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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the release of his multi-platinum album, Crash My Party. The 4-times platinum album produced six No. 1 singles, including the title track, “That’s My Kind of Night,” “Roller Coaster,” “I See You,” “Drink A Beer” and “Play It Again.”



Luke is closing in on the Top 10 on the country charts with his latest smash, “But I Got A Beer In My Hand.”


Audio / Back in 2013, Luke Bryan describes his album, Crash My Party.


Luke Bryan (Crash My Party Album) OC: …on there. :38
“The album – it has your party songs, it has your songs that are about life, and they’re about rural life. It’s got love songs, I’ve never done this kind of love song on it, that I’m really, really excited about. I mean, we’ve got songs for the guys, songs for the girls, songs you can go riding dirt roads in, songs you can cry to and songs, I think I’ve got a song on there that could really, really change people’s lives and really help them heal through a tough time. So, I’ve never been more excited about an upcoming album, and I think this has something for everybody on there.”

Audio / In 2013 prior to the release of his Crash My Party album, Luke Bryan explained what would make the album a success to him.


Luke Bryan (what would make CMP a success) OC: …widely accepted. :58
“In my opinion what would define the success of this album is obviously to…gosh, I don’t know.  To sell three or four million albums certainly.  But my main thing is to continue to move the needle on the fans knowing that I’m upping my game constantly and coming with better songs and singing better than ever and fueling the live show in whatever is going to, the ability to grow into bigger and bigger and bigger venues constantly for as many years as I can.  And making sure this album continues that upper climb of upward movement to being an even more elite entertainer on a global scale to where my music is me, to where I didn’t change my music to make it global.  I make kind of a more of an audience come to what I’m saying and selling.  And if I can do that on this album it’s a success. So just telling my story and making my story that which is something that is widely accepted.”

Audio / In 2013, Luke Bryan talked about one of his favorite songs on the album, “Drink a Beer.”


Luke Bryan (Drink a Beer) OC: …the album. :50
“‘Drink a Beer’ is the best way I can describe it is — it’s the coolest sad song I’ve ever heard.  It’s the saddest sad song you’ve ever heard but it’s like it could be played at any really environment and you’re not going to tank the mood. You’re just going to make people reflect and the perfect way you’re going to make them revert back to somebody that they lost, whether it’s their granddad that they used to sit on a boat and drink a beer with. It’s whoever in your life that you’ve lost that you would have shared a beer with, and I think it’s just a perfectly written sad song, and it’s one of those that I’m honored that it found its way to me and I’m honored that it can be on the album.”

Audio / Luke Bryan talks about singer/songwriter Chris Stapleton who wrote “Drink a Beer,” and also sings background vocals on the song.


Luke Bryan (Stapleton on Drink a Beer) OC: …piece of work. :36
“Having Chris Stapleton sing background on it that’s like heaven. That’s like me being in a foot race with Usain Bolt [sprinter and 6-time Olympic gold medalist] or something.  Having Chris Stapleton sing, he’s the best singer on the planet to me. So, for him to come in and lend his backgrounds on it takes this song even yet to a higher level with just how powerful he is as a singer and an artist, and he wrote the song also with Jim Beavers. I’m honored to say I’m starting to do some pieces of works. It feels like a true piece of work.”




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