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Dierks Bentley

We have compiled an array of content — a variety of liners and soundbites – from DIERKS BENTLEY to equip you with everything you might need to put together your own album radio special; roll-out tracks surrounding the release of his new GRAVEL & GOLD record to use in news feeds, specials and much more. Check out all of details below (including audio liners and soundbites, as well as transcriptions) to create your own content surrounding DIERKS’ new album release.


There comes a time in any climb up one of Colorado’s famous 14,000 foot peaks when, after a few hours of striving, you pause on a ledge, turn around, and marvel at the vista and the ground you’ve covered. That’s where Dierks Bentley finds himself, 20 years into an exceptional career in 21st century country music. The view is breathtaking for sure, but this is a multi-platinum artist in peak shape, his eyes fixed on the summit.

The 2020 pandemic gave Bentley a moment to breathe and think about his journey to this point and the possibilities for the heights that lay ahead. The break led to a new burst of creativity. With one foot in Nashville and one in his beloved second home of Colorado, he worked harder than he ever had on an album – his landmark tenth, Gravel & Gold.

It’s a diverse, 14-track album written almost entirely by Dierks with his closest collaborators about perspective and self-awareness at many levels from the personal to the professional. It’s also a testament to the many strains of country music Bentley has mastered and cultivated in his career, from the arena shaker to the barroom weeper to the bluegrass fireballer. In its opening track “Same Old Me,” Bentley recognizes that midlife demands adjustments and adaptations – as well as nurturing the inner fire of the 18-year-old country music fanatic who first arrived in Nashville in the 1990s. Fifty minutes later, we’re in an intimate circle with Music City’s greatest pickers, trading licks and laughs on a witty song about getting high. It was no easy thing to encompass in one record the values and sounds that have defined Bentley across two decades of hits and millions of touring miles, but he’s pulled it off. The story of Gravel & Gold is one of renewal, family, persistence and devotion to making the music as authentic and lasting as it can possibly be.

GRAVEL & GOLD Track List:

  1. “Same Ol’ Me” (Luke Dick, Jon Randall, Dierks Bentley)
  2. “Sun Sets In Colorado” (Ross Copperman, Tommy Lee James, Josh Osborne)
  3. “Heartbreak Drinking Tour” (Luke Dick, Ashley Gorley, Michael Hardy, Ross Copperman, Dierks Bentley)
  4. “Something Real” (Luke Dick, Ashley Gorley, Michael Hardy, Ross Copperman, Dierks Bentley)
  5. “Still” (Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tyndell, Jeremy Spillman, Dierks Bentley)
  6. “Beer At My Funeral” (Brett Beavers, Jim Beavers)
  7. “Cowboy Boots” (Featuring Ashley McBryde) (Casey Brown, Jordan Minton, Hunter Phelps, Dierks Bentley)
  8. “Gold” (Luke Dick, Ashley Gorley, Ross Copperman, Dierks Bentley)
  9. “Walking Each Other Home” (Luke Dick, John Osborne, Dierks Bentley)
  10. “Roll On” (Brett Beavers, Jim Beavers, Dierks Bentley)
  11. “All The Right Places” (Josh Osborne, Ross Copperman, Dierks Bentley)
  12. “Ain’t All Bad” (Casey Brown, Jordan Minton, Hunter Phelps, Dierks Bentley)
  13. “Old Pickup” (Neil Thrasher, Tony Martin, Michael Dulaney)
  14. “High Note” (Featuring Billy Strings)  (Jim Beavers, Charlie Worsham)