A surprise proposal in Bozeman, Montana leads to a special acoustic moment from Lady Antebellum in the latest edition of Webisode Wednesday. The band performed “When You Got a Good Thing” from their multi-platinum album, Need You Now, for the couple backstage prior to their show.

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    When Eric Paslay’s self-titled debut album is released next week (February 4th), fans will find there’s a lot more to the man behind the hit, “Friday Night.” A highlight of the new album is “Country Side of Heaven,” a song that features additional vocals by the members of Little Big Town. The group’s Kimberly Schlapman was one of the first to hear the song – Eric played it for her when he made a guest appearance on her GAC cooking show, and he’ll never forget her reaction. “We just stood there with our hands in our pockets just looking at the speaker,” Eric recalls. “I know that she has lost really close people in her life,” he continues, explaining, “That’s what music is for…it somehow can get you through your tough stuff.”

    Give it a listen for yourself when Eric Paslay is available in stores and online next week!

    Audio / Eric Paslay (Country Side of Heaven) 3

    AUDIO: Eric Paslay describes a particularly moving moment when he played ‘Country Side of Heaven’ for Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman. Little Big Town provide vocals on the song, which appears on Eric’s self-titled debut album.

    Eric Paslay (Country Side of Heaven) 3 OC: …on this album. :45
    “I was on Kimberly’s cooking show and afterwards, I got to play ‘Country Side of Heaven’ for her. As typical fashion, we just stood there with our hands in our pockets just looking at the speaker playing, but it was cool. I know that she has lost really close people in her life, and I think that’s what music is for. It’s one of the best medicines, even if you’re completely broken-hearted, it somehow can get you through your tough stuff. I know that’s definitely true to my life, how music can help you overcome things. I think ‘Country Side of Heaven’ is one of those special songs. I am glad that it moved Kimberly and it moves me. I’m glad it got to be on this album.”



    Nashville, TN – January 27, 2014 – The thunderbird symbolism of Dierks Bentley’s upcoming seventh studio album RISER, available in stores February 25th, speaks volumes about the complex ball of emotions locked within. It’s a symbol of strength, resilience and renewal and one that appropriately reflects Bentley’s first album since the death of his father and the birth of his first son. Produced by Ross Copperman and Arturo Buenahora Jr, it’s a project full of sonic power that has a strong sense of family and community.

    The community of songwriters, musicians and artists that Bentley moved to Nashville with dreams of joining is ingrained in the texture of RISER.   The now 11 time GRAMMY nominated singer/songwriter co-wrote six of the album’s 12 tracks with some of the city’s most acclaimed writers and his friends.  He also called on rising artists Kacey Musgraves, Chris Stapleton, The Cadillac Three’s Jaren Johnston and Charlie Worsham to sing and play on the project.

    “It’s important to really know the writers and musicians you work with, to hang out with them and live in the same world,” Bentley explains.  “I have such a romance with Nashville and this community. I drove across the country when I was 19 years old with a dream of just being invited to the party. It’s still wild to me that I get to work with and call so many incredibly talented people my friends.”

    If the songs narrate the personal story of Bentley’s previous two years, then it’s the heightened depth and increased vulnerability in the lead vocals that make you truly feel its intense highs and lows.  It comes in part from recording those performances in the Red Room, Copperman’s cozy home studio. Copperman was literally an arm’s length away, and Bentley got immediate feedback from a supportive-but-critical audience even as he breathed the words. It’s the closest Bentley has ever gotten to an elusive sonic attitude he’s sought from the outset.

    “It’s the sound in my head that I hear when I’m playing a live show,” said Bentley. “You have one ear monitor in, one ear out, and the crowd’s there and your voice feels really great. There’s a certain amount of gravel to it because you’re tired, but you’re all jacked up on whatever you’re drinking and adrenaline, and the crowds and the fans are there and there’s this feeling, fists in the air—it’s that thing that’s hard to transfer into a studio environment. There’s a rawness.”

    RISER Track List:

    1. Bourbon In Kentucky  (Hlilary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson, Ryan Tyndell)
     ** Background vocals by Kacey Musgraves

    2. Say You Do  (Shane McAnally, Matt Ramsey, Trever Rosen)

    3. I Hold On  (Brett James, Dierks Bentley)

    4. Pretty Girls  (Jessi Alexander, Jon Randall, Dierks Bentley)

    5. Here On Earth  (Ross Copperman, Ryan Tyndell, Dierks Bentley)

    6. Drunk On A Plane  (Josh Kear, Chris Tompkins, Dierks Bentley)

    7. Five  (Ross Copperman, Ryan Tyndell, Dierks Bentley)

    8. Riser  (Travis Meadows, Steve Moakler)

    9. Sounds of Summer  (Zach Crowell, Matt Jenkins, Adam Sanders)

    10. Damn These Dreams  (Ross Copperman, Jaren Johnston, Dierks Bentley)

    11. Back Porch  (Cary Barlowe, Jaren Johnston, Hillary Lindsey)

    12. Hurt Somebody  (Matt Fleener, Shane McAnally, Mark Nesler)
     ** Background vocals by Chris Stapleton

    RISER is available for pre-order at digital retailers beginning Tuesday.  Bentley will kick off his RISER TOUR on May 9th in Charlotte, NC. For more information on the upcoming tour and new music, visit www.dierks.com.

    Audio / Dierks Bentley (Thunderbird logo)

    AUDIO: Dierks Bentley explains the Thunderbird logo that represents his forthcoming album, Riser.

    Dierks Bentley (Thunderbird logo) OC: ….pretty well. 1:12
    “I had this Airstream, this 1970s Airstream, and these girls that designed it – called Junk Gypsy – they put this Thunderbird image on the back of this Airstream. I just love that image, and I was trying to figure out why. Is it because I’m a pilot? It looks like a Phoenix too, which I love ‘cause that’s where I’m from, but it’s actually a Thunderbird. There’s a group in Phoenix called The Thunderbirds, that my Dad was a part of. It’s a civic group of men that raise millions of dollars a year for different organizations and causes and charities in the valley. It’s something my dad was really proud to be a part of, and they wore these tunics and they’d wear this Thunderbird around their neck. It’s a really cool thing, and he was really proud of it. So, I saw that and it reminded me of that, and then just my dad passing. I just felt like it was an image that probably meant a lot more to me than I probably realized at the time. It found its way kind of into the team and the group and everything I was doing, and it kinda became just the early symbol of the album. Yeah, so it means a lot of different things to me. I think the album has a lot of different layers to it, as well, so I like the idea of that being out there, and just kind of, as best as you can represent an album with an image or anything, I think it does pretty well.” 


    The video for Keith Urban‘s “Cop Car,” premiered on E! News and Eonline.com on Monday. It features a real life couple as the main characters. Check out the clip for “Cop Car” below, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video.

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    David Nail’s “Whatever She’s Got” vaulted up to the top of both the Billboard and Country Aircheck country singles charts, marking his second career No. 1.

    The No. 1 hit and RIAA certified GOLD single is the first song from David’s forthcoming album, I’m a Fire. David recorded the Jimmy Robbins and Jon Nite-penned song for his wife Catherine, admitting “I still to this day don’t know what she has, but I know that I like it….whatever it is.”

    David says with the release of “Whatever She’s Got,” he feels like a new artist, even though he’s been a recording artist for several years and had a previous No. 1 song with “Let It Rain.”
    “[It’s] been a big song for us, and it’s been fun the last few months to kind of watch it take off,” says David. “In a lot of ways I feel like a new artist. I feel like I’m getting a new start, and just really thrilled with what this song’s done and with the record that we have and excited to get it out there.”

    David, who will be hitting the road on Darius Rucker’s True Believers Tour at the end of the month, is set to release his new album, I’m a Fire, March 4th.

    TIDBIT: Keith Urban apparently had “Whatever She’s Got” on hold, and David says he was “kind enough” to let him have the song.

    Audio / David Nail (excited over WSG)

    AUDIO: David Nail is really excited about the success of his hit “Whatever She’s Got ,” and his new album, I’m a Fire, getting ready to hit stores.

    David Nail (excited over WSG) OC: …it out there. :17
    “[It’s] been a big song for us, and it’s been fun the last few months to kind of watch it take off. In a lot of ways I feel like a new artist. I feel like I’m getting a new start, and just really thrilled with what this song’s done and with the record that we have and excited to get it out there.”

    Audio / David Nail (Whatever She's Got success)

    AUDIO: David Nail says the success of his new No. 1 single, “Whatever She’s Got,” is huge for him.

    David Nail (Whatever She’s Got success) OC: …biggest song. :39
    “Most of my songs have taken a while, and then it’s six or seven months before we get back on the radio. So, I had forgotten, I think, what it felt like to be on the radio, to get in your car every day and not know, you know, just that anticipation that you may or may not hear your song. So, it feels really good. This song I believed in it the first moment that I heard it. It came to me at the perfect time, and it was actually just a rush to see who could record it first, and I won the battle. In the last three or four months, people can’t seem to get enough of it. And even though I had a No. 1 with ‘Let It Rain,’ this is by far my biggest song.”


    Kacey Musgraves was a big winner at Sunday Night’s Grammy Awards, taking home the award for Best Country Song for “Merry Go ‘Round” and Best Country Album for Same Trailer, Different Park.

    Audio / Kacey Musgraves (album well-rounded)

    AUDIO: Kacey Musgraves talks about her Grammy-winning album, Same Trailer, Different Park.

    Kacey Musgraves (album well-rounded) OC: …ON THERE. :27
    “I love observing things, whether it’s myself or other people. It’s kind of my favorite to just like find inspiration and zone in on that and figure out the little facets in that idea. I’m just inspired by emotions of every kind. I want the record to reflect just well- rounded emotions. I didn’t want the overall tone to be angry or sad .I think there’s elements of everything on there.”


    Kacey Musgraves is taking home the Grammy Award for Best Country Song for her hit, “Merry Go ‘Round.” She not only recorded the song for her Grammy-nominated album, Same Trailer, Different Park, but she also won as a co-writer on the song, along with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.

    Audio / Kacey Musgraves (Merry Go Round) 1

    AUDIO: Kacey Musgraves talks about her Grammy Award-winning song, “Merry Go ‘Round.”

    Kacey Musgraves (Merry Go Round) 1 OC: …observing. :47
    “I’m so thankful for this song. I wrote it with Josh Osbourne and Shane Macanelli. One of my favorite writing combos, and God, I’m just so thankful that it was the first thing that I kind of got to say to the music world. A lot of it was inspired by the surroundings I had growing up- as in just being from a tiny little Bible Belt town in a conservative area. But, really, it’s just about life and I feel like no matter what size town you’re from- big or small- or if you’re wealthy or poor. We’re all just sort of driven by the same emotions; interactions, And, too, I feel like when people are kind of scared to branch out of their comfort zones, they tend to settle a little and that’s never good for anybody. It leads to regret and you know, it’s just something that happens in life, and it’s just something that I’m observing.”


    Darius Rucker picked up the Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance for his No. 1 hit, “Wagon Wheel.” The song is from his latest album, True Believers.

    Audio / Darius Rucker (Wagon Wheel)

    AUDIO: Darius Rucker explains how he came up with the idea of recording “Wagon Wheel” for his new album.

    Darius Rucker (Wagon Wheel) OC: …finished it. :43
    “Somebody had played ‘Wagon Wheel’ for me years ago. It was one of those things that didn’t really…and I didn’t really get it. So, I’m at my daughter’s high school talent show, and I’m sitting in the audience with my family. We were watching my daughter, and the faculty band gets up. It’s just the faculty from her school, and they play ‘Wagon Wheel.’ And I’m sitting in the audience, and they get to the middle of the chorus, and I turned to my wife, and I go, ‘I’ve got to cut this song.’ I’m serious. This all happened in three-and-a-half minutes, four minutes, while they’re playing the song. And so I’m texting Frank Rogers, ‘Do you know this ‘Wagon Wheel’ song?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. It’s by Old Crow Medicine Show.’ He said, ‘A lot of people have cut it.’ I said, ‘I don’t care! [laughs] I’m cutting it!’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, dude. We’ll try it. We’ll cut it.’ And so…I cut it, and it was great after we finished it.”



    Calgary (Alberta) January 24, 2014 –There is no doubt about it. Shania Twain is still the one we love. Tickets to Twain’s announced July 9TH concert sold out within mere minutes of the public on-sale time of 10 a.m. this morning. Owing to strong demand, a second concert was announced immediately. Tickets for the July 10th concert went on sale at 10:30 a.m. By shortly after 11 a.m., all of those tickets were also snapped up by fans.

    Twain is staging the two concerts on the Wednesday and Thursday of Stampede 2014, as part of the Virgin Mobile Stampede Concert Series, proudly presented by the Calgary Stampede and Stampede Concerts Inc. Within moments of the first concert selling out, local media were able to share the news of the second concert and on-sale time, helping local fans in their bid for tickets.

    “We knew demand would be strong, but even we have been awed by the volume of Shania Twain fans eager to see her at the Stampede,” says Adam Oppenheim, managing director, Stampede Concerts Inc. “It was a tremendous coup that Shania chose the Stampede as her first Canadian concert in a decade. We’re thrilled that we were able to offer a second concert, making twice as many fans very happy.”

    “We’re looking forward to announcing more stellar concert offerings to everyone soon,” says Oppenheim.

    An amazing and accomplished singer and songwriter, Twain is a phenomenon. With more than 75 million albums sold worldwide, she is the top-selling female country artist of all time; has multi-platinum album sales in 32 countries; has the eighth-biggest selling album of all time in the U.S.; and 18 top 10 songs, eight of which reached number one.

    The Calgary Stampede is July 4-13, 2014. For more information, please visit calgarystampede.com. Stay tuned for more great Virgin Mobile Stampede Concert Series announcements as well as the Coca-Cola Stage and Nashville North line-ups.

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    About the Calgary Stampede
    The Calgary Stampede celebrates the people, the animals, the land, the traditions and the values that make up the unique spirit of the west. The Calgary Stampede contributes to the quality of life in Calgary and southern Alberta through our world-renowned 10-day Stampede, year-round facilities, western events and several youth and agriculture programs. Exemplifying the theme We’re Greatest Together;Íž we are a volunteer-supported, not-for-profit community organization that preserves and promotes western heritage and values. All revenue is reinvested into Calgary Stampede programs and facilities. 

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    Four-time Grammy Award winner Keith Urban will debut the new music video for his latest single “Cop Car”, this Monday at 10:00AM EST, on E!.News and on E! Online at www.eonline.comFollowing, at 12:00PM EST the video will be available at http://smarturl.it/CopCarVideo. The single, the 2014 Grammy nominee’s third from his #1 album FUSE, follows “Little Bit Of Everything” and his most recent “We Were Us” featuring Miranda Lambert, both of which hit #1 on the charts.

    “I love the image of this song,” said Urban.  “A guy falling in love with this girl, while they’re both in handcuffs, and she’s going nuts – all in the back of a cop car.”

    Urban is set to perform “Cop Car” on the 56th Annual Grammy Awards to air this Sunday.  Following his performance Urban will head to New York City’s Madison Square Garden, where his “Light The Fuse Tour” will continue.  Live filming for American Idol begins next month.

    FUSE, released last September, debuted atop the Billboard Top 200 All-Genre Album and Country Chart.  It marked the first time that a male country artist debuted at #1 in the United States, Canada and Australia simultaneously.  You can purchase FUSE at http://smarturl.it/FUSEdeluxe