonight for his Hammerstein Ballroom album release event and concert in New York City. The special one-of-a-kind show will be available to fans to stream exclusively on Amazon Music’s Facebook at 8:45 p.m. EST.

Fans can also watch Pardi’s upcoming performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Outdoor stage on Monday on ABC before he returns to Nashville for back-to-back, sold-out headlining shows at the famed Ryman Auditorium as part the Heartache Medication Tour.

Pardi’s headlining Heartache Medication Tour, kicks off with two career-first, sold out shows at the historic Ryman Auditorium on Oct. 1st and Oct. 2nd. Upcoming stops along the tour include Minneapolis, MN (10/4), Milwaukee, WI (10/5) and Oklahoma City, OK (10/10). Riley Green will serve as direct support. For tickets and for a full list of tour dates, visit

Audio / Jon Pardi explains why he named his new album, Heartache Medication.


Jon Pardi (Heartache Medication title) OC: …as the title. :43
Heartache Medication as a title for the record always was something we thought about. We looked at all the titles. We thought about ‘Old Hat,’ but that makes it sound too old and ‘Heartache Medication’s’ different, different kind of saying. You know, I think with all of the song titles and what the songs sing about, what we wrote about, what other people wrote about was always like an uplifting, moving on kind of a thing to where it’s like medication. I feel like Heartache Medication was great representation of the songs. You may be sad, but these are topics that’ll make you feel better. So, what does medication do? It makes you feel better, so that’s why we kinda took that as the title.”

Audio / LINER Jon Pardi (available now)