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Sam Williams

Today, Nashville singer/songwriter Sam Williams releases Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown, a deluxe version of his celebrated debut Glasshouse Children. The expanded edition features six new tracks, including the previously released Ragdollas well as new song “Tilted Crown” out today.

Listen to Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown HERE

On the heart-rending new song “Tilted Crown,” Williams croons over a somber production, reflecting on the ups and downs of growing up, of love and loss and dealing with his legacy in life. Stay tuned for the tear-jerking video coming next week.

“The first verse of ‘Tilted Crown’ was a poem that I had been writing, and I had just run into a dead end with it. I just knew that I had to take that and transform it into song,” shares Williams. “It’s kind of if everyone’s life was royal or medieval or however you want to explain it and the things that were happening to me in that phase of my life… I felt like I was losing things and God kept taking things from me and I was in this position of a war with my life. I think it’s about carrying your legacy, and I don’t just mean my legacy in music. I mean everyone’s legacy and living that out the best way possible with everything you face in this life.”

Released last year, Williams’ debut Glasshouse Children received glowing reviews right out the gate. Rolling Stone said the LP was “…an introspective meditation on hurt and healing, growth and loss, sin and redemption: it’s a reckoning with fate, freewill and the family ties that bind us. Sam’s skyscraping vocals shine through these ten lush, cinematic songs, as he delivers gut-wrenching, honest and plainspoken lyrics with raw vulnerability and deep empathy.”

Music Row said, “The project is strikingly vulnerable, with songs about healing, growth, loss and redemption that show off Williams’ connection to country music’s roots and forward thinking approach to artistry.”

Williams spent the summer touring the UK with famed singer/songwriter Marty Stuart and is now at home working on new music.

The grandson of country pioneer Hank Williams and the son of outlaw legend Hank Jr., Sam Williams is the latest in a long line of American originals, but he’s not here for the sake of tradition. He sings with his own singular voice and he writes in his own singular style, fusing gut-wrenching honesty with plainspoken poetics and raw vulnerability with deep empathy. Suffering the sudden loss of his sister and mother this past year has been profoundly devastating for Williams, but the journey of grief and self-discovery he has found himself on has led to a deeper understanding of his purpose in life and inspired him to honor his legacy with truth and integrity.

Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown Track List:

  1. Glasshouse Children
  2. Happy All The Time
  3. Can’t Fool Your Own Blood
  4. Bulleit Blues
  5. 10-4
  6. Wild Girl
  7. Kids
  8. Shuteye
  9. Hopeless Romanticism
  10. The Word: Alone
  11. Tilted Crown **
  12. Bulleit Blues pt. 2 **
  13. Blame ’Em Both **
  14. Ragdoll **
  15. Wild Girl Remix **
  16. Missing the Malice **

** = new tracks added for the deluxe album