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The King Crowns His 60th # 1 Single (story/audio)

The King Crowns His 60th # 1 Single (story/audio)

GEORGE STRAIT: The King Crowns the Top of the Chart!

In August 1982, Ronald Reagan was President…Pete Rose was still playing baseball…the first edition of USA Today was still a few weeks away from being published…Cheers was a month away from premiering on NBC…and George Strait reached the top of the country chart for the first time in his career with his fourth chart single, “Fool Hearted Memory.” 30 years and nine months later, George finds himself at the top of the heap again this week as “Give It All You Got Tonight” climbs to #1 on the Mediabase chart.  “I still feel like it’s quite an accomplishment,” he admits, noting that while his name may be next to the song title on the chart, the credit for reaching the pinnacle is shared by many. “It’s pretty much of a group effort and, so, I still get very excited to have one.” (AUDIO 1)

“Give It All You Got Tonight” is the first single from George’s new album, Love Is Everything, released last week. While noting the song is “a little different for me,” he finds it very easy to relate to the lyrics and the story. “It’s kind of about parking, which I’ve done a few times,” he says with a hearty laugh. (AUDIO 2)


George Strait admits it still feels good – even after 60 trips to the top – to reach #1 on the charts. (:35)

“It’s not like it was then when I hadn’t ever had one, but still…I still feel like it’s quite an accomplishment – not only for me, but for everybody involved because there’s a lot of other people involved in these things, too. You know, you’ve got your people around you that work with you that support you…and your record company and the people that work there and work hard trying to get these records out and so…it’s pretty much of a group effort and, so, I still get very excited to have one.”


George Strait talks about his #1 song, “Give It All You Got Tonight.” (:27)

“The first time I heard it, I thought, ‘Hmm…that’s a great song. A little different for me, you know? A little risqué kinda, you know?’ I’m thinking, ‘I don’t know if I can pull this off or not.’ But I just love it. I mean, it’s…like I said, it’s a little different. The melody’s a little different. Great lyrics. It’s kind of about parking, you know? (laughs) Which I’ve done a few times, you know, back in the early days (laughs).”