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Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina releases her brand-new album today (January 27th). The collection, named one of Rolling Stone’s Most-Anticipated Albums of 2017, shows her evolution as a songwriter since her No. 1-debuting first album, Wildflower. Lauren co-wrote all 12 tracks on the album, including her current Top 15 single and title track, “Road Less Traveled.”

In issues hitting stands today, PEOPLE Magazine calls Road Less Traveled “full of life lessons and uplift,” while HITSnotes Lauren’s “dynamic message of female empowerment.” PARADE taps Lauren as a “sassy Southerner with killer pipes,” and Billboard claims this young star “finds her voice on Road Less Traveled.”

Lauren visits with ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday (January 31st) and performs her compelling song, “Doin’ Fine.”  She then stops by HARRY for some lighthearted fun with Harry Connick Jr. and a performance of the title track. (Airs February 6th; check local listings).

Recognized by Rolling Stone as a “Must-See Act,” Lauren joins Martina McBride for the CMT Next Women of Country Love Unleashed Tour kicking off next week. This summer, Lauren heads out with Luke Bryan on select Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day Tour dates.

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Audio / Lauren Alaina talks about the writing process for Road Less Traveled.


Lauren Alaina (initial songwriting process) OC: …thought process. 1:01
“I would say I spent the first year of the process trying to write what I thought I should write, what people wanted to hear, what could be a hit on the radio. And when you’re when you go into writes and you’re trying to write a hit, you usually don’t. And I don’t really know why or when that started changing. I think so much hit me at once that I didn’t have any other option but to write about it. ‘Cause songwriting is therapy for me and it always has been. But I never had to deal with all the things that I had to deal with before. I mean my biggest problems before that were boys. Then all of a sudden, I’m dealing with being a professional singer in the public eye, [my parents] going through a divorce and trying to hide that from the world, not letting the world know my dad was an alcoholic. I was very protective of who I was. I thought if I shared my flaws people wouldn’t look up to me or wouldn’t look to me as someone that they wanted; it was a really weird thought process.”