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MAY 5TH ANNIVERSARY: Chris Stapleton’s “Traveller” and “From A Room: Volume One

MAY 5TH ANNIVERSARY: Chris Stapleton’s “Traveller” and “From A Room: Volume One
Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton is celebrating two anniversaries on May 5th. In 2015, he released his multi-platinum album, Traveller, and in 2017, he released From A Room: Volume One.

Audio / Chris Stapleton talks about the title of his 2015 album, Traveller.


Chris Stapleton (title of Traveller) OC: …folks too. :43
“The song ‘Traveller’ and how it ended up being the title of the record, it seemed like a natural thing to call it, because a lot of, certainly the inspiration for this record came from a series of events. It’s kind of the only song that was written inside of, well, there might’ve been one other song written inside of knowing I was going to make this record in this way. The rest of the songs came from outside of that time period. So, that’s one reason to name it that. The other reason is that it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It’s about a journey in a musical sense and in a physical sense and in a spiritual sense. In every way that you can have a journey, this record is kind of that for me, and hopefully for some other folks too.”



Chris Stapleton (From A Room studio) OC: …about it. :38
“That whole room is a sweet spot. The thing to know about that room is that room sounds like that room. I’m also a fan of studios that have a sound. Over time, there have been places that have sounds, you know, Capitol out in L.A. or Muscle Shoals. You can point to places that have sounds – Stax, Motown – these places have sounds, not just by the guys playing ‘em, but the actual sound of the room. The room’s become part of the band. Here in town, the place that has the most of that kind of mojo to me is that room, so that’s what I like about it.”