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Kip Moore
Nashville, TN – Aug 21, 2015 – MULTI PLATINUM Singer/ Songwriter Kip Moore’s highly anticipated sophomore album WILD ONES is available today (8/21.) Moore will kick off next week with a live performance on ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday, August 25th.
Ahead of its release today, WILD ONES is already an established critic’s pick for 2015.
“The album consistently serves up clever roots-rock riffs and rhythms that separate Moore from the rock-meets-rap focus of his Nashville peers” – Associated Press
“Tip[s] his signature ball cap to traditional country, but as a whole it’s bigger and blessedly, Wild Ones is louder.”– Entertainment Weekly 
 “One heck of an album… set to produce hit after hit after hit” – Huffington Post 
“With raspy, echoing vocals and songs … Moore pays homage to the troublemaking days that built him” – Paste
“A record that’s inspired as much by Bruce Springsteen and Ray Charles as Willie Nelson, and showcases loud whirls of guitar and distinct, boogie baselines” – Rolling Stone
“Kip Moore’s Wild Ones is a commanding album“ – Taste Of Country 
“Moore avoids the mold of the Nashville machine” – Village Voice 
Moore will continue the week proceeding with his “Comeback Kid Skatepark Project” visiting skateparks in Annapolis, MD (8/26) and San Marcos, TX (8/28) as part of the charitable initiative overseeing the construction of a series of skateparks to benefit communities and “comeback kids.”
The highly anticipated WILD ONES follows Moore’s debut album “UP ALL NIGHT” which spawned three No. One hits including “Hey Pretty Girl,” “Beer Money” and “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck.” With Chicago Sun Times heralding Moore’s live show as “carving his own niche in country music…that sets him apart from the flock of country music rockers,” Moore also recently announced his headlining 2015 WILD ONES TOUR kicking off 10/8.  For a full list of tour dates and more information visit

Audio / Kip Moore talks about the differences in making his previous album, Up All Night, and his new project, Wild Ones.


Kip Moore (differences between 2 records) OC: …finished. 1:13
“The first record, my only record, Up All Night, was a very, most all of those songs were written before I had a record deal. It was every day I’d go in at 9 o’clock in the morning, I’d write two songs a day, and I’d leave at six. It was a very regimented process. I was a machine. I’m gonna write something – it was that kind of thing. Wild Ones, which is the title of the new record, is one of the most difficult and elating things all in one. It was painful, for many reasons, for some of the things that I touched on in the record that I was going through, and for the simple fact of how long it’s been between this record about to come out and the first one. The songs were written in such a different manner for this record than the first. They were sporadically all over the place where in the last two years mainly when I started focusing on this record because I thought the record was going to be released a year ago. So, a year before that, I was focusing on it, and it kinda morphed into one thing the first time around, because that’s where I was at that time in my life, and it’s morphed into a whole ‘nother thing for this, you know, what it actually has become. So, I would say it’s been a two year span of agony for me trying to get this thing finished.”

Audio / Kip Moore talks about his hopes for the new album, Wild Ones.


Kip Moore (hopes for new album) OC: …can do. :34
“I’m truly hoping that people just simply love the project that I’ve worked so hard on. I hope that people take the time to actually listen to this record as a whole, as a whole body of work and appreciate what we’ve done as a band. And I hope that it puts us to the next level. We want to continue growing as a band, and I hope this record achieves what I have in my mind. I like to keep those things in my mind. I don’t like to say them out loud, but I hope this record does what I have in my mind thinking that it can do.”