The Thanksgiving holiday tradition traces its origins to a 1621 celebration at Plymouth, in the state that’s now known as Massachusetts. The 1621 Plymouth feast and thanksgiving was prompted by a good harvest. While initially, the Plymouth colony did not have enough food to feed half of the 102 colonists, the Wampanoag Native Americans helped the Pilgrims by providing seeds and teaching them to fish. The practice of holding an annual harvest festival like this did not become a regular affair in New England until the late 1660s. People now celebrate the holiday by giving thanks for their blessings over the past year, as well as feasting on turkey and other festive goodies.

    Some festive fun facts about Thanksgiving:

    • President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday on October 3rd, 1863.
    • Harry Truman is often credited with being the first president to pardon a turkey, but that’s not quite true. He was the first to receive a ceremonial turkey from the National Turkey Federation – and he had it for dinner. John F. Kennedy was the first to let a Thanksgiving turkey go, followed by Richard Nixon who sent his turkey to a petting zoo. George H.W. Bush is the president who formalized the turkey pardoning tradition in 1989.
    • The average number of calories consumed on Thanksgiving is 4,500.
    • Butterball answers more than 100,000 turkey-cooking questions via their Butterball Turkey Hotline each November and December.
    • The tradition of football on Thanksgiving began in 1876 with a game between Yale and Princeton. The first NFL games were played on Thanksgiving in 1920.
    • The Wednesday before Thanksgiving has become known as “Drinksgiving.” Bars experience a huge boom the night before the holiday.

    Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, November 23rd, and most people might be enjoying time with a group of their friends and families, including some of your favorite country stars, such as Alan Jackson, Brothers Osborne, Carrie Underwood, Catie Offerman, Caylee Hammack, Dalton Dover, Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley,  Jon Langston, Jon Pardi, Josh Turner, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Maddie & Tae, Mickey Guyton, Parker McCollum, Priscilla Block, Reba McEntire, Sam Hunt, Travis Denning, Tyler Hubbard and more. They share their thoughts of thanks this year, their lessons in gratitude, memories and favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

    Audio / Alan Jackson talks about his favorite Thanksgiving dish.


    AJ (Thanksgiving) OC: …enjoy it. :19
    “My favorite Thanksgiving dish would be the homemade dressin’ that we, cornbread-based kind of dressin’ that we always have with turkey. That recipe is a kind of a combination of my mama, and Denise has taken it and perfected it over the years, so that me and my children really enjoy it.”

    Audio / Brothers Osborne talk about their favorite Thanksgiving tradition – a Misfits Thanksgiving -- that they started when they moved to Nashville because they couldn’t afford to go home for the holiday.


    Brothers Osborne (Misfits Thanksgiving) OC: (TJ) …Happy holidays, y’all. 1:02
    “What’s up, y’all? It’s Brothers Osborne here. And a Thanksgiving tradition that we did for so many years. John and I would host what we would call a Misfits Thanksgiving, and we would have everyone, I mean we must’ve done this for 15 years or so and it really started because we didn’t have enough money to go back home to see our family, so we would hang out in Nashville. And so everyone that was kind of in our same shoes, we’d all end up at our house, and it really turned into really blossoming some of our most cherished relationships. We would be there with Kacey Musgraves. It was the first time I really got to hang out with Mickey Guyton (JOHN: “Maren Morris.”) Maren Morris. They would come over and we just became like family to each other because we couldn’t get home to see our own families. And that’s a Thanksgiving tradition that we still to this day try to keep, and it’s a revolving door of who’s there or who’s not there, but yeah, it’s a wonderful tradition. And let me tell you, spending it with our friends in Nashville, there’s a little less arguing than back home. (laughs)” JOHN: “We’re still arguing, but we get over it faster.” (laughs) TJ: “Anyways, Happy Holidays, y’all.”

    Audio / Carrie Underwood says she’s grateful for her family.


    Carrie Underwood (Thanksgiving 2023) OC: …we all are. :30
    “I am grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving. I think the thing I’m most grateful for, though, is family. I mean, that’s what it’s all about, and that’s what this life is all about. I’m blessed to have two incredible boys that I get to take care of and that love on me daily, and they’re just giant blessings in my life, and of course, my extended family, as well. That’s what this time of year’s all about – getting together and just realizing how blessed we all are.”

    Audio / Carrie Underwood says she and her family don’t have too many Thanksgiving traditions.


    Carrie Underwood (Thanksgiving) OC: …the other one. :34
    “We don’t have too many set-in-stone Thanksgiving traditions. I find myself a lot of times working on or around Thanksgiving or unable to get home or whatever. We try to be together, but sometimes that just doesn’t work out. But yeah, I mean, I think it’s just about we eat. I eat a lot every year on Thanksgiving. [laughs] I never skip THAT tradition. But yeah, that’s the gist of it, and I’m kind of lucky. I get two Thanksgivings, because I also get to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with my husband’s family, so if I don’t hit one, I’ll definitely be able to get the other one.”

    Audio / Catie Offerman


    Catie Offerman (Thanksgiving) OC: …what I do. :17
    “I am so thankful for a lot of things. I think my family, the gift of being able to put music out this year has been huge for me. I think that’s something I’ve waited on for a really long time, and I’m so thankful for that. I’m thankful for my health and just being able to keep playing music and doing what I do.”

    Audio / Caylee Hammack says Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday, because she gets to just spend time with her family.


    Caylee Hammack (Thanksgiving) OC: …favorite holiday. :27
    “Thanksgiving is the one holiday where we stay at home. We stay at my family’s house, and it’s just me, my mom and dad, my brother and sister and their families. We all sit around and just eat all day. And I love Thanksgiving because you don’t have to worry about getting gifts for people; you don’t have to worry about wrapping them. You just show up and you eat all day with the people you love. So, I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday.”

    Audio / Caylee Hammack talks about her favorite Thanksgiving dish.


    Caylee Hammack (Thanksgiving eats) OC: …cranberry jelly. :15
    “My favorite Thanksgiving meal (dish) is definitely cornbread dressing. My mom makes the best, er, some people call it stuffing, but I’ve always called it dressing for some reason. But I love that with canned cranberry jelly.”

    Audio / Dalton Dover says this one dish HAS to be on the dinner table at Thanksgiving.


    Dalton Dover (Thanksgiving eats) 1 OC: …at Thanksgiving. :04
    “Like I’m a big deviled eggs guy, so they got to be on the dinner table at Thanksgiving.”

    Audio / We asked Dalton Dover who makes the deviled eggs at Thanksgiving.


    Dalton Dover (Thanksgiving eats) 2 OC: …best. :02
    “My grandma, and she makes the absolute best (deviled eggs).”

    Audio / Darius Rucker talks about his favorite part of Thanksgiving.


    Darius Rucker (favorite part of Thanksgiving) OC: …my family. :17
    “My favorite part of Thanksgiving is easy – it’s food. It’s eating. It’s hanging out with family and getting some great food, ‘cause that’s really what Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all of the great things you’ve got, and I always give thanks for the greatest thing I’ve got and that’s my family.”


    Audio / Zealous football fan Darius Rucker says Thanksgiving is his favorite sporting day of the year.


    Darius Rucker (Thanksgiving Day favorite sporting day) OC: …big for me. :10
    “Thanksgiving Day is my favorite sports day of the year. It’s crazy how much football you get to watch (laughs) on Thanksgiving Day, so I really like that a lot. Thanksgiving is big for me.”


    Audio / Dierks Bentley, who is thankful for his wife, two daughters and son, talks about his Thanksgiving must-have! It’s an oldie, but a goodie!


    Dierks Bentley (Thanksgiving must-have) OC: …for Thanksgiving. :34
    “You gotta have a big turkey. Thanksgiving is not possible without a turkey. We cook it traditionally, but when we’re in, a couple of Thanksgivings ago, we were here in Nashville, we did the whole fry the turkey up, and it was great. It just tasted so good; all those juices get locked in there, and I love that too. You really can’t, to me, cook a turkey wrong. I’m gonna eat it any way, and I have over the years. Trust me, I’ve played a lot of county and state fairs, where I’ve seen gigantic turkey legs, you know, I’ve had the flat meat. I’ve done turkey every way you could do it. I’m pretty good any way you want to cook it up, but you’ve got to have a turkey for Thanksgiving.”

    Audio / Jon Langston talks about his Thanksgiving tradition.


    Jon Langston (Thanksgiving) OC: …pretty cool. :21
    “We always watch football on Thanksgiving. It was pretty cool in high school. It was a big deal in high school if you had practice on Thanksgiving Day because you made third round of the playoffs. So, in high school we always had practice on Thanksgiving, so I guess that was pretty cool. Everybody’s waking up on a cold Thanksgiving morning going to football practice, but yeah, pretty cool.”

    Audio / Jordan Davis talks about his childhood Thanksgiving traditions.


    Jordan Davis (Thanksgiving) OC: …lot of football. :12
    “When I was growing up at Thanksgiving, we just got all the family together. You know, did the traditional turkey, ham, all the sides, but it was always at either one of my grandparents’ house. Just a lot of family, a lot of food and a lot of football.”

    Audio / Jordan Davis says his favorite Thanksgiving side dish makes him happy all year round.


    Jordan Davis (Thanksgiving side dish) 2 OC: …Cheese guy. :09
    “My favorite Thanksgiving side dish – Macaroni and Cheese – anytime. Thanksgiving, a random Tuesday. I don’t care. I’m a Macaroni and Cheese guy.”

    Audio / Jordan Davis says one of his new favorite Thanksgiving traditions is frying a turkey.


    Jordan Davis (Thanksgiving turkey) OC: …most forward to. :11
    “Favorite Thanksgiving tradition for me? I just recently got into frying the turkey, so I’m the turkey-frying guy, and I’m getting pretty good at it. So, I would have to say that’s my thing that I look most forward to.”


    Audio / Jordan Davis talks about the Davis family Thanksgiving.


    Jordan Davis (Thanksgiving memory) OC: …really special. :17
    “A typical Thanksgiving in the Davis household growing up – we would always go to East Texas to my grandparents’ house. You know, during the day, me and my grandfather would always go fish. My grandma would always have a huge spread, and just get to spend time around a lot of family members I don’t get to see a lot of, so they were always really special.”

    Audio / Josh Turner shares his favorite Thanksgiving side dish.


    Josh Turner (fave side dish) OC: …’em myself. [laughs] :24
    “Uh, deviled eggs! [laughs] Where I’m from in South Carolina, I don’t think I’ve tasted a bad deviled egg. It’s like everybody has their own twist on it, but they’re all good, but I always loved it when my mama made ‘em. I’m learning as I get older, making deviled eggs is no easy task. It’s more complicated than it looks, and so that’s probably why I never made ‘em myself.” [laughs]

    Audio / Josh Turner explains what he enjoys about the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


    Josh Turner (holidays) OC: …the peace and quiet. :38
    “I love being outside in nature and the outdoors, and the holidays is a great time for me to go and partake in that part of my life. A lot of times, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s a little cold to go fishing, but when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s a great time to go hunting, especially in South Carolina, that’s when the temperatures are starting to drop and the conditions are getting right, and especially in November, kind of the tail end of the rut, as far as deer season. So, it’s a good time to get in the deer stand whether you kill anything or not, it’s just a great time to just get away from everything and get away from the noise and the lights and the diesel fumes [laughs] and just relax and just enjoy the peace and quiet.”

    Audio / Keith Urban gives thanks for many things, including his wife and two daughters.


    Keith (Thanksgiving) OC: …for me. :21
    “Thankful that, well, my marriage is just, it’s life-giving, not just life-changing, it’s been life-giving for me. And from there, we created life, and that’s just beautiful, absolutely beautiful. And the effect that all of that has had in my work, has given life to it too, given it a sense of purpose and really deepened the experience for me.”

    Audio / The members of Little Big Town love Thanksgiving since they get time off to be with their families.


    LBT (Thanksgiving) 2 OC: (Kimberly) …and eat. :31
    KIMBERLY: “Thanksgiving—we love Thanksgiving, ‘cause we get to be with our families and we don’t often get to spend time with our families, our extended families, until the holidays. I love being around the table with my family and talking and laughing and cooking and eating…” JIMI: “And eating and eating and eating and eating…” PHILLIP: “The laughter around the eating, the good cheer, the celebration, the music…” JIMI: “The eating, going taking a nap, then coming back and eating.” KIMBERLY: “Go to bed with a full belly, take a nap, and then get up and eat.”

    Audio / Maddie & Tae talk about their Thanksgiving traditions.


    Maddie & Tae (Thanksgiving) OC: (TAE) …I do. :41
    MADDIE: “I love Thanksgiving because I get to see my family, and it’s not as much pressure as Christmas I feel like because there are no gifts exchanged. It’s just all about quality time and I love quality time. My favorite dish is some broccoli-cheese casserole and Tae’s favorite dish, I know, is cranberry sauce, just plain. Just plain ole cranberry sauce, no turkey, just cranberry sauce.” TAE: “She knows.” MADDIE: “That’s it.” TAE: “I genuinely feel there’s something wrong with me. (MADDIE: “Out of the can.”) out of the can. My parents know just to have cranberry sauce for me, like no one else can touch it. There’s a home video where my brother Mason tries to eat it, and I’m like, ‘What are you doing? This is mine.’” MADDIE: “She eats it out of the can.” TAE: “I do.”

    Audio / Mickey Guyton talks about one of her favorite Thanksgiving traditions.


    Mickey Guyton (Thanksgiving traditions) OC: …Thanksgiving traditions. :17
    “One of my Thanksgiving traditions is playing charades after Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not the most competitive person in the world, but as soon as you put some Charades in the picture, I am crazy, and you will definitely want to be on my team if we’re playing Charades. I’m just saying. So, that’s one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions.”


    Audio / Mickey Guyton reveals her favorite Thanksgiving dish.


    Mickey Guyton (favorite Thanksgiving dish) OC: …both so much! :39
    “My favorite Thanksgiving dish that has to, has to, has to be at Thanksgiving dinner is dessert. Dessert is my favorite Thanksgiving dish. I mean, it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s sweet. My mom actually makes an Italian cream cake that’s absolutely awesome. It’s homemade, and the entire family, that’s the first thing to go at Thanksgiving dinner. And my Grandma D, she makes a pecan pie that is awesome. She taught me how to make them when I was little, and I just love them, and that’s the other thing that I look forward to at Thanksgiving dinner, and I love them both so much!”

    Audio / Parker McCollum talks about his family’s Thanksgiving tradition.


    Parker McCollum (Thanksgiving tradition) OC: …go there. :27
    “I mean, my parents have been split up for a long time, but they’re all from the same town. My mom and dad went to high school together and all that stuff and all the family still lives back there on both sides. So, we kind of do a Thanksgiving with my dad’s side of the family, but all my life, we’ve always gone to my mom’s parents’ house on Thanksgiving, and they got a big ole house and a bunch of property and it’s really where I grew up is right there. That’s kind of home for me, so that’s kind of our thing. We always go there.”

    Audio / One of Parker McCollum’s favorite dishes at Thanksgiving is his Aunt’s creamed corn.


    Parker McCollum (Thanksgiving eats) OC: …creamed corn. Mmm hmmm. :04
    “My Aunt’s creamed corn is pretty bomb. I love creamed corn. Mmm hmmm.”

    Audio / Priscilla Block describes a typical Thanksgiving holiday with her family.


    Priscilla Block (Thanksgiving) OC: …so much. :34
    “Thanksgiving has always been chaos, actually any holiday that my entire family is there is straight chaos. But for Thanksgiving, we all try so hard to be together and it’s such a fun holiday to, my family’s a little cheesy. Like, we actually still go around the table and being like, ‘What are you thankful for?’ ‘What are you thankful for?’ So, that means a lot where it’s not about presents, it’s not about anything else. It’s just about truly being thankful, and that’s why I love Thanksgiving so much.”


    Audio / Reba McEntire explains what she's most thankful for this year.


    Reba McEntire (Thankful) OC: …happy camper. :39
    “Omigosh I wake up in the morning grateful that I can, that I’m alive, I can breathe, I can move, I can get out of bed on my own. (I’m) very grateful for the lifestyle that I have and if anybody needs help, please Lord please, direct me in what you want me to do. Just grateful for getting Rex in my life, my family being healthy and happy, my friends being healthy and happy. I’ve got a great job and people I love and get to work with, and I’ve got a huge faith. So, no matter what happens to me, I know where I’m going, so I’m a happy camper.”

    Audio / Sam Hunt talks about his favorite Thanksgiving eats.


    Sam Hunt (Thanksgiving eats) OC: …disappears. :12
    “When I pile my plate up, it’s mostly turkey and then I’ll put a little dressing on the side, and I’ll usually go ahead and grab my dessert on the first run [laughs] and have it ready before it all disappears.”

    Audio / Travis Denning talks about a typical Thanksgiving holiday growing up.


    Travis Denning (typical Thanksgiving holiday) OC: …a lot of people. :22
    “A typical Thanksgiving growing up was essentially and the men of the family – Dad and Uncle Mike and my granddaddy — watching football, while grandmama and my mom pretty much yelled at each other in the kitchen the whole day. But they threw down and made the best food you could ever imagine, which you know is kind of how it is for a lot of people.”

    Audio / Travis Denning talks about his ideal Thanksgiving menu.


    Travis Denning (Thanksgiving menu) OC: …then beer. :17
    “The ideal Thanksgiving menu to me is a little bit of turkey, but definitely prioritizing ham. I’m a firm believer in ham at Thanksgiving. Squash casserole, broccoli casserole, stuffing and then beer.”

    Audio / Tyler Hubbard talks about his favorite Thanksgiving traditions.


    Tyler Hubbard (Thanksgiving) OC: …I love it. :22
    “Favorite Thanksgiving tradition for me is probably just getting together with family, having a big meal and watching a little football and taking a nice long nap. I mean, we didn’t reinvent the wheel with Thanksgiving by any means. But my Nanny (grandmother) does make a pretty mean sweet potato casserole, so that’s one of my favorites that I look forward to and I don’t know if that’s a tradition or not, but in my head it is. I love it.”





    Dierks Bentley has joined forces with Nashville-based beverage company WithCo Cocktails to bring their non-alcoholic cocktail mixes made of only fresh juices and real botanicals to a bigger market nationwide. The collection includes nine signature blends: Bouquet, Espresso Martini, Ellis Old Fashioned, Agave Margarita, Hey Girl, Bloody Mary, Ginger Mule, Honey Sour and Paloma and can either be paired with a spirit or with soda water for a non-alcoholic option.  WithCo has consciously crafted each bottle  free of preservatives, additives and concentrates. WithCo products can be purchased at Target and Sprouts stores nationwide, as well online at WithCoCocktails.com.

    “Life is too short for a bad cocktail,” said Bentley. “When I first discovered WithCo during the pandemic, we kept it stocked at the house and then when we went back to work, I added it to my rider on the road too. We do a lot of entertaining, and I don’t want anyone to not enjoy their drink. WithCo totally takes the guesswork out of it.”

    “We started WithCo with a dual purpose in mind,” shared co-founder Joshua Ellis. “We were tired of mediocre cocktails packed with additives, concentrates and non-sense ingredients, so we set out to raise the bar. Secondly, we recognized that life is just better in good company. So we adopted the simple name “WithCo,’ short for ‘With Company.’ Our mission? To encourage people to gather around and build community, one cocktail at a time.”

    People magazine did a feature on Dierks and his new partnership.

    Mixers that can be used either with or without alcohol, WithCo mocktails became such a favorite with Dierks (the Agave Margarita mixed with Ritual non-alcoholic tequila is his go-to) that he had it written into his rider that his tour stops needed a WithCo supply. “If you’re not drinking, I lose the desire to socialize. I don’t want to go to a bar where it’s loud if I don’t have a drink in my hand,” he tells People. “So this made hosting the backstage bar fun. It made the shows fun.”

    When WithCo founders Joshua Ellis and Bradley Ryan, who started the company in Nashville in 2016, learned Bentley was a fan, they reached out. “When we found out that he was hosting and using WithCo in all these aspects, I’m like, ‘We need to hang out with this dude,'” Ellis says. “He’s a kindred spirit.” The singer has since become an investor and a strategic partner in the business.



    The nominations for the 66th annual GRAMMY Awards were announced, and Chris Stapleton earned three nominations, including Best Country Song (“White Horse”), Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Duo/Group Performance as a featured performer on Carly Pearce’s “We Don’t Fight Anymore.”

    Brothers Osborne nabbed a pair of noms, including Best Country Album for their self-titled fourth record and Best Country Duo/Group Performance for their current single, “Nobody’s Nobody.”

    Kacey Musgraves picked up two nominations for her featured performance on Zach Bryan’s “I Remember Everything” for Best Country Song and Best Country Duo/Group Performance.

    The War And Treaty are nominated for two GRAMMY Awards, including the overall Best New Artist and for Best American Roots Song for “Blank Page.”

    Dierks Bentley is nominated in Best Country Duo/Group Performance for “High Note,” featuring Billy Strings. Dierks posted a heartfelt message of gratitude on his Instagram, writing, “Thank you Billy for lending your talents. Been fun to watch your career explode dude since we recorded this. It must have been the collab!! Haha. The song actually started off pretty grassy with Billy, @sambushband @bryansuttond28 @jerrydouglas on it (and my band). And then we went back in a year later and gave it a little more of a country vibe. Thanks to my friends @jimbeavers and my pal @charlieworsham for writing it and letting me make it my own. This song is why Charlie has been in our band the last two years. After he recorded the acoustic lick at the top, I remember asking him how in the hell are we gonna play this live on the road. @bhelson is on electric and there’s no way I can play it. He said, ‘Well I could come out and do it.’ And he did!! And he still is haha.”

    Vince Gill and Paul Franklin are nominated in Best Country Duo/Group for “Kissing Your Picture (Is So Cold).”


    The 2024 Grammy Awards will air live from the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 4th on CBS and streaming live on Paramount+.

    Best Country Album
    Kelsea Ballerini, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat
    Brothers Osborne, Brothers Osborne
    Zach Bryan, Zach Bryan
    Tyler Childers, Rustin’ In The Rain
    Lainey Wilson, Bell Bottom Country

    Best Country Song
    Brandy Clark, “Buried” (Brandy Clark & Jessie Jo Dillon)
    Zach Bryan featuring Kacey Musgraves, “I Remember Everything” (Zach Bryan & Kacey Musgraves)
    Tyler Childers, “In Your Love” (Tyler Childers & Geno Seale)
    Morgan Wallen, “Last Night” (John Byron, Ashley Gorley, Jacob Kasher Hindlin & Ryan Vojtesak)
    Chris Stapleton, “White Horse” (Chris Stapleton & Dan Wilson)

    Best Country Solo Performance
    Tyler Childers, “In Your Love”
    Brandy Clark, “Buried”
    Luke Combs, “Fast Car”
    Dolly Parton, “The Last Thing On My Mind”
    Chris Stapleton, “White Horse”

    Best Country Duo/Group Performance
    Dierks Bentley featuring Billy Strings, “High Note”
    Brothers Osborne, “Nobody’s Nobody”
    Zach Bryan featuring Kacey Musgraves, “I Remember Everything”
    Vince Gill & Paul Franklin, “Kissing Your Picture (Is So Cold)”
    Jelly Roll With Lainey Wilson, “Save Me”
    Carly Pearce featuring Chris Stapleton, “We Don’t Fight Anymore”

    Best New Artist
    Gracie Abrams
    Fred again..
    Ice Spice
    Jelly Roll
    Coco Jones
    Noah Kahan
    Victoria Monét
    The War and Treaty

    Best American Roots Song
    “Blank Page” — Michael Trotter Jr. & Tanya Trotter, songwriters (The War And Treaty) 
    “California Sober” – Aaron Allen, William Apostol & Jon Weisberger, songwriters (Billy Strings Featuring Willie Nelson)
    “Cast Iron Skillet” – Jason Isbell, songwriter (Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit)
    “Dear Insecurity” – Brandy Clark & Michael Pollack, songwriters (Brandy Clark Featuring Brandi Carlile)
    “The Returner” – Drew Lindsay, JT Nero & Allison Russell, songwriters (Allison Russell)

    Best Immersive Audio Album
    Blue Clear Sky — Chuck Ainlay, immersive mix engineer; Michael Romanowski, immersive mastering engineer; Chuck Ainlay, immersive producer (George Strait)
    Act 3 (Immersive Edition) – Ryan Ulyate, immersive mix engineer; Michael Romanowski, immersive mastering engineer; Ryan Ulyate, immersive producer (Ryan Ulyate)
    The Diary Of Alicia Keys – George Massenburg & Eric Schilling, immersive mix engineers; Michael Romanowski, immersive mastering engineer; Alicia Keys & Ann Mincieli, immersive producers (Alicia Keys)
    God Of War Ragnarök (Original Soundtrack) – Eric Schilling, immersive mix engineer; Michael Romanowski, immersive mastering engineer; Kellogg Boynton, Peter Scaturro & Herbert Waltl, immersive producers (Bear McCreary)
    Silence Between Songs – Aaron Short, immersive mastering engineer (Madison Beer)

  • HALLOWEEN 2023 Updated

    Halloween is Tuesday, October 31st, and the spooky, eerie holiday has some of your favorite country stars getting into costume, while others are recalling their favorite Halloween candy or memories of Halloweens past.

    Click HERE to download Halloween liners.



    Audio / Billy Currington reminisces about his childhood Halloween memories.


    Billy Currington (Halloween) OC: …Halloween. :17
    “You know, when I was a kid, I loved the trick and the treat. I loved dressing up. I was always wanting to be Dracula. That was my favorite guy. But, of course, who doesn’t love going door-to-door and getting these buckets of candy? [laughs] So, love, love Halloween.”

    Audio / Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne loves Halloween.


    Brothers Osborne (Halloween) OC: …I love it! :20
    “Halloween’s awesome! Halloween reminds you of when you’re a kid. Every year when it starts getting cold and the leaves start turning, and I think it’s just something that we carry from childhood, is carrying around that bag of candy and carving pumpkins and dressing up like whatever in the world you want to dress up as and walking around. I love it!”

    Audio / Brothers Osborne’s TJ and John Osborne talk about dressing up like zombies for Halloween.


    Brothers Osborne (zombie costume) OC: (John) …was so fun! :29
    TJ: “Literally, you can dress up like a zombie and drag your foot behind you all day and make weird noises, and everyone finds that completely acceptable.” [laughs] JOHN: “One year I dressed up as a ‘90s redneck zombie with a mullet wig and an Alan Jackson denim coat. I never once broke character. That’s part of the thing — you can actually not break character and get away with it. And everywhere I went, even when I ordered a drink, I ordered it like a zombie that was falling apart. [laughs] It was so fun!”

    Audio / Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne talks about carving pumpkins with their dad when they were growing up.


    Brothers Osborne (carving pumpkins) OC: …or something. :25
    “With our dad every year, we would go looking for pumpkins, and we would all get our own pumpkin to carve, and he would buy the biggest pumpkin that they had. It was huge. I mean, it was way too big for any one person, but he would love carving. He’s kind of an artsy guy. He was a great drawer and stuff, and he would carve the most terrifying, vicious looking, scary pumpkin you’d ever seen in your life, and it would be massive. It would be like on a 50-pound pumpkin or something.”

    Audio / Brothers Osborne talk about their favorite Halloween candy.


    Brothers Osborne (Halloween candy) OC: (John) …go stale. [laughs] :34
    TJ: “I would say, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat and Reese’s too.” JOHN: “I always hated those houses that would give you bad candy, though. You’re like, ‘C’mon. Step it up.’ Spend the extra dollar on a bag, you know?” TJ: “A house when we were growing up used to give out whole candy bars. It was the best. You were like, ‘That house – that’s the honey hole of candy.’” JOHN: “I love it, and I love like at the end, like three or four days after Halloween you would see what candy was left, and it was always like those crappy cheap candies, and they would just go stale.” [laughs]

    Audio / Dalton Dover talks about his favorite Halloween costume as a child.


    Dalton Dover (Halloween costume) OC: …and everything. :09
    “One year I dressed up as a Whoopie Cushion, and like I just walked around. I had the tongue up here and the body was all round and stuff. It was really cool. I had fart noises and everything.”

    Audio / Dalton Dover reveals his favorite Halloween candy.


    Dalton Dover (Halloween candy) OC: …for sure. :10
    “My favorite Halloween candy…hmmmm…I don’t like candy corn, but I would have to say probably I love when I find Reece’s Cups in my kids’ baskets. For sure.”

    Audio / Darius Rucker talks about his favorite Halloween costumes.


    Darius Rucker (Halloween costumes) OC: …was very funny. (laughs) :41
    My favorite costume was easy, and I bet, from the time I was six to the time I was 13, of those seven years, I went as a football player because you’re coming from football practice to go out (laughs) and trick-or-treat. So, instead of like, you know, putting on some other costume. Just put your pads back on and go as a football player. So, most years I went as a football player. And I don’t dress much anymore, but my favorite costume I ever had was (son) Jack dressed up as Darth Vader and I was Luke Skywalker. And he just, I guess he was six and he was walking along telling everybody I’m his father. It was very funny. (laughs) It was very funny.” (laughs)

    Audio / Dierks Bentley talks about the Halloweens of his childhood.


    Dierks Bentley (Halloween) OC: … …around home. [laughs]  :23
    “Oh, when I was a kid, I was all into fireworks. Growing up in Arizona, we couldn’t get ’em, so we’d have ’em shipped in illegally. I still remember the name of the guy we’d call. His name was Joe, and he’d bring in, ship ’em in a package with no writing on ’em. We were all about M-80s in the mailboxes and bottle rocket wars. To me, as a kid, Halloween was fireworks, was blowing up stuff around home. [laughs]”

    Audio / Eric Church recalls his favorite Halloween costume.


    Eric Church (Halloween) OC: …Franklin Street. 1:18
    “My favorite Halloween costume really came, I remember when I got a little older my first year of college, there’s this thing they do every year in Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Halloween on Franklin Street. We drove down from Boone, North Carolina. I had a bunch of friends that went to University of North Carolina, and we didn’t have costumes and didn’t realize until we were on the way that we had to have costumes. So, we stopped at a costume place in Greensboro, North Carolina. It’s Halloween, so there’s a run on everything and couldn’t find anything. And we end up getting sent around, driving  around town. We end up finding this hole in the wall place, but they had the full costume, Sesame Street outfits. The real deal. The real ones [with] feathers and fur. We were Elmo, Cookie Monster and I was Big Bird, and the Big Bird was the actual Big Bird. It’s about 7-foot-4, and yiou looked out of the body and then you had these straps that went on since the head was a lot higher. There’s a lot of beer involved in Franklin Street, so we get down there and as the night went on, my straps broke, so the head would pivot. And so, I would be walking one way and the head would be facing the other, and it just became this funny…I didn’t know the head was on backwards. I had no idea. I see out of the body, so I’m just kinda walking around and people were talking to my ass-end. [laughs] The whole time peiople’d come up and start talking and go, ‘Hey, turn around.’ And I’d turn around, and they’d go, ‘No turn around.’ It was a mess. That year, there was no other Big Bird on Franklin Street.”



    Jon Langston (Halloween) OC: …memorable Halloween. :59
    “So we played a show a few years ago in Baton Rouge and I go off stage and I come back on stage for the encore. I don’t know this until midway through the song, I’m just into the crowd, like I’m engaged. I’m in the zone, and I just see everyone, like everybody else behind me but me and I’m like what’s going on. I turn around and each of them has a different huge mask on, like one of those stuffed animal masks, like my drummer has a dinosaur head on. My guitar players, one of ‘em has monkey head on, the other has a unicorn head on. And my bass player has like a, I think a dog or cat head or something like that. I couldn’t finish the song I was laughing so hard just seeing them playing with these like oversized huge mask heads on Halloween night. That was funny. It was a good prank, so that was probably the most memorable Halloween.”



    Jon Pardi (Halloween) 1 OC: …the Superman. :15
    “Man, I went through phases of costumes – the Superman costume, then it was a ninja, then I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one year. I remember rockin’ the Superman.”



    Jon Pardi (Halloween candy) OC: …during Halloween. :06
    “Man! The candy corn is pretty good, and that’s seasonal, so it only kinda pops out during Halloween.”



    Jordan Davis (Halloween) OC: …jet black. :49
    “I can remember being really big into Power Rangers. I always liked the Red Ranger. I remember being Red Ranger one Halloween. I remember me and my br4other being big into the Ninja Turtles. I was Donatello one year, which I think was the purple turtle. I think, though, my favorite Halloween was I was in college and I went as Luigi from Mario and Luigi, and I actually grew a legit mustache and dyed it jet black and ran into an ex-girlfriend at the costume shop and completely forgot I had the mustache on. So, when Is saw her, she was like, ‘So, you’re going with a mustache nowadays, huh?’ [laughs] I remember being like, ‘I swear this is part of my Halloween costume.’ [laughs] When I dyed my mustache, my top lip was black for a week. Like I really did dye it jet black.”



    Jordan Davis (Halloween candy) OC: …some Starbursts. :21
    “My favorite Halloween candy [is] probably Reese’s or M&M’s, although I love the variety of Starburst. It’s one that I feel like I only eat at Halloween, because I feel like at Halloween one of the popular ones is the two-piece Starburst things. So, probably Reese’s, M&Ms and throw in some Starbursts.”



    Jordan Davis (no candy corn) OC: …they’re awful. :05
    “You know what I never got? The candy corns. I’ve never been a candy corn guy. I think they’re awful.”



    Josh Turner (Halloween costumes) OC: …pretty classic. :27
    “My favorite family costume was from a couple of years ago when I had my six-and-a-half-month-old beard going, and me and the whole family dressed up as Star Wars characters. So, I was a young Obi Wan Kenobi, Jennifer was Princess Leia, Colby and Marion were Storm Troopers, Hampton was Darth Vadar and Hawk was, I guess, pretty much still a baby, and he dressed up as Yoda. It was pretty classic.”

    Audio / Josh Turner talks about his favorite Halloween candy.


    Josh Turner (Halloween candy) OC: …can’t beat ‘em. :09
    “My favorite Halloween candy…hmmmm…that’s a tricky one. I’m going to have to go with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Can’t beat ‘em.”

    Audio / Luke Bryan says you can tell a lot about your neighbors from what kind of Halloween candy they hand out.


    Luke Bryan (Halloween) OC: …your teeth. :21
    “You can find out a lot about your neighbors by what kind of candy they put out. So, well, like full bars of Snickers bars, that’s what, and Reese’s cups, [but] the old chocolate popcorn ball of stuff, that’s no good either, like Dots – you get Dots one time of year and they pull your teeth.”



    Luke Bryan (Halloween) 2 OC: …with all that. :33
    “My tradition for Halloween is Caroline picks the outfit. I never know what I’m wearing. So that day, I’ll talk to the neighbors ‘cause I have a tractor back there and I’ll go get my tractor and get a big long trailer, and then I’ll run down to…a couple miles from the farm, we’ve got a big hay farmer that keeps hay and you run in there and pay him for his hay bales. And I’ll load the hay up and get the hayride ready and we’ll take all the kids behind the tractor and have a fun Halloween with all that.”



    Luke Bryan (Halloween costumes) OC: …always has. :20
    “Me and Caroline did one year where I dressed up as the old lady, and she dressed up as, she called herself a dirty old man. So, she went around acting like an old man saying snide comments to everybody. That was a fun one. The main thing is Caroline is a big, she loves Halloween and always has.”

    Audio / Maddie & Tae's Taylor Kerr talks about the costumes that the duo will be wearing for Halloween this year.


    Maddie & Tae (Halloween 2023) OC: …in that costume. :56
    “Halloween is my favorite season of all-time. I live in spooky season all year round. I’m like a scary movie fanatic. If you need a good horror movie recommendation, I’m your girl. So, I have a lot of fun with costumes and stuff. One year my husband and I were Dwight and Angela (from The Office) for Halloween, and then we just like have so much fun with our costumes. So, last year, actually for Halloween we were a little family of hedgehogs (laughs) ‘cause we put a little hedgehog costume on Leighton, at the time she loved hedgehogs, so Josh and I got hedgehog onesies. And this year, Josh and I are gonna be park rangers because Leighton is going to be a pink dinosaur. She’s going through a major dino phase; she calls ‘em dinos. And it’s gonna be adorable. And Maddie actually just told me her family’s costume theme. Forrest is going to be little E.T., and then Jonah’s gonna be Elliott and Maddie’s going to be Gertie. I cannot wait to see them in that costume.”



    Maddie & Tae (Halloween) OC: …princesses. :24
    TAE: “Oooooh, Halloween [is] my favorite holiday. Anyone who knows me knows I love all things scary and gory, so especially on Halloween all the scary movies that come out in theaters, I am there every single time.” MADDIE: “And I never go with her because I hate scary things.” TAE: “You know what’s funny? As little girls, everyone wants to dress up as princesses, and I think I was a witch like six years in a row. I just wanted to be scary.” MADDIE: “Girl, I was like Jasmine and you know [other] princesses.”



    Mickey Guyton (Halloween) OC: …the costumes. :50
    “Growing up, my parents were very, very conservative Christian, and so they viewed Halloween as a pagan holiday. BUT, I got to go trick-or-treating once in my life, and I dressed as a clown because my mom made me this clown suit and that was the best. We were in Moody, Texas. It was all three of my siblings and myself and we had so much candy that it lasted for months and months. My parents eventually had to throw it away because we had so much candy. And it was one of the most amazing, magical experiences I’ve ever had, because I never got to celebrate freaking Halloween. I tell you what, this son of mine is gonna definitely going to be celebrating trick-or-treating. Like I can’t wait to dress him up in all of the costumes.”



    Parker McCollum (favorite Halloween candy) OC: …so good. :07
    “What I can eat like 6,000 of are Tootsie Rolls. If I eat one Tootsie Roll, I’m gonna eat 30. Man, they’re so good.”



    Priscilla Block (Halloween) OC: …you’re cooking. :52
    “You know what’s so funny about me? I’m not a huge candy girl. Is that shocking? Hit me with all the carbs! Hit me with all the pasta! Don’t love treats. It’s really crazy. I’m not a huge chocolate girl. I would say my favorite candy is a Cow Tail. I love to get them from the gas station. Yeah, it’s usually in a little long package and there’s like cream on the inside. Love it! That’s my favorite candy. Give me that and a piece of pizza. Trick or Treat do you have any pizza ‘cause it smells like pizza in this house. (laughs) That’s me going to the door. It smells like steak. Don’t want the Twizzler. Want the steak that you’re cooking!”



    Reba McEntire (Halloween as a child) OC: …right there. :35
    “The way we used to celebrate it when we were kids – we were out in the country; our nearest neighbor was a couple of miles away from us, so we’d gotta get dressed up and put on lipstick or whatever we could. We didn’t have Halloween costumes, and we’d walk down in the dark to Mr. and Mrs. Winslet’s house, and she’d feed us cookies and milk and then we’d walk back up in the dark. But Alice, Susie and I weren’t attentive enough to realize that Pake wasn’t with us in the group, and Pake would get up on the road going to the house and crawl up in a tree and scare the crap out of us. So, that was my Halloween memories right there.”




    Tyler Hubbard (Halloween candy) OC: …of childhood. :20
    “Ooooohhh—I’m a chocolate guy, so I do love just a good ole Reese’s or a good ole Snickers, but when it comes to classic Halloween candy, I still, I like ole candy corn. I do. I like candy corn. Well, it only comes around once or twice a year, well I guess once a year. Maybe it’s nostalgic, all that sugar, a couple of good cavities, remind you of childhood.”


    Audio / LINER Billy Currington (Halloween)


    “Trick or Treat, baby.”

    Audio / LINER Brad Paisley (Halloween)


    “Hey everybody, it’s Brad Paisley. Happy Halloween!”

    Audio / LINER Brothers Osborne (Halloween)


    “Hey! This is TJ, and I’m John, and we are Brothers Osborne. Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Carrie Underwood (Halloween)


    “Hi! I’m Carrie Underwood, wishing you a Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Catie Offerman (Halloween)


    “Hey everybody, this is Catie Offerman, wishing you a very Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Caylee Hammack (Halloween) 1


    “Hey y’all, I’m Caylee Hammack, wishing all of y’all a Happy Halloween. Boo!”


    Audio / LINER Caylee Hammack (Halloween) 2


    “Hey y’all! I’m Caylee Hammack, wishing all you goblins and gremlins out there a Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Dalton Dover (Halloween)


    Hey, y’all, this is Dalton Dover. Happy Halloween!

    Audio / LINER Darius Rucker (Halloween)


    “Hey! What’s up, y’all? This is Darius Rucker, wishing you a very Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Dierks Bentley (Halloween)


    “Hey! It’s Dierks Bentley, wishing you a Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Eric Church (Halloween)


    “Hey! This is Eric Church, wishing you a very Happy Halloween.”



    “Hey y’all! I’m Jon Langston. Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Jon Pardi (Halloween)


    “Hey it’s Jon Pardi. Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Jordan Davis (Halloween)


    “Hey! I’m Jordan Davis, wishing you a Happy Halloween.”



    Audio / LINER Josh Ross (Halloween)


    “Hey y’all, this is Josh Ross. Happy Halloween!”

    Audio / LINER Josh Turner (Halloween)


    “Hey Y’all, I’m Josh Turner, wishing you a Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Kacey Musgraves (Halloween)


    “Hey! It’s Kacey Musgraves, and I hope you have a Happy Halloween.”


    Audio / LINER Keith Urban (Halloween)


    “Hey everyone, this is Keith Urban, wishing you a very spooky, happy Halloween. Boo!”

    Audio / LINER Kylie Morgan (Halloween)


    “Hey y’all, this is Kylie Morgan, wishing you a Happy Halloween. BOO!”

    Audio / LINER Luke Bryan (Halloween


    “Hey! What’s up, y’all? I’m Luke Bryan, wishing you a very Happy Halloween. Boo!”

    Audio / LINER Maddie & Tae (Halloween)


    “Hi! We’re Maddie & Tae. Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Parker McCollum (Halloween)


    “Hey everybody, I’m Parker McCollum. Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Priscilla Block (Halloween)


    “Hey y’all, this is Priscilla Block, wishing you a Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Reba McEntire (Halloween)


    “Hey everybody, this is Reba McEntire. Happy Halloween. Ooooooh”

    Audio / LINER Sam Hunt (Halloween)


    “Hey everybody! This is Sam Hunt. Happy Halloween!”

    Audio / LINER The War And Treaty (Halloween)


    Hey everybody. The War And Treaty here. Happy Halloween!

    Audio / LINER Travis Denning (Halloween)


    “Hey y’all, it’s Travis Denning. Happy Halloween.”

    Audio / LINER Tyler Hubbard (Halloween)


    “Hey y’all, it’s Tyler Hubbard, wishing you a Happy Halloween.”

  • NEWS AND NOTES: Darius Rucker, Reba McEntire, Dierks Bentley, Mickey Guyton, Priscilla Block, Dalton Dover, Tyler Hubbard

    Darius Rucker sat down with NBC’s Willie Geist for Sunday Today (October 8th), and the talked about  dedicating his new album, “Carolyn’s Boy,” to his mother, how an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” changed the trajectory of Hootie & the Blowfish and embarking on a solo country music career.

    Reba McEntire premiered the music video for her new song, “Seven Minutes In Heaven,” on CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown over the weekend. The clip imagines what it would be like to be able to spend seven minutes in the afterlife with a special loved one, and for Reba, that would be her mother Jaqueline, who passed away in 2020 at the age of 93.


    Dierks Bentley will issue a 10th anniversary edition of his 2010 album, Up on the Ridge, just in time for Record Store Day on November 24th. The collection, which will be pressed on orange vinyl, features special guests, including Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert, Jamey Johnson, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss and Kris Kristofferson.

    Mickey Guyton was announced as the featured performer at Helluva Block Party prior to Georgia Tech’s Family Weekend football game against Boston College on October 21st.

    Priscilla Block will perform at Tracy Lawrence‘s 18th Annual Mission: Possible Turkey Fry and Benefit Concert at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon on November 21st. Lee Brice and Halfway to Hazard will also perform. The Turkey Fry is set to take place at the Nashville Fairgrounds that morning, followed by the concert that evening. Last year, Tracy’s event fried 1200 turkeys to benefit the Nashville Rescue Mission in helping to feed the homeless in Middle Tennessee.

    Dalton Dover will perform the National Anthem prior to Monday’s (October 9th) game in Atlanta as the Braves play host to the Phillies in Game 2 of the National League Division Series.

    Tyler Hubbard will be one of the headliners at next year’s CMC Rocks QLD  at the Willowbank Raceway in Ispwich, Queensland March 15th – 17th. Lainey Wilson and Chris Young will also headline during the three-day festival. Priscilla Block, Chase Rice, Megan Moroney, Jackson Dean, Elvie Shane, Drake Milligan, Morgan Wade and Tyler Braden, among others, will also perform.









  • NEWS AND NOTES: Tyler Hubbard, Mickey Guyton, The War And Treaty, Dierks Bentley

    Tyler Hubbard will appear on NBC’s TODAY Show on Tuesday (October 3rd) during the third hour of the show.


    Mickey Guyton performed at the Global Music Diplomacy Initiative launched by U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken on Wednesday night (September 27th). According to the U.S. State Department website, the Initiative is “a worldwide effort to elevate music as a diplomatic tool to promote peace and democracy and support the United States’ broader foreign policy goals.  The Initiative aims to leverage public-private partnerships to create a music ecosystem that expands economic equity and the creative economy, ensures societal opportunity and inclusion and increases access to education.” Other performers included Dave Grohl, Herbie Hancock, Christopher Jackson, Aimee Mann & Paul Bryan, with a special video message from U-2‘s BonoQuincy Jones was presented with the first-ever Peace through Music Award



    The War And Treaty have released their cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Cold,” which they performed at the recent ACM Honors in Nashville. It’s available to stream on your favorite platform.



    Dierks Bentley attended a recent fundraiser, “Gateway to the West,” the U.S. Ski Team puts on every year in St. Louis, Missouri. While performing, he brought up Mikaela Shiffrin, Olympic Gold Medalist (twice) skier who also holds the record in alpine skiing for most World Cup wins in the history of the sport, to join him on his song “I’ll Be The Moon.” The event raised over $1 Million to benefit all sports.






    Pictured (L-R): Cindy Mabe/Chair & CEO, UMG Nashville, Luke Bryan, Kerri Edwards/KP Entertainment

    Country music superstar and five-time Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan was honored today with a celebration for his career milestone of landing 30 #1 singles on country radio. Since his very first #1 single “Do I” landed atop of the charts in December 2009 to his thirtieth in December 2022 with “Country On” Luke has accumulated 56 total weeks at #1.

    The evening kicked off with performances and anecdotes by some of Luke’s closest friends much to his surprise in multiple ‘this is your life’ moments. Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood from Lady A performed “Do I” followed by Dierks Bentley, who went on a hilarious riff comparing their #1 tallies, and sang “Play It Again.” Up next was Marty Raybon of Shenandoah, a long-time musical hero to Luke, who performed “Fast.” The final surprise performer was good friend Jason Aldean who sang Luke’s “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.”

    After the guest performances Luke generously spent time to highlight many of the people who attended the party thanking them for their part in his career. He saw familiar faces in the crowd including dozens of songwriters who had written many of the 30 #1 hits, members of the industry including ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC representatives and more who all showed up to celebrate the success of one of country music’s most highly respected and likeable artists. Luke closed out the performances singing “Country On.” See photos here.

    During his career, Luke has amassed a total of 21.7 Billion global streams, 11.5 Million global album sales and 52 Million track sales worldwide. He is the most digital single RIAA certified country artist of all time with 83 Million units and 15.5M album certified units for a total of 98.5M. He was recently presented with the SoundExchange Hall of Fame Award in recognition of his standing as one of the most streamed artists in SoundExchange’s 20-year history.

    His headline concert tours have played sold-out shows for millions and millions of fans inclusive of nearly 40 stadium concerts, Farm Tours, Spring Break shows, and eight sold-out ‘Crash My Playa’ destination concert events. At Luke’s recent sold-out Bridgestone concert- his sixth consecutive- Billboard touted, the “key to his success as one of country music’s foremost ambassadors for more than a decade has been his long-perfected onstage blend of lovable goofball, sultry swagger and positive attitude.” This Thursday, Luke launches his 14th Farm Tour and resumes the “Country On Tour” on September 28th.

    Luke has won 50+ major music awards including five wins as Entertainer of the Year. Additional awards include six recognitions as a CMT Artist of the Year, NSAI Artist/Songwriter of the Year, the first-ever recipient of the ACM Album of the Decade Award for Crash My Party, seven CMT Music Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, and four American Music Awards—as well as being named Billboard’s Top Country Artist of the 2010s, the Most Heard Artist of the Decade by Country Aircheck, and the Artist Humanitarian Recipient by the Country Radio Broadcasters.

    On November 8th, Luke and NFL superstar Peyton Manning will return to host “The 57th Annual CMA Awards” to be broadcast live from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena 8:00-11:00 PM/EST) on ABC. And in 2024, Luke, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie will return as celebrity judges for their seventh season on ABC’s American Idol.

     30 career #1 singles:  

    “Country On” – written by Mark Nesler, David Frasier, Mitch Oglesby, and Styles Haury 12-12-22

    “Buy Dirt” Jordan Davis Feat. Luke Bryan 1-24-22

     “Waves”- written by Zach Crowell, Ryan Hurd and Chase McGill 8-30-21

    “Down To One”- written by Dallas Davidson, Justin Ebach and Kyle Fishman 3-1-21

    “One Margarita” – written by Michael Carter, Matt Dragstrem and Josh Thompson 7-6-21

    “What She Wants Tonight”- written by Luke Bryan, Ross Copperman, Hillary Lindsey and Jon Nite 3-31-20

    “Knockin’ Boots”- written by Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson and Jon Nite 9-9-19

    “What Makes You Country”- written by Luke, Dallas Davidson and Ashley Gorley 2-27-19

    “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset”- written by Zach Crowell, Ryan Hurd and Chase McGill 9-10-18

    “Most People Are Good”- written by David Frasier, Ed Hill and Josh Kear 3-26-18

    “Light It Up”- written by Luke Bryan, Brad Tursi 12-11-17

    “Fast”—Written by: Luke Bryan, Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird 4-3-17

    “Move”—Written by: Luke Bryan, Michael Carter, Jay Clementi 11-7-16

    “Huntin’, Fishin’, And Lovin’ Every Day”—Written by: Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip 6-20-16

    “Home Alone Tonight”—Written by: Jody Stevens, Cole Taylor, Jaida Dreyer, Tommy Cecil 2-1-16

    “Strip It Down—Written by: Luke Bryan, Jon Nite, Ross Copperman 10-19-15

    “Kick The Dust Up”—Written by: Dallas Davidson, Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley 8-3-15

    “I See You”—Written by: Luke Bryan, Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird 2-2-15

    “Roller Coaster”—Written by: Michael Carter, Cole Swindell 10-6-14

    “Play It Again”—Written by: Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley 5-19-14

    “Drink A Beer”—Written by: Jim Beavers, Chris Stapleton 2-3-14

    “That’s My Kind of Night”—Written by: Dallas Davidson, Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley 10-21-13

    “Crash My Party”—Written by: Rodney Clawson, Ashley Gorley 7-1-13

    “Only Way I Know” Jason Aldean, Feat Luke Bryan   2-4-13

    “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye”—Written by: Luke Bryan, Jeff Stevens, Shane McAnally 11-5-12

    “Drunk On You”—Written by: Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear 6-4-12

    “I Don’t Want This Night To End”—Written by: Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip 1-16-12

    “Someone Else Calling You Baby”—Written by: Luke Bryan, Jeff Stevens 2-13-11

    “Rain Is A Good Thing”—Written by: Luke Bryan, Dallas Davidson 7-11-10

    “Do I”—Written by: Luke Bryan, Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley 12-13-09


    Audio / Luke Bryan says he's been thinking about this night for days.


    Luke Bryan (30 No. 1 Party) OC: …this happen. :27


    Dierks Bentley continued to prove why he is a “Country music staple,” (Esquire) wrapping the Gravel & Gold Tour with two nights at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. The tour follows his acclaimed tenth studio album of the same name, released in February, that Rolling Stone hailed for its “mix that spans contemporary country, classic sounds, bluegrass, and Southern rock.”

    On night one of Red Rocks–Tuesday, September 5th–Bentley welcomed special guests Harper O’Neill, The Red Clay Strays, and Ashley McBryde. Bentley invited Red Clay Strays’ vocalists Brandon Coleman and Drew Nix back to the stage for a special cover of Waylon Jennings’ “Lonesome, On’ry and Mean.” McBryde also made a second appearance, performing their honky-tonk duet “Cowboy Boots.” Night two (Wednesday, Sept. 6) saw opening performances from Tanner Usrey, Kaitlin Butts, and Colorado mainstays The Infamous Stringdusters, who later joined Bentley for a rendition of bluegrass standard “Rovin’ Gambler.” During both nights, Bentley played a discography mix of old and new, including fan favorites from Gravel & Gold, “Gold,” “Something Real,” and the ever-fitting “Sun Sets in Colorado.”

    “I’m always trying to create a rollercoaster that I get to ride on, not just the fans. The second I walk on stage, I don’t want to have to work anymore. I want to have fun. And that’s why I spend months rehearsing this show over and over and over and over and over and over,” Bentley recently told CMT. “I don’t have to rehearse anymore. I step on the escalator, and it’s going to take me exactly where I want to go–the fans. And this one, I think, does it better than ever.”

    Since kicking off in June, the Gravel & Gold Tour has traveled to notable venues across the country and featured a multitude of special guests including Jordan Davis, Elle King, Tracy Lawrence, Tyler Braden, Caylee Hammack, Kameron Marlowe, Caitlyn Smith, Hailey Whitters, The Cadillac Three, Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway, Shane Smith & The Saints and Bentley’s own Hot Country Knights.

    Dierks is making his way up the country charts with his latest single, “Something Real.”


  • NEWS AND NOTES: Dierks Bentley, Chris Stapleton, Sam Hunt, Darius Rucker

    Dierks Bentley‘s Whiskey Row will be the new home for Nashville’s musical discovery series, Whiskey Jam, which has hosted over 875 live events in its 13 years serving the artist and songwriting community. Starting September 18th, Whiskey Jam’s regular Monday and Thursday events will take place at the new location. “When we started construction on Whiskey Row seven years ago, my first call was to Ward because I knew he would be able to help us establish a music program that’s representative of the most authentic parts of Nashville, which was really important to me,” said Dierks. “This feels like a natural evolution in our relationship. I’m proud to know that my bar will be home base for artists and fans who want to hear original music of all kinds.”

    Chris Stapleton has partnered with Alaska outfitters brand Filson. The new luggage set is titled the Travellers Collection, and it will include five bags and a custom T-shirt. The complete collection will be available October 5th, but you can purchase the T-shirt with all proceeds from the sale of the Tee going to Chris and Morgane Stapleton’s Outlaw State of Kind charity.


    Sam Hunt appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday (September 1st). He performed several songs, including his latest single, “Outskirts,” as well as his multi-platinum, multi-week No. 1 “Body Like A Backroad,” “House Party” and “23.” He also talked about life on the road with his wife and daughter, expecting baby no. 2 and how he’s working on new music.

    Darius Rucker appeared on NBC’s TODAY Show on Friday (September 1st). Between performances on the Citi Concert stage, Darius talked about his upcoming album, “Carolyn’s Boy” — his first album in six years. He also opened up about being an empty nester now that his children are all out of the house with his youngest, son Jack, heading off to college. Darius performed his new song, “Have A Good Time,” “Fires Don’t Start Themselves,” his fan-favorite smash “Wagon Wheel” and his recent No. 1 “Beers And Sunshine.”



    Video /

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