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Maddie & Tae

Maddie & Tae unveil Part Two of their album, Everywhere I’m Goin’, on Friday (October 18th). The five tracks are the second installment of the new music they’ve been working on for the past few years. The new music produced by Jimmy Robbins and Derek Wells is anchored by the swaggering stomper “Bathroom Floor,” available now. Written Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye along with Josh Kerr, the fiery new track is a resilient response to the award-winning duo’s current single “Die From A Broken Heart,” which continues to strike a deep connection, tallying over 75 MILLION global streams, helping to propel the pair as the Best Streaming Country Female Duo of ALL TIME with 686 MILLION streams worldwide. Meanwhile, “Die From A Broken Heart’s” videos have mounted nearly 18 million views total, catapulting Maddie & Tae as the top video streaming female artist(s) on Billboard’s Top 200 Streaming Chart for current tracks for multiple weeks.

The EP follows widespread praise for the album’s first part shared earlier this year, propelling critics to note, “a more sophisticated side” (Associated Press) and “their finest moment yet” (Esquire), and is a continuation of stories of love, loss and redemption. The project features the effervescent title track and “Trying On Rings,” which is a true-to-life reflection for Marlow and her fiancé. Later, the award-winning duo reunite with former tour-mate and multi-PLATINUM entertainer Dierks Bentley on a vocal firepower duet, “Lay Here With Me.” Rounding out the project, “Ain’t There Yet,” offers an honest interpretation of healing after heartbreak.

“We are so excited to keep telling our story through this next collection of songs,” shared Marlow. “We are so proud to have co-written all of these songs as well. This project as a whole is super personal, but these five songs in particular take you on an even deeper dive into our lives.”

“We were absolutely blown away by the reaction to the first part of the album,” added Dye. “Hearing our fans relate to our stories is something that will never get old. We can’t wait to continue to show more of our hearts and journey through this next chapter of music.”


Everywhere I’m Goin’ Tracklist 

1) “Everywhere I’m Goin’” Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/Josh Thompson/Jimmy Robbins

2) “Trying On Rings” Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/Laura Veltz/Jimmy Robbins

3) “Lay Here With Me” (feat. Dierks Bentley) Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/Josh Kerr/Dave Barnes

4) “Ain’t There Yet” Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/Dave Barnes/Ben West

5) “Bathroom Floor” Maddie Marlow/Taylor Dye/ Josh Kerr

Audio / Maddie & Tae talk about "Everywhere I'm Goin'," the title of their new EP.


Maddie & Tae (Everywhere I’m Goin’ title) OC: …literally everywhere. :44
MADDIE: “I thought it was a cool way, we were thinking about what would we name, if there was a track, that we would name this second part, what would be most appropriate or would represent this whole thing. And I felt like ‘Everywhere I’m Goin’ was kind of a nod back to start here, and kind of a cool way to tie in where we’ve been but also where we’re going. So, I just think that title and that song represents a lot of our journey and I think it’s a great way to kind of hear the new musical realm that we’ve gotten into with this new project. I’m really proud of that song and it was just so fun to write too, it just feels so airy and fresh and new. ‘Everywhere I’m Goin’, Everywhere We’re Goin’.” (laughs) TAE: Which is everywhere! Literally everywhere.”

Audio / LINER Maddie & Tae (available this week)