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Luke Grimes

Mercury Nashville / Range Music recording artist Luke Grimes released his debut full-length album, Luke Grimes. Produced by Dave Cobb, of the album’s 13 songs, ten were co-written by Grimes who “has repeatedly proved that he’s a for-real country artist” according to MusicRow. A vinyl edition of the album will be available on May 17th, but fans can pre-order it HERE. 


“…Grimes demonstrates a kind of creative range associated with artists in their veterancy.” – Associated Press

“Grimes embodies the late 80s new-traditionalists as much as the 70s outlaw greats” – Holler

 “His gritty voice a superb vessel for songs including ‘Oh Ohio’ and his debut single

‘No Horse to Ride.’” – Billboard

 “Turns out Kayce Dutton [“Yellowstone”] really can sing, without any hint of put-on twang.” – Rolling Stone

 “It is a heartfelt neo-traditional country ballad, where Grimes showcases his rich,

rumbling voice.” – Digital Journal

“Grime’s raspy, but versatile, voice that truly marked him as one to watch…” – Desert Sun


Luke Grimes Album Track List:

  1. Burn (Luke Grimes, Randy Montana, Josh Thompson)
  2. Playin’ On The Tracks (Luke Grimes, Brent Cobb)
  3. Hold On (Foy Vance, Ilsey Juber)
  4. Black Powder (Luke Grimes, Brian Allen, Dave Cobb, Chris Powell)
  5. Ghost Of Who We Were (Luke Grimes, Rodney Clawson, Nicolle Galyon)
  6. Oh Ohio (Luke Grimes, Jessi Alexander, Jon Randall)
  7. God And A Girl (Tucker Beathard, Dillon James, Jason Nix)
  8. What Angels Do (Luke Grimes, Ryan Beaver, Bart Butler)
  9. No Horse To Ride (Luke Grimes, Tony Lane, Jonathan Singleton)
  10. Wait For The Rain To Die Down (Luke Grimes, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose)
  11. Ain’t Dead Yet (Luke Grimes, Aaron Raitiere)
  12. South On 75 (Luke Grimes, Brent Cobb, Dave Cobb, Aaron Raitiere)
  13. Worst Of Me (Hayes Carll)

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Luke will make a return to Stagecoach in April 2024 with his highly anticipated full-length album under his belt.


Audio / Luke Grimes talks about the difference between his two jobs -- acting and music.


Luke Grimes (difference between acting and music) OC: …someone else’s. 1:16

“The one big way that they’re different is that, you know, there’s nothing to hide behind with the music.  I feel like, you know, with the other job getting to know me was never part of the job.  The point was that you didn’t get to know me, that you could believe me as something else and the more you get to know me maybe the less believable that is.  So I think a lot of – you know a lot of mystery is a good thing for people who play characters versus the music is way more personal and it’s my words coming out of my mouth most of the time versus someone else’s.  And the job here really is to let people in to the point where maybe they can relate and realize that it’s not – you know it’s not just them.  We’re all human and we all go through things.  And that’s the kind of music that I’ve always liked and the stuff that has always been important to me has been stuff that made me feel like we’re all kind of in this together and music is such a human thing and a shared experience.  And any kind of story can be that but the actual, the voice is my own rather than someone else’s.”