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Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt releases a cinematic new music video for “Young Once,” off his No. 1 debuting new album SOUTHSIDE. Directed by Tim Mattia, the video follows a young couple as they escape the confines of their lives in search of freedom and excitement. Equal parts hope and grit, watch “Young Once” HERE.


Written by Hunt, Zach Crowell, Matt Jenkins and Josh Osborne, the nostalgic “Young Once” “highlights Hunt’s soulful vocals” (Billboard). “Young Once” is featured on Hunt’s critically acclaimed sophomore album SOUTHSIDE. The album, released April 3, topped the Billboard Country Albums chart and is best country album debut of 2020 thus far. The album includes Hunt’s most recent No. 1 hit “Kinfolks” and his current Top 15 “Hard To Forget.” Listen to SOUTHSIDE HERE.

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Audio / Sam Hunt talks about the song, “Young Once.”


Sam Hunt (Young Once) OC: …before. :41
“’Young Once,’ so that’s a song that reflects on youth in a nostalgic way. I’m a little older than I was when I made my first record and reflecting on your younger days is a theme in country music that you see all the time. So, it’s like how do you do that in an original way?  How do you write that song in an original way? And for some reason, God has just put ideas in front of me that sometimes when these ideas come into a room, whether I come up with it or a cowriter, it’s like ‘How’s this not been written yet?’ And this is one of those ideas that I thought how has nobody flipped this hook and written this song this way before?”